Brian williams and jon stewart relationship questions

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brian williams and jon stewart relationship questions

Brian Williams Case Raises Fundamental Questions About An Anchor's Role SCARBOROUGH: Because of his close relationship with Steve Burke. even persevered through the age of Ron Burgundy and Jon Stewart. Brian Williams Opens Up About His Unexpected Re-Invention: “Second where Williams was reluctantly answering my questions about, among . he repeatedly looked down the row to fellow Jersey boy Jon Stewart to see if. Brian Stelter surfaces on “The Daily Show,” eliciting a “brief moment of he can joke away the questions and insist it is not his role to explain his I think he was soft on his friends (Bill O'Reilly, Brian Williams), and I tend to.

brian williams and jon stewart relationship questions

He liked talking at his guests and scoring points far more than listening to them and again, he was noticeably more skeptical and critical of conservatives than of liberals. His interviews with celebs promoting their latest movie or TV project were really no less fawning than the smarmiest TV entertainment-promotion program.

brian williams and jon stewart relationship questions

Pretty obvious, but satire and comedy provide a lot more opportunities for exaggeration than reporting a bunch of boring old facts. He elevated the standard in media criticism only insofar as he showed it could be funny and entertaining and thus for mass consumption. He made many people aware of, and prompted them to think about, what the news media does. Tracie Powell, Founder of AllDigitocracy. He, oftentimes, found really clear ways to cut through the bull that all too often stymies journalists.

So he was able to tell it like it is. Exiting the stage too soon. Donald Trump is a front-runner for the Republican Party.

Jon Stewart, Bill O'Reilly Take on the Brian Williams Scandal

I mean, not even Stewart can make up stuff this good. Not bad enough to leave a scar, but it still hurt a teeny, weeny bit. As a white male, Stewart is privileged to be able to say a lot of things I, as a black woman journalist, cannot say.

Now you have all of these followers in his footsteps, both black, white, Muslim, women. Really good comedians that Stewart has groomed. Those who have their own shows now, and have moved on to network shows. Stewart definitely opened the door for viewers to hear criticism from more diverse perspectives: Trevor Noah is a black South African. It took Saturday Night Live decades to put black women on the show: But Jessica Williams, that girl is as hilarious and honest as her mentor.

So did Stewart elevate the standard? News media could stand to learn a lot from Jon Stewart when it comes to diversity. He actually showed media that diversity is just as good, and just as funny, and a whole lot more relevant and interesting than the same old white man sitting behind an anchor desk, real or fake.

He was a spectacular media critic — and brutal, and insightful, and I think quite often constructive. Most critics are preoccupied with opinion, rightly so, and he has been as well, but I certainly think he had a sense of how facts should be conveyed and stories reported.

He understood, I think, the fundamental basis of good journalism — getting facts and getting balance. Stewart is a comedian foremost, and so his interests were and very much remain in the primacy of the joke. FNC simply became the go to joke, day after day, year after year. There was plenty of other nonsense going on elsewhere, but his fixation on Fox occasionally obscured that.

Who will replace Jon Stewart on the Daily Show?

Yes — especially with language. But the effortlessness of these acts masks the fact that they are learned behaviors. Lauren Berlant, who has written extensively about the political history of emotions in the United States, argues that such responses become so pervasive and automatic that we mistake their origins.

Indeed, he explained his wrongdoings in terms of bewildered appreciation. What may be upsetting us is his very visible failure to perform what many see as the purest expression of good citizenship — thanking the military. The ironies of our public indignation The widespread indignation at Williams is deeply ironic.

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We are anguished at the thought that Williams might have obscured or fudged a bit of the historical record from the war in Iraq. But we inhabit a media landscape flush with mythologized depictions of the military. These often romanticize it at the expense of stories that convey the messiness, complexity, and inscrutability of militarized violence.

brian williams and jon stewart relationship questions

Organizations like Got Your 6 are beginning to partner with the entertainment industry to promote fuller, more accurate representations. In so doing, however, they have to override familiar, cliched, and eminently marketable images of either the soldier as fearless, infallible hero or the veteran as traumatized, incapacitated victim. At the same time as the profusion of gratitude transforms tangled relationships of indebtedness into a vague obligation to thank uniformed strangers, military personnel and their families are laboring under the continual threat of cuts to jobs, benefits and income because of our federal budget problems.

This upwelling of gratitude for the troops comes at a time of profound and widening separation between the military and civilians. Military service is voluntary: Ultimately, all of this reveals that our fantasy of, and professed gratitude for, the military is only minimally concerned with the people who actually fill its ranks.