Best of joey and phoebe relationship

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best of joey and phoebe relationship

Jan 15, Friends: The reason Joey and Phoebe never got together was not and there have been various awkward kisses between the best mates. Jan 14, Sure, Phoebe ended up with Mike and he's all right (He was played by Paul Rudd, after all). But the fact that a Joey/Phoebe relationship that. Sep 11, Joey and Phoebe never denied an attraction yet never made a move to pursue a relationship. Joey gave up meat for Phoebe when she was.

Here are 11 times Phoebe and Joey were truly friendshipgoals.

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When they taught each other new skills One of the most iconic moments on Friends is watching Phoebe attempt to teach Joey how to speak French. But hey, at least she tried. Or how about when Joey taught Phoebe how to get into character as a nurse when she acted as an extra on Days of Our Lives? And let's not forget when Phoebe taught Joey how to play guitar, one of my personal favorite moments of the entire series.

You just know they always had a good time together. When they helped each other achieve their goals, no matter what they are Remember when Joey kissed Phoebe because she wanted to have the perfect kiss before she turned 31? When they were to help mend each other's broken hearts Joey was the first friend there to comfort Phoebe when the love of her life, David, had to return to Minsk, even though she had ditched their dinner to be with David.

best of joey and phoebe relationship

In return, Phoebe brought Joey her friend's dog to cheer him up when Joey was pining after Rachel. It's clear these two are always there for each other when they need it most, as all true best friends should. It's easily one of the top ten episodes of the entire series as it shows the stresses of having to give up the twenty-something lifestyle all of the friends were so used to. Many of these stories were sad for the characters involved, but none were as sad as Phoebe's.

Unlike the other friends, Phoebe tried to make the occasion into a positive experience. She found a list of all the things she wanted to do by the time she was thirty and tried to get them all accomplished. Unfortunately, it wasn't her 30th birthday after all. She was actually turning While she was depressed about essentially losing a year of her life, Joey nobly helped her achieve one of her life goals.

He gave her the perfect kiss. This was an incredibly sweet gesture, but it showed that the chemistry that would never flourish between the two. One would think that once she got the perfect kiss, she'd want to come back for seconds. In that series, the actress played a ditzy waitress by the name of Ursula. While she remains one of the best-supporting characters of the series, that doesn't mean things didn't get weird.

Joey's attraction is instantaneous and he decides to ask her out. Phoebe laments how uncomfortable this makes her feel. Things get worse just as she is about to confront Joey about it and finds out that they had already slept together.

Perhaps this moment was why the two characters never hooked up. He even forgot about Phoebe's birthday party in order to spend more time with her. This ultimately backfired as Ursula started distancing herself from him. When Phoebe confronted Ursula about this, her sister revealed that she had callously decided to end things with Joey without telling him. She gives her sister the dress he bought her and walks away without a second thought.

That's where things got weird. Phoebe then puts on the dress and poses as Ursula to give Joey the breakup he deserves. They even end the moment with a kiss that reveals who she really is to Joey.

For any normal friends, this entire situation would have put a huge wedge between them. Luckily, their bond was far too strong. The only real competitor for this title would be Phoebe's love for her guitar. Phoebe's main running gag throughout the series were her less than amazing musical talents that were always on full display at Central Perk.

Phoebe actually tries to share her musical knowledge with Joey at one point. While she doesn't know any of the real names for the chords or let him hold a guitar, she still tries to get Joey to learn her favorite art form. While it does go better than the French lessons, Joey eventually has to seek other methods of education to truly learn. Eventually, Phoebe learns of this and refuses to teach them further.

When the two finally make up, Phoebe makes the ultimate compromise and lets him practice with her guitar. The sweet moment is instantly ruined as Joey drops her prized possession right on the ground.

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Turns out she was right. He really wasn't ready to hold a guitar. In fact, her arc from Gary to Mike is pretty much all about her deciding what she wants in a real relationship. While this takes a while for her character to come to terms with, there's one man she has no doubts about committing to, Joey.

11 Times Phoebe and Joey Gave Us Friendship Goals

When Rachel finds out she's pregnant right before Monica's wedding, Phoebe tries to run interference to cover for her. This leads to Joey thinking that Phoebe is the one that's pregnant.

Joey, in an act of true nobility, offers to marry Phoebe so she won't have to do it alone. Phoebe surprisingly accepts the proposal without a second thought.

The truth inevitably comes out and the would be engagement is broken off. Strangely enough, the incident is never mentioned again. One would think this realization that Phoebe actually does want to get married would be a big deal for the character but apparently not.

At one point Phoebe tried to help him with this.

best of joey and phoebe relationship

Joey was frustrated with his agent Estelle and Phoebe took it upon herself to be his agent for a short time. The arrangement was initially very successful. For a minute it seemed as if both would be happy continuing on with it.

Friends fans ROCKED by new bombshell about Phoebe and Joey

That changed once the pressures of being an actor in New York hit both of them. In the end, Phoebe just wasn't cut out to be the kind of supportive manager Joey thought he needed. He ended up returning to Estelle and the two never mentioned it again. At the time there were a lot of changes dropped in Joey's lap.

Monica and Chandler were moving and the stress of all that change was getting to Joey. Phoebe decided to soften the blow of Estelle's death by posing as his agent herself!

For a small period of time, Joey actually thought his agent was calling him from beyond the grave.