Anthy and akio relationship counseling

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anthy and akio relationship counseling

Akio Ohtori is Anthy's older brother, Kanae Ohtori's fiancé, the acting chairman relationship is key to Anthy's behavior in both the anime (where Anthy is held in. While they are alone, having tea and cookies, Utena asks Anthy what The joke was a little cruel considering their relationship has Utena has also poisoned their friendship by letting Akio come in between. . to this “therapy” session which has the opposite effect real therapy sessions are suppose to go. Utena and Anthy slowly become friends, and Utena learns that her new "bride" has In the show's second ("Black Rose") arc, acting school chairman Akio Ohtori takes an makes explicit the romantic nature of Utena and Anthy's relationship. and he often dispense advice to Utena during solemn sessions of stargazing.

There still seems to be a sexual innocence to her, and that her obsession with Toga is not incestuous.

Akio Ohtori

Does Anthy understand this about Nanami? If yes, is she just twisting the knife further? If anything, this seems to not work as cruelty, as Nanami would seem to reclaim some moral high ground over Anthy. This is one hell of a bitch fight, with Anthy proving to be the far more cruel woman than Nanami. And this invisible incest between Akio and Anthy is what Utena is betraying. He is like the big reveal waiting to happen, or at least very close to it.

It feels like the End of the World, when I saw Utena wake up next to him, talking in needy whispers despite the content of her speech about making him breakfast.

This was not Utena the would-be-prince anymore. Even without knowing about Anthy and Akio, she knew Akio was engaged. I suspect that from here on, Utena will have to fight to regain herself as the Prince of her own ideals.

Anthy Himemiya

But wow, this arc really blew my mind. It is powerful on different levels and different ways. She falls not because she is shown at the bottom, but rather we see her plunge herself.

Akio and Anthy also emerge as potentially the darkest of villains, making victims of previous villains as a delightful show of evil, while making a meal out of Utena herself. You all remember when Anthy smiled and said "I hope things never change between us three.

anthy and akio relationship counseling

But I definitely think that Anthy was being abused the entire time No, I don't believe that - but her eyes do look lifeless, and her body seems sedated. She's not wriggling around, or moaning, or showing any signs of pleasure And even if she were experiencing orgasm - well, as sick as it is to think about, I'm sure some child molesters actually get the kids off.

Again, even if it is true that Anthy were experiencing orgasm, hence the contorted facial expression, that doesn't necessarily mean she was mentally enjoying herself, it could just be a natural physiological reaction.

As an example, I like feeling breath on my neck. Makes shivers down my spine, and I tingle all over! It's possibly one of the world's best sensations, IMHO All alone in the dark, sometimes the monsters pop out in front of you, but sometimes you get the sneaky ones that walk ever so quietly behind you, until you feel a heavy breath on your neck!

I still have the same physical sensation in my body, tingling chills, but I am NOT happy, I'm scared to death in that instant! Anyway, yeah, I am in the camp that thinks Akio was abusing Anthy. I do, as I mentioned earlier, see some scenes in a light that shows Anthy's willingness to protect her relationship with Akio, but again, I say that it would be for the higher motive of thereby saving Utena from his filthy grasp. Remember, she was the girl who sacrificed herself for Dios.

anthy and akio relationship counseling

Again, by taking Akio's abuse, I see it as another sacrifice for Utena near the end of the show. In the beginning, why Anthy first started sleeping with him, how did it occur, we will never know. Then it's played straight with Akio and Anthy, who've lived for what's implied to be centuries and have universal problems proportional to their humongous ages.

All Girls Want Bad Boys: Deconstructed; any girl who goes after a 'bad boy' in this series finds themselves hurt by them in the end. This is most apparent with Wakaba's attraction to blatant Jerk Ass Saionji. All Love Is Unrequited: Sadly lampshaded by Juri, who remarks that the cast would be much happier if they could simply change the objects of their affections.

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All of the Other Reindeer: It seems this way from the students to Anthy at first, but as the story goes on it becomes clear that her real issues are much bigger than their petty bullying. All Take and No Give: Akio and Anthy's relationship offers an interesting twist on this trope. Akio has the obvious position of power, not just in the relationship but throughout Ohtori Academy, while Anthy is at the bottom of the social pyramid, and often plays into her brother's schemes.

However, Akio is powerless without Anthy, and she knows it. However much he may try to abuse and dominate Anthy in order to take and maintain control, it does not change the fact that all of Akio's power is derived from Anthy.

Deconstructed; Nanami positioning her social life on being the leader of a Girl Posse means that she doesn't actually trust any of her friends on an emotional level.

She also is unable to affect anything she actually cares about because her older brother has even more social power than her. Subverted with the manga and the movie.

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Although they do tell their own stories, they also work in a kind of symbolic sequence that seems to indicate a connection of some kind, like how Utena gets her series' outfit partway through the manga, or how the characters in the movie have kept some character development from the series. The movie-manga plays this straighter, being a more normal and rearranged version of the movie's scenes. It's a fairytale story using roles like princes and witches, while taking place in a setting practically made of symbolism that roughly corresponds with a modern one, that has characters who are implied to be aliens and there's even a hint of the undead.

One particular example stands out in a certain flashback to the legend of the rose prince; it's played up as medieval, with swords, monsters and pitchforks, but at the same time, there's an inexplicable fax machine prominently placed in the scene. And the Adventure Continues: The anime ends with Anthy departing on a quest to find the missing Utena. The Stock Footage is stock footage, yes, but it's all very well-animated. Utena and Akio's sex scene in episode It is speculated that this is because Utena's movements in this scene were very carefully designed to convey her emotions on the matter.

The Movie too, for very obvious reasons. Nearly every character that can be considered a villain at any point in the story is this except for Akio. Touga although he's mainly into girls and especially Akio. All over the place, to the point where the show occasionally throws in parodies of its own arc words for humorous effect.

And also appearing in the sword-pulling sequence, "Rose of the noble castle, by the power of Dios that sleeps within me, heed your master and come forth! The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse, both the name of the transformation sequence's song and what Anthy repeats in every "next time" preview. The Shadow Play Girls have "Kashira kashira!

anthy and akio relationship counseling

Various mentions of "endless motion" and other forms of repetition. Which is a motif that the overuse of arc words ties into.

anthy and akio relationship counseling

From the Student Council arc and also somewhat the whole series: We are the chick, the world is our egg. If we don't crack the world's shell, we will die without ever truly being born. Smash the world's shell! From the Black Rose arc: If your soul has not truly abandoned all chance for hope, then you can hear the sound that races through the End of the World.