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They tell us to leave our personal problems at the door, and that's really hard. It's even hard for managers. Everybody has their bad days, and when you're having a terrible day and then you have to go home and take a shower and make yourself all pretty to go to work at Hooters, you feel better about yourself, but it's not easy.

Being a Hooters Girl is constant acting. They want us to be the all-American cheerleader, bubbly, have our lip gloss on, always smiling. They want us all to conform to this image and this standard, but then the customers love our individuality. You have to balance what the manager wants and what the customer wants.

You have to put on a facade. The week after my ex-boyfriend and I broke up, it was so hard for me to put on that uniform and that facade. But I knew I had to do it, so I just worked my way through it.

I just put myself in a different mental state. I took reality out of it and went into Hooters Girl Mode. There's a common misconception that we're a titty bar, but that's not how it is. We have families in. On Sunday, we have a church rush come in.

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I have regulars that are an older couple, and they love us and love the food. They just love hanging out with us. They'll come about twice a week and they're awesome. They're not there for the entertainment or the women. They're there for the food and because they love us. We have a meeting before every shift, and in that shift meeting, they remind us of the specials, they remind us that we need to get customer surveys done, and then we do what's called "Image Check.

If anything's wrong with our uniform, we have to fix it before we go out on the floor.

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They also check our hair and makeup and make sure we're always picture perfect. I was a little nervous going through that the first couple of times, having a manager look me over — especially somebody who was as old as my father.

At first, it was kind of like: Are they going to be looking at me like that? But after a few times, it was all professional and that nervousness of Image Check became goofy. We joke with our managers during the check now. The first day is the most nerve wracking. The first day I wore my uniform, I was out on the floor, and I was nervous. But then I got into work mode. Any girl likes compliments. Any girl likes guys looking at her. You get lots of compliments, lots of numbers, lots of men wanting to go out with you.

I have a few regulars who come in on a daily or weekly basis who have become very close friends with me. I've taken regulars up on offers to hang out after I've known them a few months, but I've never really gone on a date with a customer. It's more of just hanging out with other Hooter Girls and regulars. There are girls who do work there and find a man that they would like to go out with, but I'm just not that type. I go to work for work, not to pick up men. We're paid like normal waitresses, so my whole check pretty much goes to taxes and I live on my tips.

There's a decent number and range on offer, although discerning party-goers will have their choices limited by their own good taste. If you are something of a club snob then Nautilus is probably the best bet for you. There are the inevitable posers and hangers-on but underlying is a core of funky youngsters who actually know the difference between house and techno, adding some much-appreciated authenticity to a night out here.

Meanwhile Club Essential is a bit bigger and cheesier, but well worth a visit, especially if they've booked a big name DJ. The likes of Deep Dish and Lee Coombs have manned the wheels of steel this summer! Bigger and cheesier still is La Rocca - a favourite with Riga's Russian community. The music policy is a bit more commercial, but you can't turn your nose up at Ferry Corsten who graced the decks there recently.

The antidote to all this thumping bass is Pulkvedim Neviens Neraksta. Riga's most reliable nightlife player for 15 odd years, 'The Colonel', as it is affectionately known, has an atmosphere that's hard to beat and stays busy even during the week.

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If conventional nightlife holds about as much appeal to you as a dip in the Daugava river in December, then you'll be pleased to know that Riga also has a scattering of hip alternative venues. Kick back and relax at the I Love You cafe or John Lemon bar, amongst fellow bohemians, before jumping up and down in a deranged fashion at the legendary Depo club.

Bars galore, clubs rammed with beautiful people, and a small but healthy alternative scene Are there any downsides to Riga nightlife?