D gray man allen and road relationship quote

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d gray man allen and road relationship quote

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d gray man allen and road relationship quote

Personality Edit Allen usually portrays himself as a kind, generous, and very polite young man. He refuses to accept gifts of other that he estimates he didn't earn. Allen also has an unassuming and borderline naive appearance, despite the troubled life his master, Cross Marianforced him to live. Because of his Cursed Eye, which allows him to see the human souls bound to Akuma, Allen considers Akuma to be just as important to him as humans, swearing his left arm to saving Akuma and his right to saving humans.

Kanda believes him to be too idealistic for his own good and doesn't hesitate to tell him this, saying an Exorcist is simply a destroyer and that they'll never be anyone's savior, though Allen claims that they can be both, pushing him to be, as he once put it, "a destroyer that saves". Over time, Allen's personality has seen a shift. Several times, his "dark side", which is a result of him perfecting his poker skills to pay back Cross's debts, has shown itself, frequently shocking and scaring those around him.

He is an expert at cheating in poker, which is shown for the first time when he brought Tyki Mikk disguised as a human and his two friends down to their underwear without any of them noticing what he was up to. He has also begun using less formal speech around his close friends, something noted by and encouraged by Lenalee and Johnny Gill. The one person who can consistently make Allen break his polite mold is fellow Exorcist Yu Kanda.

Allen Walker

Their differing views but similar "darkness", as it is described by Noise Marielead to them conflicting and arguing almost constantly, sometimes over menial issues.

He also has a strong hatred for the Millennium Earl due to their history. As a child, Allen was abandoned by his family because of his 'abnormal' left arm and sold to a circus. He was taken in by Mana Walker, a retired circus clown and began travelling with him.

Mana later died, and the desperate Allen was tricked by the Millennium Earl into bringing him back.

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A furious Mana then cursed Allen, slashing at the left side of his face. Allen's arm, which is actually a piece of Innocence, then activated without his consent and started chasing after Mana.

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After Mana told Allen he loved him and begged to be destroyed, Allen's arm exorcised Mana's Akuma, killing him a second time. After this ordeal, Allen's hair turned white from shock, and his left eye is cursed to perpetually see the suffering souls bound within Akuma, leading to his decision to live for their sake. Abandoned by his parents, he was raised in a circus, where he meets Mana Walkera clown who adopts him when his contract with the circus expires.

Mana is revived as an Akuma demon and cuts Allen's left eye.

d gray man allen and road relationship quote

His left eye allows him to see the souls of Akuma. Exorcist General Cross Marian soon adopts Allen as a disciple.

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He fights the Millennium Earl, his army of Akuma and the Noah Family —a group of immortal humans who help the Earl and want to destroy the world. Allen and his friends fight the Noah while trying to escape. In his rematch with Tyki, Allen transforms his left arm into a sword that exorcises evil.

Lavi replies that he had been driven into a corner and made the best choice that he could and he begins to fade away. Keeping good on her promise, Road releases Lenalee and Chaozii from their prison.

d gray man allen and road relationship quote

As the exorcists regroup, Road's charred corpse suddenly begins to move, calling Allen's name before disintegrating. She watches Tyki dance with various women as she sits with her father, Sheril Kamelot. Road largely ignores the other Noah, instead playing in the garden, but playfully joins the conversation later.

When Tyki offhandedly remarks that he wants to cut his hair, she briefly throws a tantrum, saying that she likes his hair long, and hits him in the stomach. When Tyki grimaces, she becomes concerned that the wounds Allen gave him still hurt, but before the conversation can continue, her mother, Tricia Kamelotscolds her for her rudeness. When he makes note that Tyki's appearance is exactly as that of Nea 's, Road asks him to keep the observation to himself, as it is a family matter.

Road is first seen on the shoulder of the Earl in her doll form as he attacks the North American Branch. She informs him that Alma Karma is here [3] before they remind each other the incident with the 14th which causes the Earl to cry. She is later seen with the other Noahs in the main room just next to Wisely.

Road Kamelot

She remarks that he didn't need to damage his brain. She witnesses the salutation of the fourteenth through Allen's body and then Allen's declaration. Wisely tells her that Allen is rather interesting before she is stolen from him by Kanda.

d gray man allen and road relationship quote

When Yu Kanda initially denies that he is looking upon the comatose body of Alma Karmashe insists it is true, angering him to the point he uselessly attempts to kill her, only stopping with Allen's intervention. There she recovers her human form.