Doctor and donna relationship quizzes

Doctor Who: Donna Noble Trivia Quiz - By Squiv10

doctor and donna relationship quizzes

caption id="attachment_" align="aligncenter" width=""] The companions: Amy, Rory, Donna, River, Martha, Rose and Clara (Pic: BBC)[/ caption]. Donna Noble was quite liked as a companion for the fact that she had more of a platonic relationship with The Doctor, something that wasn't. Matches 1 - 10 of 13 takers. This quiz is to see which Doctor you might be! Clara? Rose? Martha? Amy? Donna? Take this Quiz to find out!

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Both are witty, and both can be sarcastic Donna moreso than Twelve. I'd love to see these two characters together and I'm sure fans would too.

The ratings would go up as well, which is something the show desperately needs at the moment. Along with the story and show as a whole being positively impacted, it would be great to see two great friends platonic friends, thank goodness, I know we're all sick and tired of romance reunited again. Not everything would be hunky-dory from the start, but a big part of the fun would be to see the Doctor and Donna work through this to restore their old friendship.

To conclude, having Donna back on Doctor Who would not only benefit the show, but it would give the fans something exciting and entertaining to watch. Not a bad argument, if I do say so myself! Up next, the opposition. Should Donna Noble return? And believe me, this is no slight on the character.

With her hilarious comic timing, her emotionally literate portrayal and her easy dynamic with Tennant, Catherine Tate is one of the best companions ever, and definitely the best of the modern era. However, there are several cast-iron reasons why even she should remain firmly in the past. For a start, Doctor Who is all about change, and it must keep on pushing forward. Its current incarnation feels completely different to what it was inand while RTD could get away with bringing back the characters he had built up during his tenure - Moffat has done the same to an extent - it wouldn't feel right to yank back a companion from a totally disparate, yet recent, period.

What I mean by this is that while Sarah Jane and K-9 were successfully revived inthat was 30 years on from their original appearances. Just look at the attempt to bring back Sarah and K-9 injust two years since the latter had left the show - it failed spectacularly!

I'm sure we don't want that sort of thing to happen to our beloved Donna. Doctor Who simply can't afford to dwell on the past, and bring back a companion from a bygone time. It must continue to push forward and build up new reserves to draw on. A full-blooded television return for Donna Noble would not only reduce the still-lingering impression of her tragic departure, but also be detrimental to the programme itself. And a simple cameo would feel like the ones in The Five Doctors - tacked on and undermining to the character.

Donna's time is gone, and the best we can do to relive it is watch the DVDs and listen to Big Finish. Here's Cosmic, finishing us off! Donna Noble has been a bit of a controversial split between fans, and her return is something that would spark things up.

Question 9 Besides bowties, what does the 11th Doctor declare to be "cool"? He said that wearing clown shoes were cool, until he tripped in them. The Doctor said that multi-color jackets with matching pocket square are cool He said a fez is cool. He believed that suspenders were always what the important people wore.

Each Doctor has a unique style and dresses completely different from the others.

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One Doctor is remembered for wearing a very long scarf; the ninth Doctor wore a cool leather jacket; the tenth doctor was always wearing a long coat; the eleventh Doctor wore a bowtie because bowties are cool; and the twelfth Doctor is wearing a very hip jacket. What did the eleventh Doctor declare to also be cool?

doctor and donna relationship quizzes

Gallifrey was destroyed by a war with the Cybermen. For the first decade of the show, it was never mentioned where the Doctor came from. Later on, it was revealed that the Time Lords come from the planet of Gallifrey. It was later described as being located in the constellation of Kasterborous in a binary star system.

The planet was described as having a burnt orange sky. As the Doctor Who series progresses, more and more information about Gallifrey is revealed. Question 11 Who was the intended audience for the show when it was created? Doctor Who was created for those who love science fiction. Doctor Who was created for adults who enjoyed watching fantasy.

