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Colombina is in love with another character in Commedia dell'arte called She has a strong relationship with the audience as she is the one. It was Caterina Biancolelli who, starting in , played Colombina Although Colombina attempts to help Isabella find a spouse, no marriage plans for. Collective Research on the Commedia Stock Character Columbina. Colombina The Maid of one of the Old Men or the wife of Arlecchino. Relationships She is always ready to help the Lovers, perhaps through natural sympathy with.

Magnifico is a merchant, a libidinous old man attracted to young women and especially attached to his money.

He constantly falls in love with impossible or inappropriate objects of desire such as servant girls or a female lover and he always pays the consequences. Zagna and Servetta Zanni "is stupid, yet he is a genius; he can't do the simplest of things, yet pulls off the impossible; he is the one who has to remedy the problem posed by the old man and all the problems that flow from there.

Fava Zagna "is the female version of Zanni. She has a huge nose, is ugly, has spikey, thick and hard hair and like zanni, she is concerned with sleep, love and food.

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Servetta "is the first professional manifestation of the actress. She is beautiful and she is unmasked. We see her in opera as Despina, Zerlina etc. Male and Female "young, beautiful, elegant, cultured and refined; the lover is inexpert in life; lovers love each other with grand, idealistic and ineffable passion. The interruption in the flow of feeling between them is unbearable, a pain that destroys them, that drives them mad. Capitano is a "boaster" and a "war hero" who speaks of his "conquests" in unheard of languages.

He is an imposter from the neighborhood who poses as Spanish or another, exotic foreigner, in order to make an impression. He brags of his valor, yet he becomes totally petrified at the mere mention of violence. He is Don Giovanni. The actor acquires the face modeled by the mask itself, along with the characteristics that the mask intends to express. You are always in the presence of the audience.

Work on archetypes is never lost. A great deal of misleading and incorrect information regarding Commedia is being taught by many enthusiastic, though misguided, teachers.

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Your good humor will inspire the same in your audience. Like Mozart, enjoy games and rhymes and riddles, stay in touch with your child spirit and study, explore and learn to love those irreverent Commedia archetypes.

All over England and America at this moment there are people trying to bring it back to life Then from time to time, someone emerges who is able to warm things up from within and the ossified shapes suddenly become filled with meaning and life Antonio Fava, the great Pulchinella of our day They evoke memory and often resonate for individual audience members in personal characteristics of people they have known. Commedia characters are never alone on the stage.

For them, the audience is always present, in all moments. Using these archetypes, Mozart understood that, in conjunction with his music, he could impress and speak to the imagination and spirit of his audience in a deeper and more meaningful way. Owed his origin both to Plautus9 and to the pompous Spanish officers who abounded in the Italy in those days. Brought to Italy, probably via strolling actors. In it was translated into Italian. Capitano character eventually influences Mozart's Don Giovanni.

Based on The Stone Guest Myth. Attending operas at la Scala, Milan and San Carlo, sight seeing, performing. In Milan, on December 26, at age 14, Mozart has his first public and critical operatic success with Mitridate, re di Ponto. She can read and write: She sings, dances captivates, but has gone beyond her entremetteuse origins to become a self-educated woman.

In this respect she is influenced by contact with Isabella, indeed it is difficult to see how the later could confide in anyone who did not share her outlook on life. The main difference between servette and zanni is that whereas Arlecchino thinks on his feet, Colombina uses her brain and thinks things through. Like Il Capitano she is a lone figure, capable of appearing solo.

Often, in fact, the prologue is entrusted to her. Although capricious and coquettish she is good at her job, careful with money, and will, with great reluctance, make an excellent housekeeper one day.


Although she is very sexually knowing she is sometimes a virgin, when it suits her. She is feminine, however it is usually an afterthought as her wit, sarcasm, and strength usually seem masucline in nature.

She appears almost if not before her name is called, always being on step ahead of her master. She finishes sentences for her master, which she sometimes uses in her favor. When a situation gets out of control, she becomes the dominant voice to put everyone and everything back in its place. She beats the male characters, sometimes even her master.