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A page for describing Recap: Burn Notice S 1 E 7 Broken Rules. Fiona pulls up in a stolen car with illegal weapons in the trunk, just as sirens Instead, Michael asks money-launderer Barry to set up a surprise business relationship between Michael and Bly. . Secret Test of Character: Concha told Diego to kill Michael. Michael and Fiona have a lot on their hands on Burn Notice. Their relationship has transcended levels of intimacy that neither of them has It definitely tests your integrity and humility at every degree, but it's always fun to. Michael Westen: [whispering] I can't tell you if you keep choking me. Michael Westen: Fiona likes to test relationships with the emotional equivalent of artillery .

Make them come to you. It's a big part of the job for a covert operative, but it's never pleasant It's not so much the fear of death that bothers you, it's driving to the meet with a bag over your head. Sometimes they wash the bag, sometimes they don't. It's tough to compromise a well thought out security system, but making someone think you can compromise it, well, that's much easier.

Take surveillance cameras, for example, you can disable one by shooting a laser at it and overloading the light-sensitive chip. Cheap, easy, and exactly the sort of thing a sophisticated criminal gang, with lots of resources, would do. Leave around some tell-tale signs of surveillance like cigarette butts, a forgotten camera lens cap, and the more security there is, the more likely they are to think they've got a very serious problem.

Even the security team itself can be an opportunity. The more employees you have, the more you have to worry about. For the cost of a nice dinner, you can get a whole security team canned. That paranoia can be useful But those very systems make you predictable.

Where will you take your valuables? A bank you trust.

Michael Westen: Fiona likes to test relationships with the emotional equivalent of artillery fire.

How are you going to get there? With armed men in a big SUV. When will you go? When the bank is least crowded. All good procedure; all one hundred percent predictable. Shoot out a few video security cameras. Block off the street with a stolen car, like they're preparing an escape route. Fire up a spark-gap transmitter to kill the security radios at the bank, and they'll really look like they know what they're doing.

Actually, I have a little errand to run first. It'll only take a second. I thought it would be fun! I got a tip about an hour ago that he's staying at the Victor. Fi, I got a feeling this guy's not gonna survive on the lam. You've been talking to Fi. If by "talking" to Fi, you mean "listening" to Fi, yeah. I know a few Iranians who are coming into town.

Ooh, let's avoid people who use "Michael Westen" and "jihad" in the same sentence. You're gonna take point on this deal. My Libyan just showed up. Fine, but from now on, no cover IDs that involve turning down twenty-year-old Scotch! I've got the FBI on my front lawn!

Well, welcome to my world. Can we do it without the head bag? He says, "It's a new job, not a new life.

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I like my life. And I want to live it with you, here. However, Fiona decides that she has had enough of Anson and that she cannot let him continue manipulating Michael and decides to turn herself in, and Michael watches in agony as the love of his life goes to jail. With Fiona in jail, this leaves Michael a chance so he can take down Anson, once and for all.

Fiona is taken into custody for the deaths of the security guards in the British Consulate. In the first episode of season 6, she is interrogated by Agent Bly. He offers her a deal: In the season 6 episode "Shockwave", she is released from prison after signing Agent Bly's contract to become an official CIA asset. After Agent Pearce's reassignment to Mumbai, Agents Bailey and Manaro are requiring Fiona to fulfill the contractual obligation of her release or return to prison.

Michael will not allow Fiona to do Bailey and Manaro's mission alone. After forcing Bailey and Manaro to trust in Fiona's skills, Michael provides the distraction needed to allow Fiona to finish the mission and thus manipulating Bailey and Manaro to "lose" Fiona's contract.

As the team fights for a way out of Miami to save themselves, Fiona and Michael begin struggling to save their relationship. In Panama, Michael promised Fiona that when his name is clear, he is out of the agency. At the end of the season, the team is in a CIA prison. When they are released, Michael is giving orders to other agents. When Fiona confronts him, he states he did what needed to be done, but Fiona's response is he did what he wanted. She withdraws from Michael's reach in tears.

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He broke his promise. In season 7 their relationship takes a turn for the worse.

Burn Notice - Michael and Fiona: "The Rose"

After nearly nine months of not seeing each other Fiona and Michael finally come face to face. After Fiona was kidnapped, Michael started remembering the time they met in Ireland. Michael arrives at the place where Fiona is being held captive, there he remembers that back in Ireland, Fi told him a story, she said that her father would tell her to be brave. Before hanging up on her Michael told Fiona: After saving her life, she gave him a kiss on the cheek, the Irish way of breaking up.

Fiona is later arrested where she learns that Michael saved her and the gang from going to jail. It is here where she realized she made a mistake, in breaking up with him and for doubting him. Carlos, Fiona's "new" boyfriend breaks up with her because he sees that Fiona still loves Michael and that he will always be the love of her life.

In the penultimate episode "Sea Change" Fiona puts a tracker in Michael's gun and the team learns that Michael is about to betray the CIA, Jesse tells the team that Michael is not the same and that he is lost. Fiona tells the team that if they don't stop him, "there won't be a [Michael Westen] left to save".

Fiona heads to the roof where Sonya threatens to kill her in front of Michael, a shot is heard and the screen goes black. Michael goes to his mom's house and Madeline asks Michael if he is coming to Charlie's birthday party.

Michael says he is not sure but Madeline tells Michael that Charlie wanted him there. Michael and Fiona are captured by James' men and Madeline tells Michael that she has to make the ultimate sacrifice saying, "Sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Fiona asks "should we shoot them? A battle of guns ensues and Michael tells Fiona he wants to live more than he ever has.

Burn Notice’s Fiona kicks ass

Apparently Michael and Fiona die in the explosion. It is later shown through flashbacks that they survived. After Sam wishes luck on Michael, Jesse and Sam leave. The next scene shows what appears to be a cottage in Ireland. Fiona is seen getting hot chocolate and Charlie is asleep in Michael's lap. Michael asks Fiona what he will tell Charlie when he is older. Fiona asks about what and Michael tells her "about me" Fiona tells him to tell Charlie the truth.

Michael asks where would he start and Fiona tells him "start from the beginning. Start with 'my name is Michael Westen, I used to be a spy". Michael smiles, and he and Fiona kiss, Fiona raising Charlie as if he was her own and living happily ever after in Ireland. Sam[ edit ] At some point in the past, Sam Axe foiled an attempt by Fiona to sell a large shipment of weapons to a Libyan arms dealer, costing her a considerable sum of money. Upon being reacquainted with him in Miami, she was at first understandably very hostile towards him, often making disparaging remarks about him and belittling him for being under the thumb of the Feds.

After working together on several jobs, she began to mellow towards Sam and even admitted that she admired the loyalty that he displayed for his friends. Sam has been known to ask Fiona for advice regarding his relationships with women. Though she and Sam will occasionally be rivals for Michael's attention, there is no real hostility between them anymore; and they now share a committed, if antagonistic, friendship.

Though neither likes to admit it, they work well as a team, as Michael has pointed out. They have also demonstrated a willingness to risk life and limb for one another, as Fiona helped Michael rescue Sam from a vicious drug lord at the end of Season 1; and Sam likewise helped Michael save Fiona from O'Neill's clutches.

Sam confessed that he felt sad when he thought Fiona would be returning to Ireland. The two of them will still trade barbs, though their verbal sparring now takes the form of playful teasing.