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Perhaps the most unique and strange couple in the world of Dragon Ball is Krillin and Android Check out 15 facts about this crazy power. Also he states that the pair make a fine couple. On hearing this Who is going to replace Krillin and Android 18 in the Tournament Of Power?. For Dragon Ball: Fusions on the 3DS, Daily Quiz Answer List by PooJams. to the daily adventure bonus as well as quizzes for a couple of days. . A: Bulma. Q: Which form of training did Goku do under Master Roshi?.

Question 11 Who is the best child in Dragon Ball? Goku, Gohan, Pan, Krillin, Gotan, and Trunks have all been major characters as children and babies in this show. With so many kids running around this series, it is easy to find a favorite one.

Which of these Dragon Ball kids is the best? As the series progressed though, and the Z fighters started fighting gods on a yearly schedule, the tournament became less important.

In fact, many of the fighters missed a bunch of tournaments, because we saw that a few lack luster competitors had won. Who was the weakest Worlds Martial Arts Champion? Question 13 Who was the coolest android? We meet a few androids in the original series, but they make a huge impact in Dragon Ball Z.

Fans are introduced to six androids during the Android and Cell Sagas, and we meet a few more in some of the movies. Which Android was the coolest? Question 14 What is the best Buu form? Frieza had four forms, Cell had three, but Buu will take this technique to all new heights. He takes on eight different forms during the Buu saga, eight! Some of the forms aren't really all that different, but that is still a lot of forms.

Which one is the best? Question 15 What is the best Frieza form? Base form in the chair Form 2 Horns form Form 3 Aliens form Form 4 See picture There had been a few transformations in Dragon Ball before Frieza, Roshi had become the large muscle fighter before, and of course, there was the Saiyan giant ape. Frieza, however, made the transformation an art form. During his fight, he used 4 different forms.

Which of his four forms was the best? Question 16 What was the best Cell form? We see Cell in four distinct forms during the Cell Saga, but he only fights in three of these forms. We see him in his larval stage when he is explaining how he came back in time.

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Then we see him in his Imperfect, Semi-Perfect and Perfect forms. We see him fight in all these forms, and though the names seem imperfect at best, each form is unique and fun. Which form was the best? Question 17 What is the best weapon in Dragon Ball? Characters tend to focus on martial arts and Ki attacks. The ability to fire a Kamehameha makes using a sword kind of silly. Characters have often carried some kind of weapon, though.

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Which of these weapons is the coolest? Question 18 What is the best Dragon Ball Wish? Ice Cream Immortality Bringing a friend back to life Anyone who has watched Dragon Ball has given some thought to what best wish on the Dragon Balls is.

Is it money, fame, power, or immortality? It seems like the characters who find the balls end up only needing the occasional resurrection from the balls, they find everything else they need on the journey to collect them. What is the best wish on the Balls? Question 19 Which Saiyan form is the best? However, as fans, we consider more than just the pure power of the forms. Fans care about how they look, how cool they were when you first saw them, and how exciting it was to see the hero achieve the power up.

What Saiyan form is the best? Question 20 Who is the best Namekian? We meet Kami, Piccolo, Dende, Guru, and Nail, and those are just the most famous members of the proud warrior race. We see them fight against Frieza and his army, even when they know they are outmatched. Which of these Namekians is the best? Question 21 Who was the best member of the Ginyu Force?


Jeice Recoome Guldo Vegeta flipped out when he learned that the Ginyu Force had landed on Namek, and he was right to do so. Just two members of the Force were able to defeat Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin, and that was after they had their powers boosted by Guru. Though they were bad guys, there was something oddly charming about the Ginyu Force.

Who was the best member? Question 22 Who is the best fusion character? Now, in fairness, we had seen Piccolo fuse with Kami and Nail, and we saw Cell eat and fuse with Androids 17 and 18, but those had all been special cases. In the Buu Saga, we learned that anyone could fuse with a special dance or the Potara earrings. What fusion was the best?

