Blues and bullets ending relationship

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blues and bullets ending relationship

"The blues," he would later write, "was bleeding the same blood as me. . Their marriage, while it lasted, was lived on the road. her way home this time last year when the shooting started and a bullet hit her right in the head. . BB King ends our interview with an observation that hallmarks true greatness. A review of Blues and Bullets for the PS4 by That VideoGame Blog. Plot. In Blues and Bullets, you follow Eliot Ness, the famous American Each episode explores the intertwining relationship between Ness and Capone. It even ends with that slow-pan around CGI statues sequence from the Avengers movies' credits. Blues & Bullets is in love with pop culture.

This take on the leader of the famed Untouchables who brought down Chicago gangland boss Al Capone is different from anything seen before.

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Instead of taking out old Scarface with a tax case, Ness wound the case down with a Schwarzeneggerian shootout, slaughtering a dozen or more mobsters single-handedly while so drunk he could barely stand up. All this is complicated by the fact that Capone has just been paroled and is asking his old nemesis to help find his daughter, who has been kidnapped by a sinister cult that is abducting, mutilating, and sometimes slaughtering little kids.

Blues and Bullets bleeds neo-noir style reminiscent of the Sin City movies. And not just because of the red slashes on the otherwise black-and-white scenery. I eventually came to appreciate this bizarre new angle on characters I thought I knew, although I never completely abandoned the notion that all this messing with history was sort of unnecessary.

This version of Ness only shares a name with the real person, and the same goes for Capone.

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Swapping out Chicago for Santa Esperanza is also an odd choice given the use of real names for the lead characters. Why not go one way or the other? Doing both makes the whole story feel somewhat off-kilter, for no real purpose. Added alt-history weirdness creates a surreal mish-mash.

Strange concepts are tossed in for kicks, like the apparent survival of the Hindenburg and its subsequent renovation into a luxury hotel in the clouds.

I was never sure what to think here. This is more of a traditional adventure game than what Telltale produces, for example. Many choices influence the flow of the story, and dialogue options run a gamut of emotions that subtly alter how interactions play out with other characters.

There is also more of a necessity to explore environments. Ness puts clues together on a deduction board that leads him to conclusions. The shooting events consists of taking cover and shooting at enemies, and sometimes it allows you to change cover or use a different weapon besides the trusty handgun.

It also has some quick-time events, where you have to press certain buttons at a certain time in order to not die or lose. Just like the crime solving events, the shooting events are quite easy and gives the player a lot of leeway in taking hits before dying. The developers really took an artistic direction by having the whole game in black and white and kept all the shades of red.

blues and bullets ending relationship

It is a very cool concept and the deep tones of red pop in certain scenes, however, the color scheme does hinder the gameplay in certain aspects. This is particularly true in the shooting scenes, where a fine red circle is used as the targeting mechanic, and oftentimes, the target blends in with the background so well that you cannot see where you are shooting at.

blues and bullets ending relationship

The color choices, while I certainly think is cool, may not appeal to everyone; fortunately, the game is episodic, so you can at least try out the first episode, get a sense of how it plays and how it looks, and decide from there whether you want the full experience.

This review is based on a retail copy of the game provided by the publisher.

Blues and Bullets: Review of a Dead Game

Whatever you choose, the characters you interact with respond accordingly. Early on in a scene in the diner, one of your former co-workers is hassling you about his burger taking too long. From the manner this guy talks you can tell he is an asshole. He asks Ness to go easy on the chilli sauce and as you prepare the burger, the game prompts you to ask if you want to add some sauce to the burger. And then some more. Maybe there should be some more? It is kind of funny but it can also be sad.

As the police officer leaves, whether you spiced his burger or not, Ness can respond in different ways.

Wot I Think: Blues and Bullets

The game does not tell you what Ness will say, but instead will give you an adjective — friendly, angry, reserved? Play it angry, and it looks like these two have some bad blood between them, maybe they have never liked each other, or maybe something happened between them.

blues and bullets episode 1 The End of Peace

Respond friendly, and these two are awkward colleagues who tease each other. The dialogue system defined the way the relationship was between Ness and the police officer and you can interpret it as much as you want. It takes the Telltale formula and throws a lot of stuff in it — elaborate sets, investigations, shoot-outs.

The content of the game is almost as diverse as the story and setting. The setting was intriguing and I broke my rule of staying away and I was rewarded with a very good, sometimes awkward, and stylish as hell narrative game.

blues and bullets ending relationship

I also rewarded myself with a game that will never be finished. Although there was never an official statement saying that the studio closed down, Internet sleuthing revealed that the company was slowly losing its key staff. This not only drew resources away from completing the other chapters, but it delayed the release of chapter two.

There was a year between the first and second episode as well, which is a lot of time for fans to maintain interest. A Crowd of Monsters did a few unusual, if not controversial, things with Blues and Bullets.

blues and bullets ending relationship

The first was to offer a season pass. Customers who got the pass paid a higher price up front but would get access to all future episodes.