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The first time I saw Makimachi Misao as anything but a Quizilla quiz . for the Aoshi/Misao relationship (and thus Misao) are at Sigel Phoenix. created with NO TITLE YET - A Misao/Aoshi fic I think that this will be the background of the Saito/Tokio relation we see in Tempestuous. She was the only woman whom Aoshi really cared in the entire series. The two have a brother-sister relationship during the early years but Misao has fallen.

She severed ties with him and declared herself as the new Okashira of the Oniwabanshuu.

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Kenshin helped Aoshi regained his senses at their final battle and convinced him to come home at Aoiya. Kenshin also told him that the members of Oniwabanshu was still eager to see him and the woman who really loves him is still waiting for his return, which is Misao. While his exact feelings for Misao have never been stated, he obviously cares for her and the two had been usually seen together during the Jinchuu arc.

Aoshi and Misao married after the events of the Rurouni Kenshin series as stated by the author, Nobuhiro Watsuki in his appearance at Comic Con Okina is an old member of Oniwanbashu.

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He has known Misao since she was a child and had a personal hand in her upbringing, regarding her as surrogate granddaughter. As a former spy, he taught her battle techniques, tactics and weapons skills. She first met Kenshin during his journey back to Kyoto and team up with him after she discovered that Kenshin knows Aoshi. After that, she decides to follow him to Kyoto, because she sensed that he knew something about Aoshi and the others that he refused to tell her.

Afterwards, she became his comrade. Misao always look up to Kaoru as her best friend and big sister. During the stay of Kaoru in the Aoiya at the events of Kyoto Arc, she and Misao developed a friendship.

It was also Kaoru who embraced and comforted Misao when she cried at the thought of Kenshin killing Aoshi. Misao became particularly close to Yahiko in Jinchu Arc. Han'nya was Misao's teacher in martial-arts and she was very close to him. Later on in the series, when injured during the battle with Kamatari, Han'nya appears before her in a vision inspiring her to continue the battle and telling her that Kenshin kept his promise and would bring Aoshi back to the Aoiya.

Abilities Kansatsu Tobikunai - This is a move in which a ninja weapon called kunai dagger is used like a shuriken ninja star. Kunai are placed between clasped fingers and they are thrown at the enemy by using the power of the entire body being bent back. Eight kunais in all can be thrown at the same time, and unless the enemy can avoid all of them, death is imminent.

It can also be performed with 16 kunai, shown in episode However, Kenshin easily repels it when he first encounters her. Misao is also a Kempo expert, and excels greatly in hand-to-hand combat. A truck made its way down to the dock, and sure enough, the lanky form of Keoni Palaka came into view. From his position, Aoshi pressed himself against a wall on the deck of the small boat. Keoni would be going the opposite way towards one of the storerooms that was off limits for tourists.

Aoshi had already been in there while Keoni spent dinner with his uncle. He had radioed Lt. Williams to let her know what he had found. He'd radio her again to let her know when he got onto the plantation.

As soon as Keoni disappeared onto the boat, Aoshi quickly got off the boat to hide in some tropical shrubbery near the parked truck. Judging by the amount in the storeroom, Keoni would be making two trips. It didn't take long for Keoni to come back, his arms wrapped around a few packages. Aoshi took several pictures using his nighttime camera.

Keoni shoved the packages into the passenger side of the truck before heading back to the boat. Aoshi then jumped in the back cab of the truck, hiding under a large blue tarp that was stowed in the back. Within several minutes, the truck was pulling away from the dock. Aoshi used the stars above as a compass, and deduced that they were heading northeast. The trip was short. Keoni cut the engine and Aoshi heard a door open and slam before the sound of footsteps walking away.

Aoshi quickly and quietly jumped off the back and hid behind several palm trees. The area was lined with several pineapple patches. A large shed stood twenty feet away from the truck. It took a while, but Keoni emerged from the shed to make one last trip to the truck.

Aoshi used his camera again. He dug into his bag to pull out a pair of binoculars, seeing a small house in the distance over the flat stretch of land. Glancing at his compass watch again, he surmised that the shed was about two miles west of the house. The sound of the truck engine entered the night and Aoshi kept low as the truck pulled away.

Aoshi unwound the string wrapping the stick's base and hung the stick around his neck.

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He quickly picked the lock of the shed and entered. The shed mostly stored old farming equipment. He removed the stick from his neck and used it as a flashlight, surveying the area. It looked as if the shed was used a lot, the equipment looked heavily used yet free from rust His sharp eyes looked carefully at every wall, every part of the floor Crouching, his eyes looked closely at the floor as he passed the light source over it.

Frowning, he rapped his knuckles on the wooden slats beneath him. Aoshi used a lever in his bag to pull the wooden slat out. It was connected by a series of rope to other slats so it could neatly be shoved aside to reveal a secret storage area beneath the shed. Aoshi pulled the small radio strapped to his hip. One of his team members for this mission came up with it because Top Gun had been his favorite movie.

Then the crew decided that the call sign for one of the characters in Top Gun fit their commanding officer. Aoshi should take it as a compliment, after all, Iceman in Top Gun was cool and collected in dangerous situations Very much like himself.

Williams voice echoed back.

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The walk would take him about half a day. It's easy for you! Misao grinned as she pencilled in her answers. That was the advantage to living on an island with so many Japanese inhabitants. Like Southern California high school students were required to study Spanish, Hawaiian students were required to study Japanese. Not that it was hard for her. She was of Japanese descent, like Aoshi, so they had been learning to read, write, and speak Japanese since childhood.

Danielle reached for a chocolate chip cookie on the counter where the three girls were doing their homework. He basically makes sure that Navy personnel aren't doing anything illegal. Or that nothing illegal is being done on Navy property. She picked up the cordless phone. She had her last physical done a couple months ago, so why? Takani was a general practitioner Takani had interned under most of the physicians at Pearl Harbor Medical Center If something happened to Aoshi, maybe they thought it'd be best to hear from her.

So that meant he was okay. Misao frowned at Megumi's formal reference to him. I can't say," Misao responded.


I'll just call back when-" "Did you want to leave a message? Oh, this is so silly She then said goodbye and hung up once she had the number written. But I'm too young. Aoshi asked her to the Navy ball not too long ago, she turned him down flat. Maybe she secretly likes him," Stella added. They don't last very long. No woman can stand what he does Williams responded, as she and the pilot saluted the senior officer.

Aoshi placed his headset on as the chopper moved away from the island. This had turned out to be a good week. Hearing that Misao passed her quiz would make it even better. His lips turned up in a brief smile.

Considering she had a tendency to leave her books, planner and homework out before she went to bed every night