The show that so many have grown up with covers lots of subject matter. Doctor Who discusses topics of death, what it means to be alive, fear, hope, dreams, and overcoming obstacles. He is always getting himself out of situations, some of which he put himself into, by thinking and looking for the not so obvious solution. Who was the intended audience for the show when it was first created? Question 12 Daleks seek pleasure in create open dialogue between fighting parties.

Daleks exist for the sole desire to exterminate all non-Daleks.

doctor and donna relationship quizzes

Their purpose is to create a new order in the universe. In Doctor Who, Daleks want a peaceful overthrow of Earth. Daleks are the original Doctor Who adversary.

doctor and donna relationship quizzes

They have a very mechanical, metallic sounding voice. While their metal body armor may be strong, their eye proves a point of weakness as destroying its eye can make it go mad. Their eye is vital to their existence as that is who they shoot deadly laser beams.

What is their sole purpose to exist?

Stupid, dull and unsexy? Then you could be the next Doctor Who companion!

Question 13 What happened to Jack in the finale? He loses his leg, but is fitted with a prosthetic. Nearly dying, Jack realizes he never wants to travel with the Doctor again He falls in love with someone. He decides to stop traveling. He dies and is resurrected thereby making him immortal. He has a very flirtatious manner and performs daredevil action stunts.

When he meets the ninth Doctor, he is described as also being a time traveler from the 51st century. However, he eventually becomes stranded on nineteenth century Earth. He is able to reunite with the tenth Doctor and the adventures they take together give some backstory to the Captain. What happened to Jack in the finale? Question 14 Most of the episodes were accounted for inbut what happened to the missing episodes? The film was exposed to too much light causing the film to deteriorate.

There was a practice of wiping tapes and destroying extra copies. The film library where it was stored was ransacked and the episodes were stolen There was a big fire at the BBC archives so most of those episodes went torched Between the years of andepisodes of Doctor Who were filmed — 97 of those episodes are missing.

Many of the episodes featuring the first two Doctors are missing. So, there is not much actual footage of the original Doctor Who. There is no original footage from the s at all. What does exist are prints that were transferred to film. Most of the episodes were accounted for inbut what happened to the missing episodes?

Question 15 Why does the Doctor hate the Daleks? He hates them because he finds them very unfortunate looking. The Daleks tagline really bothers him therefore he hates them. The Daleks are responsible for the peace treaty that he wanted credit for.

The Daleks are pure evil and destroyed his home planet of Gallifrey. Every doctor has had his encounter with the Dalek. No matter how many times the Doctor tries to destroy the Dalek, they always find a way to continue and multiply.

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The newest doctor certainly had his run-ins with them. In the episode "Into the Dalek", the Doctor finds a damaged Dalek in a human resistance space ship. The Doctor teaches him about the universe and why he hates Daleks. The damaged Dalek takes on the mission to destroy other Daleks. Why does the Doctor hate the Daleks? They have two hearts because if one stops working they could still live. They have two livers which help their metabolism work so quickly. They have three lungs which is why they can hold their breath so much longer The have two gallbladders to help them process the food they eat better Time Lords bear a striking resemblance to humans.

It's all a bit murky.

doctor and donna relationship quizzes

Susan, played by Carole Ann Ford, traveled with the first Doctor William Hartnell for all of season one, plus a few eps in season two. She later returned for the 20th anniversary special.

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Wilfred loves space, mysteries, and is highly moral. Wilfred is instrumental in several big storylines, including those involving The Master.

Horribly, the alternate timeline of this event, found in the graphic novel, shows Ten allowing Wilfred to die in the reactor. For reasons we think are obvious, no one should ever read it. Who could blame her?

doctor and donna relationship quizzes

Mickey goes from regular guy to helper to fellow traveler in the time he spends with Ten David Tennant. While this was shocking for fans, it also makes a great kind of sense. He was built by Dr Marius during the reign of the fourth Doctor, used by Five and Ten, and a version of him traveled with a handful of companions like Leela and Sarah Jane Smith.

But hey, K-9 also had a laser, some kind of sonic gadgetry, sonar dealies for ears, and was as adorable and loyal as any other dog.