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Oct 30, princessnamora · Get to Know Me Meme: 6/11 TV Relationships - Josh Lyman and Donna Moss, The West Wing. You should be with me. May 17, believed, which is that Donna Moss and Josh Lyman were the best couple ever . two really did form the most important relationship of the whole show. when they were still "just friends" (using quotes because honestly. The West Wing ~ Janel Moloney as Donna Moss, Bradley Whitford as Josh Lyman. The West Wing 'The Short List' West Wing Quotes, Left Wing, Bagels .. “In our relationship, I was always the hotshot Washington kid who needed a lot.

I've got a candidate who doesn't trust any of them, and frankly neither do I. And if you think I don't miss you every day After she develops a blood clot and has to undergo emergency surgery, Josh comes into the ER before the procedure and assures her with a convincing false confidence that it's all going to be okay.

After having two Donna-centric conversations with Josh, Jack says he doesn't want to get "in between anything" by asking Donna out. Off of Josh's confusion, he says: Later, explaining to Donna why he shared what she finds to be embarrassing stories about her in his attempts to spark Jack's interest, he says "Those are good stories about you, though.

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Those stories would make me like you. This episode is also notable in its marking of a slight shift in the dynamics of the Josh-Donna relationship. At this point in the series, we've seen much more of Donna yearning for Josh as he dates others and Amy seriouslybut haven't really seen the tables turned. After Josh delivers that heartbreaker of a line, Donna does not react like a woman in love, as she does to similar comments in early episodes, because she's distracted and genuinely excited to go out with Jack.

How's that for a change, Lyman?

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Josh gets flustered when Donna leaves on a romantic getaway, "Holy Night," Season 4 Donna's plans to spend Christmas away with her boyfriend are thwarted when the president decides to make last-minute adjustments to the Federal Budget. Josh apologizes for delaying her trip, but promises to get her drunk when they're done working -- a prospect which he seems to be pretty into. After Leo calls off the plan, and tells Josh he set Donna up with a news helicopter landing near her destination, Josh gets noticeably flustered.

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Josh replies, "I'm trying. Josh tells Donna she looks great in the "stolen" dress, "The Portland Trip," Season 2 Excellent banter opens up this exchange when Donna puts on a red dress she bought for a date. Josh insists it's stolen, because she plans to return it the next day, but Donna insists she's just being thrifty.

On her way out, Josh stops and tells her, "You look really great in that dress tonight, Donna. You should buy it for yourself. In this Christmas episode, Donna issues repeated pleas for Josh to buy her various items of ski equipment as her gift. He appears playfully disinterested until episode's end when he gifts her a rare book on alpine skiing with a personal note inside.

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It makes her cry, and he tells her he "meant it. Part 1," "The Midterms, "Noel," Season 2 For the purposes of this ranking, we'll group a few moments together that all showcase Donna's devotion to Josh in the aftermath of the harrowing Rosslyn shooting. Part 1," when Toby tells Donna that Josh has been shot.

It's a brilliant moment of acting from Moloney, whose devastated reaction could not possibly feel more real. In "The Midterms," Donna takes charge of Josh's recovery-work balance, creating a set of rules dictating how the other Senior Staffers are allowed to interact with him.

And lastly, in "Noel," we find out after Josh has been officially diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that Donna was the one to first notice his symptoms.

Josh has a related hand injury, and at episode's end, Donna gently leads him to the car to take him to the emergency room.

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Josh tells Sam he think it's puzzling that Donna is the one pushing the union -- it's not that he gets jealous when she goes out with other guys, but he does "do everything within [his] considerable capabilities to sabotage it. But, the poll wouldn't tell you it's because she likes you, and she knows it's beginning to show, and she needs to cover herself with misdirection.

Yet the interaction that sticks out most in our mind is between Amy and Donna, safe in the White House late at night. After Amy makes repeated unsuccessful attempts to try to enlist Donna's help in understanding why a comment she'd made earlier had offended Josh, Donna finally breaks and says "You have to get Josh.

After four full seasons of rising tension without a single overt mention of Josh and Donna's "love" from within the show, this scene was, to put it simply, huge.

Even though we don't hear Donna respond, the fact that she says nothing as opposed to some kind of quick deflection a la Josh to Joey Lucas in Season 2 is extremely telling.

The scene is also notable as the last Josh-Donna nod written by series creator Aaron Sorkin before his departure at the end of season 4.

Her new position places her in direct conflict with Josh, who has convinced Congressman Matt Santos to run for the Democratic nomination for president, with himself as campaign manager. After Santos wins the nomination, Donna applies to work for Josh at the Santos campaign. However, personal attacks she made on Santos as Russell's press secretary force Josh to refuse her application, although he reveals during the job interview that he misses her "every day".

Josh is initially upset with Lou for hiring Donna, and he implies in a tense conversation with Donna that he is reluctant to hire her since he feels betrayed by her decision to work for a competing candidate which he, her "mentor", did not support.

The two reconcile on the campaign trail, with their relationship becoming romantic during the season 7 episode "The Cold". After Santos's victory, Donna is offered a position in the new administration as deputy White House press secretary.

However, having become close to Helen Santos during the campaign, she is also offered the position of chief of staff to the first lady. She chooses to accept this offer, feeling she cannot work for Josh while something is happening between them romantically.

The two initially question their relationship if they're willing to commit to one, which is later confirmed when they vacation together.

Her large White House office, which she is shocked to see, symbolizes her growth since the beginning of the series, when her workplace was a cubicle in Josh's bullpen. Donna is a Democrat but is sometimes critical of the logic behind various Democratic Party policies.

Her political debates with Josh, which are often left unresolved, are one of the show's trademark methods of exploring multiple sides of an issue. Relationship with Josh Lyman[ edit ] The chemistry between Janel Moloney and Bradley Whitfordwho portrayed Josh Lyman, caught producers' attention early in the series.

After seeing Moloney and Whitford perform together in the pilot, Aaron Sorkin added a scene in which Donna argues with Josh to change his shirt before attending a meeting, eventually convincing him by saying, "All the girls think you look really hot in this shirt". Although Mandy Hampton was originally intended to be Josh's romantic interest, by the end of the show's first season the character was written out and the role taken over by Donna.