Black butler ciel and sebastian relationship

5 reasons why Ciel x Sebastian have the best master-servant relationship

black butler ciel and sebastian relationship

Yana Toboso (writer and illustrator of the manga), though she can't actually make Ciel and Sebastian have a romance in the manga, illustrates. Once you finish the second season you can tell how mean Ciel can be to Sebastian, but I won't explain just 'cause I don't want to spoil. First, it is highly unlikely that Sebastian is capable of what is humanly considered “love”. My evidence? Do you want to learn more about a current relationship? If you're curious and In Black Butler, why is Ciel Phantomhive put in a dress?.

That doesn't change the fact that Ciel kills without regrets, following a logic that only he himself can understand. What's more, he is just as cold as Sebastian. There are moment when he shows a little bit of his emotions, but then again he hardens and goes on.

The Relationship of Ciel and Sebastian | Black Butler Amino

Ciel is like an old cynical man hardened by the time, and yet he is still so young. So he is just the perfect match for Sebastian, who can maneuver Ciel the way he likes. The third reason takes us directly to the fourth. Let us explain this. Sebastian is bound to be loyal to Ciel, and accomplishes every single thing Ciel asks, even when it's all about Ciel's tantrum.

Black Butler

Looking closely, though, it's impossible not to notice how much Ciel relies on Sebastian. Not just as a butler, of course, but even when it's about important decision. That's probably one of the few moments where Ciel shows a little his actual age. Sebastian doesn't have to struggle to deviate Ciel's mind, they just find themselves thinking the same. Ciel asks for Sebastian's advice, and their thoughts strangely seem to correspond. When they don't, it's all up to Sebastian to give a little push that will make Ciel take the decision his butler wants him to take.

black butler ciel and sebastian relationship

So the truth is that even though the master is Ciel, the real master moving behind the scenes is Sebastian. He swore, by contract, to help Ciel finding the culprits who killed their parents, so he will put all his efforts to accomplish his duty and eat Ciel's soul in the end.

It's a fair price to pay, letting Ciel think that he is the master! Another undeniable truth is that Ciel couldn't do anything without Sebastian. It's not only about cooking food, or ironing the newspapers, or even dressing up. The thing is is that Ciel is a strategist, and very clever. When it comes to more practical stuff, though, he is totally clumsy.

Let's not forget how he can't dance, or even peel two or three potatoes. That's why, Ciel needs Sebastian, because only Sebastian can reach the perfection that the Earl of the Phantomhive longs for.

Even though, in the beginning, he simply formed a contract with Ciel like he would have done with anyone else, later on things change. Sebastian slowly grows curious about human nature, and Ciel is a perfect example that says how human being can be so corrupted, mean and yet so fragile. So as they pass their time together, Sebastian enjoys observing and studying human nature, not actually understanding it, but realizing how human can be more devilish than actual demons.

It's impossible to forget how, at the end of the Book of Circus series, Sebastian found himself surprised at Ciel's reaction.

Ciel and Sebastian Relationship

After realizing that the Circus members were sacrificing themselves to guarantee money to their little siblings in an orphanage that was destroyed years before, he burst into laughter.

Sebastian thought, for a brief moment, that Ciel was crying, since it would have been the natural reaction of a normal person. Ciel managed to surprise Sebastian, making him think once again how ample and various human nature actually is.

Ciel's laughter signed just how perfectly they fit each other. Final Thoughts These five reasons show how Ciel and Sebastian are perfect for each other.

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We could even say that they basically complete each other, even though their nature is different. Their relationship is the perfect master-servant relationship where the servant is prone to help his master no matter what, even though it's just because of a contract.

What's more, here the servant's nature only guarantee us a little more spice, seeing how tricky Sebastian can get and how he enjoys putting his master into dangerous situations, just to save him at the last moment.

What do you think about this couple? Aren't they wicked and intriguing together?

black butler ciel and sebastian relationship

Let us know what you think in the comments below! Based on their exchanged dialogue and interactions with each other, I'm sure it did become fairly clear that Sebastian is Ciel's pawn, and Ciel is Sebastian's dinner. That is after all the whole purpose of the contract. Ciel gets his revenge, and Sebastian gets to claim his soul. They both get what they wanted. But as an intuitive individual, I can't help but find a deeper meaning than what is presented through dialogue. Now I do altogether believe that is the core of their relationship and everything that is what founded on.

I do also believe that Ciel began to form at least a slight emotional connection to his demon butler. If not that, I can't deny the extreme trust he puts into Sebastian.

black butler ciel and sebastian relationship

In Sebastian's perspective or standpoint, he processes an ever growing respect for his young master. I mean Ciel is absolutely brilliant for a young teenager. Not to mention, I believe Ciel to be a truly damaged and twisted individual.