Batman and jason todd relationship

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batman and jason todd relationship

When Curran Walters' Jason Todd made his surprising debut on DC Universe's Titans last week, it forced Dick Grayson to consider the idea. Jason Todd is an angry ex-sidekick. He has one of the jobs most young heroes would love to have. He was a Robin for Batman. Regardless of. Pretty much sums up Tim and Jason's relationship (yeah! rock star!) Batman. Visit . Jason Todd and Bizarro [part 3] Robin Arkham Knight, Jon Kent, Jason.

While it hasn't been explored in depth in this canon I think the problem of Bruces' issues with dealing with emotions rather not dealing with them were also a big issue.

batman and jason todd relationship

This however IS obvious in a later interactions between the two as well as the fact Bruce isn't always honest. The latter mostly being something Lobdell and Tomasi have shown although Jason figured out Bruce was using him to help himself heal. When confronted Bruce doesn't deny the accusation.

Not feeling that he belongs Jason goes to Africa to find his mom, dies but doesn't blame Bruce for his death. Once he returns he's naturally upset because Bruce hasn't avenged him which to him means that his adopted father never cared about him.

Which isn't a surprising suspicion since Bruce is often horrible at conveying his feelings. During Jasons' life there weren't many tells and after his death there's no obvious changes that he meant anything.

batman and jason todd relationship

Life went on as if he never existed with only his grave to mark his passing and another kid filling the sidekick spot. Jason might not have known about the case until much later but even if he did it won't prove anything. Some versions have a plaque with "good solider" written on it which doesn't give the impression of family. It's detached to the point it looks like Jason Todd was just another solider in a war not a son.

At least one version has "friend and ally" on his headstone which also gives a distant feeling. Unlike Dick or Tim he never had a happy family life before. Bruce was the only semi-decent parental figure he had and only family he really felt he had left.

There's literally nothing left in his life but what he had before he died. There's a very real death wish throughout this because deep down he already knows the answer to the question he's forcing out of Bruce. Would he being willing to save Jason no matter the cost?

Does he matter more than the no kill rule? He knows Bruce won't chose him and is ready to die because he has nothing else. But Bruce not only saves Jason's murderer he slices Jason's neck open in the process. During UTH there were moments that highlight how alike the two were by what they did and how they reacted in similar manners. This wasn't just to say Jason knew how Batman thought or to show the training Bruce gave him. At one point Black Mask realizes they know each other because they both say the same exact thing about him.

A dismissive remark that actually hints at them seeing more eye to eye than you'd expect. Before the final showdown they even fight together for the first time since DITF and it's natural for both of them.


The relaunch has both of them cool down a lot since this storyline. Some of Jason's journey is shown but some of it hasn't been fleshed out quite yet. This was a subject of debate as to the identity of Batman given the length of time it took to get the Batwoman series started. It's certainly a harsh comment something that at the very least seems odd for him to say to Kate since they aren't close.

Yes it's to get her to look out for Bette Kane but it also has that familiar victim blaming vibe to it which often seems like Bruce is trying to separate himself from the equation.

Both emotionally and from the blame. I can't help reading the exchange and seeing it taking place months before the new 52 starts.

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There Bruce was worse referring to Jason as more trash in the sewers. Ollie saw past the comment there but ironically they both blamed each other for what happened with Jason and Roy. Acting as if he doesn't care what happens to them and that he believes their worse than the villains they fight.

batman and jason todd relationship

Roy readily buys this as he assumes Jason won't go to their aid and Jason admits to himself later on that he doubts they'd lift a finger for him. It's not until issue 3 we see how much the fatherly relationship he had with Bruce meant to him. The most cherished memory he had was Bruce giving up the mission for the night to spent time with him when Jason was sick.

It meant everything for several reasons: No one ever took care of him before--HE was the caretaker of his parents and usually had to fend for himself. For Bruce to ignore the mission for the night was huge and it's likely the only time he did. Doing so means Jason matters and he's more than a Robin he's a son. Jason gives up the memory likely knowing it's importance but needing to sever his ties to the bat family because it hurts too much.

