22 celebrity meet and greet fails 2016

22 celebrity meet and greet fails 2016

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Day 4 Day 5 Nominations President Kirstie was given the power to award one housemate with a "Presidential Pardon", granting them immunity from nominations, which took place later that day.

As Hardeep and Natalie received the most nominations, they face the first eviction. Day 7 Tasks In "Truth Hunter", Sally was given a statement about each of her fellow housemates and had to decide whether it was true or false using her intuition. As Sally guessed the majority of statements correctly, she won the task and a plate of jellied eels as her reward.

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Punishments Natalie was given a formal warning for threatening and intimidating behaviour following an argument with Chloe. He was successful in this task and received a reward. To pass the task, the housemates had to get no more than five fails. Nominations The housemates nominated for the second time, this time everyone was eligible to be nominated.

22 celebrity meet and greet fails 2016

As Chloe and Hardeep received the most nominations, they face the second eviction. Day 13 Tasks Nick was given a secret task from "Wendy the Washing Machine", where he had to tell some home truths to two housemates of his choice, then spill some beans on them.

22 celebrity meet and greet fails 2016

He was successful in this task and was rewarded with the opportunity to send his son a birthday card. Big Brother then rewound and made them take part in them again, and again. Punishments Ryan was given a formal warning following an altercation with Roxanne. The remaining housemates each entered the Diary Room to vote for which of the two they would like to evict.

At the end, as the voting was a tie, Big Brother gave the housemates one last chance to come to a decision. They ultimately decided to evict Ben. To pass the task, the animals were given individual rules to follow, and were only permitted to eat food prepared for them by their owners.

As Hardeep and Jermaine received the most nominations, they face the next eviction. Hardeep and Sally received the most nominations, meaning they gave the next eviction.

22 celebrity meet and greet fails 2016

Day 23 Hardeep became the fifth housemate to be evicted. Day 26 Exits Gabby finished in sixth place, followed by Sally in fifth. Nick finished fourth, Dan finished third.

22 celebrity meet and greet fails 2016

But my friends kept motivating me to study and focus, instead of goofing around. I eventually graduated in Science with a major in human resources. I found my calling in public relations and event management.

I got a post-graduate diploma in PR from KC College, and did a certificate course in event management. I now work with a reputed PR agency and handle public relations and events for several restaurants and food and beverage clients. Try new things and find your calling. Once you do, pursue it with your whole heart.

I was born and raised in Nigeria and when I could not pass my board exam there, my parents sent me to India to study.

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I failed here too. After failing Class 12 inI lost hope. I did not wish to reappear.

But without the goal of graduation, I felt directionless. I used to browse the internet all night. Little did I know this would soon earn me a living.

A friend suggested I apply for a job at Rajshri Media, the digital arm of a leading film production house, insince the profile involved uploading and sharing videos, songs and clips from their popular movies onto popular internet platforms.

I got the job. And I loved it! I was creating and curating content for their digital platforms, generating metadata and making memes for them, at a time when not many people could do these things. All this gave me my first taste of success. Two years into Rajshri, I began getting offers from other production houses in the city.

I launched a takeaway service called Parathawala last year.

‘I failed and I’m ok’: These youngsters found success after a stumble

I do not plan to get a degree. From my failures, I learnt that you can actually make a career of what you love to do. Just be persistent in chasing your dreams. All I could manage was admission to a blacklisted college in Navi Mumbai. I hated the company I was in and the subjects I was studying.

14 people who failed before becoming super successful stars

Then I failed two subjects in Class 12, inand failed them again in It was a painful time and led to a blame game at home. I decided to step out of that atmosphere and meet people, try new things.

That decision changed my life. I cleared my pending papers and gained admission to a college near my Chembur home, in Then I signed up for a BSc with majors in chemistry, biology and zoology.