Bulma created a detonator to shut down the androids and instructed Krillin to do it. Krillin agreed to the task but when the moment came, he had doubts because he was haunted by the kiss and no longer believed she was evil, and thus didn't deserve to die.

Krillin ultimately decided he had fallen in love with her and destroyed the detonator, and asked 18 to let him help her and 16 escape after Cell absorbed When Cell was losing to Gohan, 18 was freed from Cell and Krillin immediately took care of her, despite the protests of the other Z Fighters.

After Cell was defeated, 18 was ready to leave and refused to acknowledge Krillin, but she secretly stayed as Shenron was summoned and Krillin wished for the bomb inside 18 to be removed so she can be more human-like. When questioned for this, Krillin admits his feelings for her but believed she and 17 were a couple. Despite this, Krillin still hoped there was a chance 18 harbored an interest in him.

Will give you one hint, one of these characters was the best friend of Goku. True False "You see, I'm perfect, my strength is perfect, and with that, I shall bring equally perfect destruction through the rest of the universe," said Cell. He was the perfect warrior because his genetics was made up of the best fighters that either lived on Earth or visited the planet.

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Not only can Cell throw a punch, he also can absorb the powers of all life forms by swallowing them with his tail. True False Artificial Human No. As the twin sister of Android 17, she was a villain but also questioned her environment and who she was. Her beauty and humanlike features made her a deadly foe and thankfully she became a Z Fighter after the Cell Saga.

Not only has she become a hero but also the wife of the loveable Krillin. We all know who wears the pants in that relationship. They would become a huge asset for Frieza's empire by destroying or taking over other worlds. After finding out that Raditz was eliminated on Earth, the two decided to go visit the place for themselves. While Goku is brash, impatient, and always acting before thinking, Piccolo is calm, cool, and collective. The two make quite the pairing, especially when it comes to strategizing for a battle.

His is the final reincarnation of the Demon King Piccolo and would later fuse with Kami to become the Nameless Namekian. True False After the battle between Vegeta and the heroes of Earth, a couple of our favorite fighters were killed.

A certain group of characters decided they would bring them back to life by using the dragon balls. Their journey would take them to the planet Namek.

The planet belongs to the ternary star system within Universe 7 and is a pivotal location in the series. The planet would eventually explode due to a deadly battle between our hero Goku and the nefarious Frieza. After arriving on Namek, he decides he would collect the dragon balls for himself. There was just one big problem and that was somebody trying to stop him. Cunning, intelligent, and resourceful are few a words to describe Zarbon.

Do you remember if Zarbon and Vegeta fought over the dragon balls? As a Prince and proud Saiyan, Vegeta had a huge dilemma with Frieza. Arrogant and hard headed on the exterior, Vegeta can be somewhat of a mush on the inside. It has been a beautiful thing to see him go from villain to anti-hero, to hero on DBZ.

True False As we mentioned in the last question, Goku and Vegeta had to fuse in order to match the power of Majin Buu. Fusion is when two or more beings merge with each other. The fusion combines their abilities and strengths, creating a powerful energy level. DBZ is no stranger to fusion and there are several different ways to go about it. Known as the greatest warriors of Frieza's army, the Ginyu Force would be assigned to Namek after Zarbon failed in collecting all the dragon balls.

This force has a wild entrance which is still talked about today. His determination to convince everyone he was the perfect creation would lead to him murdering a ton of people. Not only could he absorb powers but also transform into stronger incarnations of himself. Cell decided to test his and made a contest out of it.

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Do you remember what that contest was called? That's why we chant loudly when we pose, to draw attention to our magnificence. I'll just have to raise the stakes a little bit.

Not only can Captain Ginyu strike a pose he can also switch bodies with another lifeform. While trying to switch bodies with a powerful being he accidentally switches with which animal on Namek? True False After the battle with Frieza was over, our heroes got a small break before the next big threat would hit earth. This threat would actually come from the future but no one would know that until another character would come from the future to warn them.

This warning would set up an epic storyline involving a whole bunch of new characters, including the infamous Cell.