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ben and juliet relationship lost wiki

Benjamin "Ben" Linus is a fictional character portrayed by Michael Emerson on the ABC As with most characters on Lost, Ben's history is revealed through flashbacks and episodes set in other time periods . In the season 3 episode " Exposé", Ben and Juliet enter a Dharma station, the Pearl, and watch Jack on a monitor. Ben becomes agitated, and begins to become suspicious of Juliet's relationship with Nate (Goodbye, Columbia). Soon after, Nate's father Howard Archibald is. Dr. Juliet Burke (née Carlson) is a fictional character on the ABC television series Lost played This statement seemed to affect Juliet's later outlook on relationships. .. of ", saying up until the third season she thought Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson), was the "most chilling villain" on Lost, but Juliet is even scarier.

After hearing the whispersHarper approaches Juliet. She tells her that Daniel and Charlotte intend to kill everyone on the island by deploying a lethal gas at the Tempest and that Ben's orders are for Juliet to kill them. On a trek back to the beach in the morning, Kate encounters Daniel and Charlotte and is knocked unconscious by the latter. Jack and Juliet come across Kate and they split up: Juliet continues for the Tempest alone, as Jack minds Kate.

Inside the station, Juliet finds Daniel in a hazmat suit at a computer. After a standoff, Daniel and Charlotte convince Juliet that they are not going to kill anyone; they are neutralizing the gas in case Ben decides to use it again, as he had twelve years earlier in an Others-led purge of Dharma.

She fears for Jack because Ben thinks that she belongs to him, but Jack shows no worry and kisses her. Ben also tells Locke who his spy on the freighter is. Ben continues to reside in the Barracks following his release. He will completely creep you out. But you do see that behind this is a human being who is struggling to live and have a life that makes sense to her.

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Michael Emerson thought that his character Ben was childish when he shouted "you're mine! When she finds out that Colin and Serena are sneaking around together, she decides to take photos of the two kissing to use against her War at the Roses. Wanting to know what else she lied about, he pairs up with Vanessa to find out.

While Vanessa searches her apartment, Nate takes Juliet out for coffee to talk. During their conversation, Juliet reveals her secret: However, Vanessa finds the photos Juliet took of Serena and Colin and steals them when Juliet decides to delete them. At the ballet, Vanessa tells Juliet that Nate set her up and that he would never choose her over Serena.

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Realizing that she is right, Juliet tries to tell Dean Reuther about the photos but Blair is able to drown the USB drive in champagne before the dean sees. At the same time, Colin cuts Juliet off for taking photos of him and Serena. Not wanting to give up, Juliet teams up with Vanessa and Jenny Humphrey to carry out her vendetta.

They put their plan into action in The Witches of Bushwick.

ben and juliet relationship lost wiki

To ruin her relationships with Dan and Nate, Juliet and Jenny toy with them while dressed exactly like Serena and cause them to lose all interest in playing Serena's games anymore. To ruin her friendship with Blair, Jenny exposes her sharing a kiss with Chuck in her slip.

And finally, to put a final nail in her coffin, Juliet drugs Serena into an overdose and leaves her in a motel room in Queens. On Thanksgiving in GaslitSerena wakes from her overdose and calls for an ambulance. Upon hearing about what happened, Lily has her committed to involuntary rehab.

Serena is adamant that she didn't do it, and believes so until a photo of her doing cocaine appears on Gossip Girl. Realizing that maybe she did do it, she admits herself back to The Ostroff Center. Meanwhile, Juliet warns Vanessa and Jenny not to come clean about what they did.

She then plans to leave town and packs up her apartment. Before she goes, she collects a check from Lily, saying she won't expose anything about Serena as long as she keeps getting paid. When Jenny tries to see her later, she discovers that she has left and brings Blair evidence that Juliet, not Serena, did the drugs and caused the overdose.

ben and juliet relationship lost wiki

Ben tells Juliet he will convince Jack to perform surgery on him. During the surgery he wakes up, where Jack refuses to finish until Kate and Sawyer are safely away from the Others.

Ben tells Locke of a "magic box" which can produce whatever someone wishes for and shows him his father, Anthony Cooper Kevin Tighewho they are holding captive and was brought to the Island because of the box.

When Ben discovers Locke can hear Jacob, he shoots Locke and leaves him for dead. Ben takes Alex with him as he attempts to prevent Jack from sending a radio message to a nearby freighter. He reunites Alex with her mother, and claims if Jack contacts the freighter, every single person on the Island will die.

Ben is beaten and taken hostage, and forced to watch as the freighter is contacted. Those who believe the people from the freighter to be dangerous, Ben among them, join Locke and head to the Barracks. Ben agrees after Miles rebuffs his claims such a small fortune is beyond him. However, they are ambushed en route by mercenaries from the freighter and all but Alex are killed. Alex is taken hostage after revealing herself to be Ben's daughter. Ben claims Widmore has "changed the rules", then summons the smoke monster to attack the mercenaries.

Ben sends Locke to become the new leader of the Others, then enters a secret level of the Orchid. He turns a large frozen wheel in the wall, which teleports the Island to a new location. At one point, Ben infiltrates Widmore's penthouse apartment in London to inform him of his intention to kill his daughter, Penelope Sonya Walgeras retribution for the death of Alex.

He gets Locke to reveal what he knows about returning to the island, then kills him and stages it as a suicide. Ben visits Jack in the funeral home housing Locke's body, telling Jack he will help him return to the island, but the only way to get back is to bring everyone who had left it, including Locke's corpse.

Ben boards Ajira Airways Flight with the rest of survivors, which then crashes on the island. The plane crash lands on the Hydra Island, so Ben attempts to take a boat to the main island. Sun strikes him in the back of the head and takes the boat with Frank, so Ben is left in the care of the other survivors, including Locke. After Ben regains consciousness and finds Locke to be alive, he convinces Locke he knew bringing him to the island would resurrect him, and he stopped Locke's suicide attempt merely to gain information.

Locke travels with Ben, who is to be judged by the Monster. After they fail to find the Monster at the Barracks, they head to the Temple. As Ben and Locke travel through a series of tunnels beneath the Temple, Ben falls through the floor, so Locke leaves to get something that he can pull him up with.

The Monster flows out of a grate below and surrounds Ben, showing flashes of decisions he made in his life involving Alex. The Monster takes the form of Alex and pushes Ben against a wall.

She says she knows Ben is planning to kill Locke again, and if he does she will hunt him down and destroy him.

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She orders him to follow Locke and do whatever he asks, then disappears. They return to the Others' camp, where Locke gathers the group together and announces he is taking them to see Jacob. Within, they are met by Jacob Mark Pellegrino. Jacob greets Locke and observes Locke has found a loophole. It is revealed that Locke was not resurrected, and is instead the Monster taking the form of Locke. Ben confronts Jacob about why he never revealed himself at any time during Ben's tenure as leader, but when Jacob is dismissive towards him, he stabs Jacob twice, killing him - and in doing so, binds his destiny to the island, sealing his own fate.

ben and juliet relationship lost wiki

After Jacob's death, the Monster tells Ben to fetch Richard, as he wants to speak to him. However, when Ben exits the statue, Richard throws him down beside the corpse of the real John Locke, which has been brought to the statue by survivors of the Ajira flight, led by Ilana Verdansky Zuleikha Robinson.

Ben is forced by Ilana's group to bring them to the imposter Locke.

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They start shooting at the Monster, but he disappears, then returns in its black smoke form, killing Ilana's group. The Monster returns to Locke's form and mockingly informs Ben of the real Locke's last thoughts, while being strangled by Ben.