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Joo Won and BoA break up after about a year of dating | allkpop

BoA appeared on SBS radio program 'Park So Hyun's Love Game' on May 20 to talk about the veteran singer was asked to show a. Label-mates for over a decade, BoA and Yunho have a connection like no other. As two of the original trainees of SM, it's clear they've went. Yunho (in his video message to Boa) said “When we have time, let's go out for a Plus, we're the same age, so we have a great relationship,”.

10 Times BoA & Yunho Made You Wonder If They're MORE Than Friends

Я плачу вам за то, чтобы вы следили за отчетностью и обслуживали сотрудников, а не шпионили за моим заместителем. Если бы не он, мы бы до сих пор взламывали шифры с помощью карандаша и бумаги.

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