Cagatay ulusoy and hazal kaya relationship

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cagatay ulusoy and hazal kaya relationship

Çagatay Ulusoy relationship list. Çagatay right now? Duygu Sarisin is dating Çagatay Ulusoyview relationship . hi h see you tvshow you and hazal kaya. Hazal Kaya and Cagatay Ulusoy Love Affairs and Relationship, Career. According to Girlfriend Hazal Kaya and boyfriend Cagatay Ulusoy. Hazal Kaya is one of the highest paid actresses in Turkey. her partner but rumors are flying high that Kaya and Atay's relationship is in a brink of collapsing. The actress has also been linked with actor Cagatay Ulusoy but.

What's going on between Hazal Kaya and her boyfriend Ali Atay? Are they still dating?

Our people try to marry the couples they watch in series in real life too. People are very curious about this secret and sometimes open relations of actors in real life.

I decided to write about the series couple bceause about most of them many lieas are going around. I had the chance to see some of them from close. I know people who are all day with them, Of course not all but I will write what I kow. First I wanted to start from Hazal Kaya and Cagatay ulusoy because they became the most special but unfortunately the couple which was mostly exposed to lies and speculations.

cagatay ulusoy and hazal kaya relationship

Let me tell you first that most of the time those who talk about this duo run after benefit and they serve to a group of those who by saying that these two have a bad relation want to cause a chaos. The primary way to provoke fans is releasing the gossip that they don't get on well.

Adini feriha Koydum was a weird series.

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There were young actors who remained between jackals and wolves. They were hurt even by the silence of the young actors. Many Turkish media reported that the actress was turning down almost every role she was being offered just because of her boyfriend Ali Atay.

cagatay ulusoy and hazal kaya relationship

The hot beauty, aged 24, who shot to fame with her role in "Adini Feriha Koydum", was said to have turned down offers as her singer and actor beau launched a company named Adal Film and ventured into direction.

So it seemed natural for the actress to take part in his project. Many sources have claimed that the love flames have split and they are no longer together.

The speculations surfaced at the end of last year when the actress and her boyfriend were not seen together at the premiere night of her movie, "Itirazim Var".

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The Turkish beauty attended the event alone and her lover was not there to support her. But sources claimed that he was in Macedonia for his new movie and was seen attending a party organized by some students. And the gossipmongers questioned how was he able to attend a party if he was too busy to accompany his lady love on her important night.

It was rumored that the couple were seen fighting in a bar, so several people believed that they might have already broken up. It is hard to resist the divine beauty of Hazal Kaya.

Hazal Kaya and Cagatay Ulusoy Date, Pesonal Life, Net Worth and Affairs

Her sensual beauty and her green eyes have attracted hundreds and thousands of people towards her. There would be hardly anyone in this world who would not fall in love with this beautiful actress.

cagatay ulusoy and hazal kaya relationship

She looks like a pure Goddess who has come to the earth to enlighten our life with her charm. So it would not be surprising to say that the talented and sexy lady has countless admirers.

cagatay ulusoy and hazal kaya relationship

There are many who would just die to be with her and there are a few lucky ones for whom the actress herself fallen.