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Seven Ways To Be A Badass Celaena is the ultimate assassin. . Flirting comes in handy to get Sybella where she wants to go and she. So you want to tackle with the ageless activity known as assassination? You knocked Here we present 7 steps to make sure that you don't end up putting the ass into assassin. . He suspects his friend of flirting with his wife, but very loosely. Know it all wikihow how to flirt . forward to the arrival of a real God through the Wired, and is the man behind the Knights' mass assassination.

Smith and thought, okay, now I want to be Angelina Jolie. So wrap all that together and what do you get? One person can't have ALL of these qualities, but we sure as hell can try. Here are seven characters who are "Damn! Who You Want to Be: Celaena is the ultimate assassin. Even half-starved the woman can flip over and knock out a regular guy.

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Light on her feet, easily running miles, and beating the crap out of anyone she wants, she's about as tough as it gets. How to Be Her: I think this is the hardest one to achieve. It takes the most dedication because unless you're a true gym rat, you're going to get bored running on a treadmill and lifting weights.

I did that in college and the only thing that kept me going was my friends so it IS an option. A real boxing gym, not one of those places where there's 20 bags in a room and a fitness instructor. I had the great pleasure of joining a boxing gym after my divorce because it was the first thing I thought of when I realized I needed to 1 work out or go crazy and 2 get out that aggression.

First, you need a horse.

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This step may not be as hard as it sounds. Even in some large cities there are pockets where people have set aside land and keep horses. If you want to take it to the next level, find out if they offer riding courses and set aside a few weeks to learn how to tack, saddle, groom, and properly ride.

If you buy a horse after reading this, please name her Dove and let me know. I think we all wish this daily. Joel loves the magical art of Rithmatics but does not have the gift to use it. It doesn't bother him at all and he studies harder than even the gifted students. His dedication to learning Rithmatics brings him into a mystery and he becomes one of the most valuable students at the school.

Book smarts matter, people. How to Be Him: This is my favorite way to be a badass because it is simple: Pick one thing and be good at it.

Dedicate yourself to it. It can be Shakespeare quotes, reading sheet music Goonies, hello? I swear to you it will come in handy at some point in your life. Possibly just at pub trivia, but you will be the MOST important person on that team for a round.

Cassie knows that sitting around and complaining is not going to turn the world back to the way it was. She is a survivor and learned the hard way that she needs food, water, shelter, and protection. Here are some things to avoid at all costs while murdering everything that moves: Being on the receiving end of the murder: As in all things, the satisfaction is greater when you give rather than when you receive. Letting some people escape: So much fun wasted.

It might also bring inconveniences later on. Delivering death, then dismembering or skinning the body: The motto is, "If there's time, there's time to butcher. Assassins and what they teach us Brains of the family, from left to right: Jack Ruby Quite literally, the assassin's assassin. Ruby was so incensed by Lee Harvey Oswald 's assassination of JFK see Historical assassination victims, below that he felt the only way to "redeem the city" of Dallas in the eyes of the world was to kill someone else See UnNews: He was provided with a gun by the CIA, who also wanted Oswald dead, for slightly different reasons - they didn't want a trial to take place.

John Wilkes Booth Approached Abraham Lincoln from behind in a theater, shot one hole through the President's iconic hat to humiliate him, and another right in his emancipating face. Wilkes Booth's final words before pulling the trigger,"I'ma gonna kill you, dognammit!

It marked a curious period in American historyin which the North's reaction to the South's desire for independence was to beat it until it agreed to remain part of the country, and the South's reaction after surrendering was to kill the President of the newly reinforced Union.

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The domestic equivalent would be a wife declaring she wanted to leave her husband, the husband then raping her until she promised not to go, and then the wife killing her unborn child. Which is ironically not popular in the South. No one usually remembers his name, or the details, except it happened at a press conference or something. Remember - no one likes a copycat assassination, although maybe it was inevitable that Sirhan would go for repetition, given the nature of his name.

Barack Obama Pulled the trigger on Osama bin Laden himself, after expressing concerns that people were still confusing their names. Did an impression of Jules Winnfield, Samuel L Jackson's character in Pulp Fictionbut read key passage from the modern international version of the Bible, missing out on the poetry and impact of the King James version.

Mark Chapman Shot dead John Lennon after the former Beatle released a book of unamusing puns and sophomoric illustrations. Contrast Chapman with George Harrison 's would-be killer - whoever he is - and note the two lessons to be learned: Assassinated pop music with her song Friday. Historical Assassination Victims Be prepared: RAGE can erupt any second! Jesus He angered the Romans beyond belief when he proclaimed himself the Son of God.

He was infamously betrayed by that damn snitch, Judas. The Romans brought Jesus to downtown Jerusalem where he was publicly beaten, flogged, stabbed, hanged, crucified, skinned, cut to pieces, beheaded, dismembered and beheaded again.

That didn't hurt at all!

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They were conveyed to a huge festive BBQ orchestrated by the Pope. Little did they know they were scheduled to literally be the center of the festivities and they were roasted to a perfection. It is rumoured that trees were spared thanks to the Templars' flammability. Martin Luther King Jr. The great civil rights leader was taken out by a white supremacist, who believed that as long as white people continued killing senior black political figures, any grass-roots political action would be undermined.

His beliefs were ultimately proved wrong, of course, because the death of King only led to It led to the de-politicization of African-Americans and the celebration of the under-culture and the ghetto, as epitomized by gangster rap! Boy, sometimes the assassins who look stupid are the smartest! Malcolm X Malcolm X's assassination is less clear cut.

Some claimed it was committed by aesthetes who liked the symmetry of two Kennedys being killed, alongside two big black cheeses. Others blame Malcolm's refusal to return the X he stole from the nascent Fed Ex company, which - reluctantly - called itself Fed E until Malcolm's untimely death.

Princess Diana They say it was an accident. But we all know. A drunk French driver? How many French people do you know who even drink alcohol?

She was so full of life when she died - specifically she had the embryo of a little Muslim boy inside her. An Islamic half-brother of the future King of England? Not on your nelly. Plausible scenarios Tip The following is for reference only. You should try to develop your own style. Armed with that invaluable knowledge, here are some killing scenarios that might inspire a wannabe assassin.