Bones fanfiction booth and brennan secret relationship

The Change in the Relationship, a bones fanfic | FanFiction

bones fanfiction booth and brennan secret relationship

Driven apart by Hannah, Brennan shows up at Booth's apartment one night . But since they didn't have that sort of relationship anymore he. The Secret. Booth sat back against the couch cushions and took a swig of his beer. Brennan was still eating slowly, gaze fixed on a point on the. Fluffy story of Booth and Brennan together in an established, but secret relationship, and away on an FBI partners' retreat. Fluffy, no angst.

She hadn't even told her husband. Booth and Brennan thought it would be best to keep everything under wraps so they could explore their relationship without the poking and prodding from their friends and co-workers. Today they would go to the summer picnic that the Jeffersonian had planned for the employees. This would be where they would break the news to everyone. Instead of actually telling them, they wanted to see if anyone caught on to the little things.

They approached the blanket where everyone was seated. The whole team was there, including Sweets. All of them were wrapped up in conversation with one another, and wondering why Booth and Brennan hadn't made an appearance yet.

As the happy couple approached their friends, they were holding hands with their fingers entwined. Angela saw them approach and squealed in delight. Surprisingly, nobody noticed the entwined hands of the anthropologist and FBI agent. Either that or they didn't mention it. Brennan started to get a little nervous.

Would everyone approve of their relationship? Booth must have sensed her unease, because he chose that moment to squeeze her hand in reassurance. That's when it happened. Sweets' eyes went wide.

Everyone's eyes flew to where Sweets was looking. Cam was the next to speak. Now that the cat's out of the bag I can finally express my happiness to you guys publicly! And you didn't tell me? That shocked everyone into a stunned silence, Angela included. Then, if it was even possible, Angela gave a shriek to end all shrieks.

Booth and Brennan both had to cover their ears. All eyes flew to her stomach. Brennan had been starting to get a slightly rounded belly as of late, but she concealed it with loose fitting tops. Brennan's hand flew to her stomach subconsciously. After they had eaten their picnic lunch, Angela passed out caramel apples to everyone.

Once the caramel apples had been eaten, everyone decided it was time to walk around and mingle with people attending the picnic. Booth and Brennan were the exception. They decided to lounge around on the picnic blanket and enjoy being able to show their affections for each other in a more public setting.

They made themselves comfortable on their backs watching the parade of hot air balloons floating by above them.

Their time alone on the blanket was interrupted when suddenly Booth was ferociously attacked by the tongue of a Jack Russell Terrier puppy. He laughed and sat up. The black and white spotted puppy had a black head with brown eyebrows and markings around his ears and neck. He resembled a miniature Blue Heeler pup with his peculiar markings. Booth petted the pup eagerly as Brennan reached over to pat him on his head.

He shook his head at her and smirked back. He reached for the dog collar and flipped over the tag to read the name Ash on one side. Protectively he led her to his apartment. She leaned into him. To balance her he reached across himself and settled his other hand on her waist. This was the most affection she'd seen from him in a long time. Not since Hannah had entered their lives.

And certainly not since she'd left him. They climbed up several sets of stairs until they reached his front door. It'd been left open, which again Brennan found strange. Just what had he seen in her that had caused so much panic? Maybe if her head didn't feel as though it were filled with cotton… maybe if she could think straight… He eased her down onto his sofa. Then he bent before her.

If nothing else use my blow dryer and dry your hair. I'll see if I can't find something for you to change into. Her eyes drifted to the door. I don't think so. I'm not letting you go anywhere tonight. He'd never seen her in such a state. He was half tempted to call Sweets once she was locked away in his bathroom. Normally she'd argue with him. Her fierce sense of independence was something he'd always loved and respected about her. But whomever this was in front of him was a nothing more than a mere ghostly shadow of his partner.

She tried to stand up, only to land back down onto the sofa cushion. He checked on her one last time before going. Fearfully his heart pounded like a bongo drum.

bones fanfiction booth and brennan secret relationship

What had happened to her? He'd never in all the years he'd been around her seen her like this. Whether she knew it or not she had obviously sought him out for a reason.

Why else had she been pacing the block outside his apartment? In the tub he turned on the faucet. Warm water began filling the porcelain basin.

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While it ran he went back for her. Just as before he had to support her. Outside the tub she managed to stand long enough to attempt to wiggle out from her clothes. The fabric refused to move from her body. Booth found himself reaching in to help. Over her head he gently removed the sweat shirt she'd been wearing.

Don't stare at her don't stare at her don't stare at her. He directed his eyes up to the ceiling and tried very hard to ignore the fact that she was half naked right besides him. Uh, if you need anything else, just yell. Brennan finished undressing herself and eased her body into the tub. The warm water greeted her like an old friend. She laid back, burying herself deep underneath a blanket of bubbles. In the privacy of Booth's bathroom she let herself go.

A few tears fell from her eyes. She was done with it. Sharp pain started penetrating through the numbness. It felt like a dagger to her heart. More tears cried out, falling steadier until her body shook softly with the effort of her emotion.

The Secret Chapter 1, a bones fanfic | FanFiction

Still, she made no sound. The bathroom door opened slightly. Booth quietly tip toed in. He noticed Brennan's tears before anything else. Badly he wanted to reach out and console her. He wanted to hold her and dry those tears away. But since they didn't have that sort of relationship anymore he wouldn't cross the line.

Instead he left one of his shirts for her on the edge of his sink. Then he left undetected. It was some time before Brennan crawled out.

She dried herself with a bath towel. In a smaller one she wrapped up her hair, which she'd scrubbed with some of Booth's shampoo.

bones fanfiction booth and brennan secret relationship

She realized later she'd end up smelling like him. But for tonight that was fine.

Over her shoulders she pulled on his shirt. There were no shorts or pajama bottoms; nothing else to go along with it. Everything he had was bound to be too big on her.

bones fanfiction booth and brennan secret relationship