Citizen relationship and urban management plan

citizen relationship and urban management plan

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Small tesserae in a grand mosaic

Today, the area boasts a rich biodiversity including several red-listed species and several ecosystem services contributing to ecological resilience, such as increased pollination and reduced CO2-emissions. The projects adopted a polycentric governance approach where several actors from different parts and layers of the city where involved.

In Edinburgh, UK, a community group called Granton Community Gardeners have operated ten gardens on local authority land for six years without government input. The group provides healthy and nutritious food, education, and an alternative to food banks for the most vulnerable. It also engages citizens from a wide range of ethnic and economic backgrounds to participate and exchange knowledge in farm-to-table projects.

citizen relationship and urban management plan

Hard work needed Andersson and his colleagues believe governance needs to involve a diversity of actors across multiple levels of decision-making.

This means an approach that is sensitive and attuned to the many different actors involved.

citizen relationship and urban management plan

It also means hard work: There is limited research on impacts of already existing approaches; experiences and insights that can point to the different benefits and forms of collaboration is very much needed to convince authorities and public bodies about the benefits of mosaic governance.

The diversity in blue lines between municipalsectors and active citizens signifies the diversity in this relationship, dependent on, for example needs and demands from different types of citizengroups related to the institutional diversity of how citizens self-organise.

citizen relationship and urban management plan

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citizen relationship and urban management plan

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citizen relationship and urban management plan

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