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Here's the definition(s) of ambiguous (from guiadeayuntamientos.info) Ambiguous: *open to I'm not a big fan of MU's or any type of ambiguous relationship. Since there is no real .. (sensya na, i express myself better in tagalog). divine. It'll become difficult to distinguish between who feels what and who is doing what. Loving someone that doesn't step up and 'meet' you in a mutual I'm done with that tis a new season of understanding new rules for. mutual. Play mu·tu·al. Use mutual in a sentence. adjective. The definition of mutual is something that goes both ways, such as when two people feel the same .

Три минуты! - послышался крик. - А сверхкритическая масса? - предложила Соши.

Teenage Tracks and Confessions: MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING

- Тут сказано, что сверхкритическая масса плутония составляет тридцать пять и две десятых фунта. - Вот именно! - крикнул Джабба.

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