That they'd throw him in jail if they got a chance. It's unknown if past canon of being in jail happened in this timeline. When would Bruce approach him to ask for him to be Wingman?

It'd have to be before DOTF. The only time that would work would be after fighting the Talons and before the Outlaws go into space. Even then it's not a perfect fit but prior to all this Jason turns up for Damian's meeting simply because he believes Tim invited him.

During this time he exchanges no words with Bruce and shrugs off Damian's perception of his relationship with him. Jason also sarcastically remarks about the fact he wasn't part of the family portrait. Some have noted that it makes sense to exclude Jason since he's legally dead but no one seems aware of Jasons' identity despite him forgoing a mask around so many people.

Jason Todd

Even if they were on bad terms unclear where this fits in canon Bruce could ask the painter to add Jason in using a photo Bruce would try to track him. I'm sure he could find a painter who wouldn't blab if he was worried about secrecy, maybe even a friend.

The fight between Damian and the Robins could take place after Jason became Wingman but even that sounds cold. Just like Bruce bringing Jason up as an afterthought to mention that even Jason did well as Robin.

At one point Damian claims his father said some negative things about Jason. Pre-Flashpoint Batman did victim blame, so did most of the bat family which makes it hard for me to completely dismiss it all as simply Damians' uninformed opinion.

batman and jason todd relationship

Since the Robins ended the meeting on a semi-good standing who knows why given Damian's behavior it's not too strange to see him with them in DOTF. Again it's hard to map how canon is supposed to flow with Morrisons' work. Jason helps take down Talias' assassins and ends up saving Bruce's life.

I'm honestly not sure if Bruce was really clueless to Jason duping Talia but he seems shocked and betrayed at the idea of Jason giving her the doomsday device even if it's in exchange for his life. Yet once he saves Bruce the two have nothing to say to each other. In fact Bruce acts like he was the reason Talia lost everything. Jason just stands there as his mentor and Talia rant at each other. He silently leaves just as Kathy Kane does, maybe because the ending is supposed to make Batman look foolish or a dozen other reasons.

It is odd that Jason doesn't address Bruce even when he gives his condolences to Talia after hearing Damian died. DOTF has Bruce dreaming of the bat family all being close.

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While it's assumed that most of them are on friendly terms the most noticeable change is Jason's inclusion. Bruce wants Jason there so he's part of the group. He's pretty much the focus as Damian snarks at him and Dick gives Jason credit. What did he do to earn such praise?

Caught the Joker instead of killing him, doing what Bruce wants him to do.

batman and jason todd relationship

Not just obeying his rules but letting go of the past. When Alfred turns into Joker while the others are backing away from the attack Jason is seen protecting Tim.

Bruce knows Jason died trying to protect his mother from the explosion and likely knows these two have grown closer. The Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder. The Dark Knight debuted in and his sidekick followed shortly thereafter in The duo has appeared in practically every medium; beyond comics, Batman and Robin have been featured in television shows, movies, cartoons and video games. Without a doubt, their relationship is iconic. But, when you really think about it, this bond is, frankly, bizarre.

Connections between a hero and their sidekick can be inherently weird but the Dynamic Duo is exceptional. Even its origin story is odd. The man then presses the child into service as his crime-fighting sidekick; they go out at night and routinely beat up criminals. In a way, though, these other examples make the Batman and Robin pairing even more unusual. Of course, when you look a little deeper, there are stark differences between the various Boy and Girl Wonders.

But, at least when Jason Todd initially entered the scene as the second Robin, he was pretty much a direct copy of his predecessor, Dick Grayson. Jason originally had the same origin story as Dick; both boys began as circus acrobats who lost their parents due to the actions of a mobster. Bruce Wayne took both Dick and Jason under his wing.

In Detective Comicsreaders learned that, at the age of 12, Bruce served as the first Boy Wonder.