Belldandy and keiichi relationship help

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belldandy and keiichi relationship help

Slightly OOC Belldandy and Keiichi. agreed to wait until they consummated their relationship in the ultimate form of passion. . But with help and thanks to Urd and Skuld, the recall notice was nullified, and the happy couple. Belldandy is a character in the popular anime and manga series Oh My Goddess! . She was The stories follow Belldandy as she builds a relationship with Keiichi , using her powers (which include teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy, and levitation) to help both Keiichi and his friends while keeping her true identity a secret. She arrives at the Morisato household when she decides that the relationship between Keiichi and Belldandy is progressing too slowly. She tries to help, but all .

Belldandy's possessiveness of Keiichi could make her an easy target for manipulation or even brainwashing, if the right buttons were pressed; her jealousy of Morgan Le Fay was what allowed Celestin, her teacher, to lure Belldandy into his plans.

This, however, does not mean that she is to be taken lightly; Belldandy is licensed as a "goddess first-class, unlimited", and as such is depicted as being highly skilled. Her power is so great that she is required to wear a special earring on her left ear which constantly seals the full brunt of her magical strength. At the end of this arc, Belldandy completely reconstructed their home from rubble, mentioning that doing so only took one ten-millionth of her power.

Not only can she change the appearance of her clothing [39] and levitate and, by extension, flybut she can also teleport through mirrors, [40] speak to and understand animals, [41] [42] "see" people's emotions as auras[43] heal minor wounds by speeding metabolism, [44] and "speak" to machines. She is also incapable of becoming inebriated on alcoholic drinks, but instead becomes so with soda. Urd notes that Belldandy loves accumulating capabilities [50] but usually doesn't mention them herself.

Among those seen in the manga, she has a Valkyrie diploma - as demonstrated when she neutralizes Thrym the Invincible in hand-to-hand combat - and she's a champion flying broom racer.

Holy Bell[ edit ] Each of the fully-fledged goddesses in the series is teamed with an "angel", that represents the goddesses' "True Self" or "Higher Self". Like the other angels in the series, Holy Bell augments Belldandy's magical powers when called upon, and like all angels, she also reflects her master's current state.

Belldandy appears before Keiichi and offers to grant him a wish. Convinced that the whole incident is a prank played on him by his seniors SenpaisKeiichi half-jokingly wishes her to stay with him forever. With Belldandy and Keiichi now portrayed as a couple, Fujishima introduces other factors: Within both the manga and the anime, the temple was turned over to them by its former guardian, Koshiana Buddhist monk who was overwhelmed by the purity of Belldandy's spirit and her unparalleled skills in polishing the temple altar, in cooking, and in Zazen meditation.

Relationship with Keiichi[ edit ] Although Belldandy was sent to grant Keiichi a wish and nothing more, Belldandy expresses many times that she has enjoyed her time with Keiichi and that her purpose is to make him happy. The contract really is an excuse for her to stay since her rival Marllera first class demon, has stated that "she can cancel a contract with a human anytime".

I'm here now because I love you". When he takes up his job at Whirlwind towards the end of his time at Nekomi Tech, Belldandy reflects on how he's beginning to follow his dream, before wondering just how far she can follow it with him.

Then at the start of the current storyline in Volume 38, in which the demon Hagall overthows Hild, Keiichi asks Belldandy if she will walk with him as his companion in life; she hesitates, saying "I He cried even more. He then saw an older Belldandy, being brainwashed by Celestine, wanting to take over Kami-sama and the Heavens and destroying the Judgement Gate.

After the Gate was demolished by Celestine's power, several Valkyries found him and attempted to seal him away for what he had done and planned to do shortly after.

Once he was sealed by the Fighting Wings, Belldandy in a blind fit of rage had killed them on the spot for what they did to her precious teacher Celestine, whom she had a crush on while growing up. After the incident, Belldandy was never the sweet and innocent Goddess she was supposed to become. For what she had done, she would be denied her Goddess License and most likely be sealed away for all of eternity, and would lose her powers as well.

Her elder sister Urd was the one who had convinced the Heavenly Council that Belldandy was controlled and brainwashed by Celestine, taking advantage of her naive nature.

belldandy and keiichi relationship help

The only way Bell could be saved was to have her memories of the ordeal with Celestine sealed away, never to remember them again. So with her sister's intervention, Belldandy returned to her sunny disposition, and was told that her teacher had left to parts unknown, and was shortly after presented with her Goddess Certification and License.

At the very same moment, Belldandy could see a young Keiichi, who was always the smallest and shortest boy in his school, teased by everyone else - including those who had called him their friend. He wanted more than anything to be taller, but since he took after his father, remained short his entire life.

