Birth order and love relationship

Effect of Birth Order on Relationships

birth order and love relationship

Who you should marry based on your birth order in the Journal of Marriage and Family that evaluated the relationship quality of business. Birth order experts share how oldest, middle, youngest and only on your adult relationships than birth order ― and any match can go the. "Birth order has been found to influence character and personality in does your specific birth order influence your romantic relationships?.

Why You Are the Way You Are has described in detail how numerous factors such as sex of child, parental styles, number of years by which children are separated, genes, etc. Nonetheless, it would be still interesting to know how birth order affects your love life.

How Birth Order Affects Marriages The study of effect of birth order on human relationships was done at various levels such as, same-sex friendships, opposite sex friendships and opposite sex romantic relationships.

It was found that the influence of birth order on successful friendships and romantic relationships was negligible.

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However, unsuccessful romantic relationships were greatly afflicted by birth order of partners. As evident from the above personality traits, each of these individuals are likely to respond in a different manner when in a relationship. Firstborns tend to be more responsible and authoritative in a relationship. However, as they have been 'dethroned' in their life, there exists a sense of insecurity regarding their partners loyalty.

Middle children always have to cope up with the more powerful elder siblings as well as attention seeking younger sibling. Hence, they have a feeling of being unloved and uncared for, which culminates into a state of indecisiveness and insecurity, either of which can be detrimental for a relationship.

Youngest children are used to all the attention and adulation from parents as well as elder siblings. They are often dependent on others to do their bidding.

Naturally, they start expecting their partner to assume a role of a primary caregiver, once in a relationship.

Who you should marry based on your birth order

Needless to say, this attitude can damage the very foundation of a relationship. Certain combinations of birth orders are favorable for successful relationships while others may cause friction. According to Leman's research, same order relationships are found to be least favorable. Marriage between two oldest order individuals turns into a lifelong power struggle, whereas two middle-birth-order individuals in a relationship, may experience a great void due to lack of communication in an attempt to avoid conflicts, a tendency which naturally comes to middle order children.

However, the worst pairing is that of two youngest order individuals. As both of them lack the maturity required in a relationship, their match turns out to be extremely volatile.

birth order and love relationship

Some of the ideal matches based on the order of birth are marriages between female firstborn and youngest male, male firstborn and female last-born with elder brother sonly female with youngest male with elder sister s and only male with youngest female with elder brother s.

The following compatibility chart should give you a detailed information on ideal and worst matches based on birth order. Birth Order Compatibility Knowing the most compatible birth order for you, can help you avoid friction in your relationship.

It will also help you to understand your partner in a better way, if you end up with a 'not-so-ideal' match.

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The first born is used to taking care of matters and getting things done while the last born is used to being taken care of. They will complement one another as the first born teaches the last born how to be more responsible while the last born teaches the first born how to loosen up once in a while and have fun. Middle born with middle born There are two types of middle borns: If both choose not to talk honestly about how they feel and let things build up and fester inside, neither partner will be able to learn and grow from each other.

In order for a relationship between two middle borns to work, both individuals have to be open about communication and see conflict not as the end of something, but as an opportunity to grow.

Middle born with last born The middle born with the last born is not a bad match. This can be especially true if the middle born identifies as a loner type and the last born is a social butterfly who can complement one another. However, if the middle born has a big age gap in their birth order with a much younger sibling, the middle born may have traits a last born typically possesses. This is because when the sibling age gap is 5 years or more, the cycle starts all over again.

If the middle born does exhibit traits similar to the last born, then there will be power struggles.

7 Ways Birth Order Affects Your Romantic Relationships

For this relationship to work, both partners have to be willing to compromise. Last born with last born When two last borns come together in a relationship, it can seem fun and exhilarating, because both are carefree, happy-go-lucky risk takers.

birth order and love relationship

However, this can also easily translate into a disaster. Similar to how quickly the sparks can fly between these two lovers, a head-on collision can happen just as fast. Both may avoid taking any responsibilities when reality sets in because they care more about playing than the work component.

In order for this relationship to work, both partners have to step up to the plate and make decisions together. Only children with anyone Many people think that only children often exhibit the responsible, go-getter traits of a first born. However, only children can take on the attention-seeking traits of a last born, too.