But despite that, he highly excelled in school, always placing at the top of his classes. And to make matters worse, when he finally "discovered" girls in middle school, he fell head-over-heals for the prettiest and smartest girl in his class. So one day he finally found the courage, and asked her in a letter to meet him after school, so he could confess his undying love for her.

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Unfortunately since he was much shorter than her, she thought it was a joke, telling him that when he got taller, she might think about it and go out with him.

She completely humiliated him and laughed squarely in his face. Poor Keiichi's spirit was broken and his self-esteem shattered. Belldandy's heart went out to him, silently wishing that she could've been there, encouraging him as he grew up. She started to shed several more tears, as she held him closer, wanting desperately to make the pain, heartache and loneliness disappear. This went on for quite sometime, each experiencing the others' pain, sadness, joy, anger, happiness, and many more emotions.

They just held each other closer than ever before, crying their hearts out, still Sharing. Then their faces lit up - it was a beautiful Spring evening at the campus of Nekomi Tech. Then the phone-call to the Goddess Help Line.

belldandy and keiichi relationship help

That would reunite the two childhood friends who were forced to forget one another. Those very same words would change their lives forever. That was the best day of Keiichi Morisato's 20 year life.

They'd been through so much in that short time. Her sisters moving in, disrupting their then peaceful life together. Keiichi being transformed into a girl by Skuld, and also a motor cycle by the Demon Mara. The cherry tree incident that led to 'Bugs' being let out through the portal that formed between Keiichi and his love, Belldandy. That was the trigger to release their sealed-up memories of each other.

But with help and thanks to Urd and Skuld, the recall notice was nullified, and the happy couple could remain together. Numerous attacks by other demons, the return of Celestine, Belldandy being infected by him, in essence forgetting ever meeting Keiichi and the wish he made - and then his ultimate defeat. Belldandy and Keiichi came out of their Sharing moment at the same time, holding each other and crying their hearts out.

The newlyweds were both a bit tired from the ordeal they had just gone through: After a few moments, Keiichi finally spoke up, trying to clear his throat. I had no idea until now, just how much you went through growing up to become the beautiful and wonderful Goddess I have, now by my side. I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you at that time. But despite everything you went through, I just want you to know that I won't allow anything like that to happen to you ever again, and that's a promise.

I love you so much Bell, for the rest of eternity. I too was unaware - even though we talked about it often - on how much pain and loneliness you suffered growing up. I'm so very sorry that I wasn't there when you were younger to stand by your side and help ease your pain I'm so, so sorry my love.

I just want to reaffirm my love for you. You've been such an influence in my life since we were reunited by your phone-call. I am so happy and proud to be you wife.

I love you with every fiber of my being, Keiichi. Keii just held her close and tenderly kissed her soft, pink lips which were still a bit damp from their emotional outbreak.

You completely turned my life around. I could never thank you enough, my beautiful Goddess Belldandy. I'm here for you. Please don't make me say it And blushed profusely just thinking about it. They continued to kiss and caress each other, and eventually had the gumption to remove their bed clothes, helping each other disrobe. I want to feel your love. Keiichi held her bountiful bosom and started to massage them, then took her left breast in his mouth and started to kiss her nipple, which stiffened in a matter of seconds.

He proceeded to kiss her ear, and the nape of her neck. Belldandy returned his kisses with more intensity. Their foreplay intensified with each passing moment. Belldandy started to sexily moan, her voice full of wanton desire. Upon hearing this, Keiichi started to get very aroused, and was poking out of his boxers.

Belldandy felt this and started to rub it with her thighs, making it expand even more-so. Keiichi started to moan and kiss her with more passion. A moment later, his boxers vanished into the nearly-darkened suite. Bell felt as though she were floating, caused by the rapid rush of endorphins throughout her mind. She pulled Keiichi's manhood closer as they suddenly wanting each other.

belldandy and keiichi relationship help

In that very moment, the newlyweds became one, and the entire suite was glowing a heavenly golden hue, caused by Belldandy's power increase due to their lovemaking. He happily complied, his mind going nearly blank as they continued at a much quicker pace. This went on as they started to get more into their very first time being truly united as husband and wife. Belldandy gently held him, noting that he was both physically and emotionally happy, yet tired now.

They were both soaked from sweat.

belldandy and keiichi relationship help

She held him for a few moments, while he caught his breath. Once the newlyweds regained their composure, Bell started to happily hum. She then started to hug Keiichi, not wanting him to get up.

I don't know even know how to describe it. You hear about it, but you never know until you experience it firsthand.

Keiichi and Belldandy's Love Life

It was SO much worth the wait to be with you my lovely Bride. What are your thoughts, Bell? Yes Keiichi, I must admit, I never had any idea or could imagine how wonderful an experience it could be. Amazing covers it - I suppose. And to actually feel you being inside me, oh my, it was so warm and BIG. Oh my goodness Keiichi! Sorry about that love, but it's true.