Dwts bindi and derek relationship counseling

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dwts bindi and derek relationship counseling

Bindi Irwin's breathtaking journey on Dancing with the Stars as she prepares for the grand finale with partner Derek Hough. | Woman's Day. Bindi Irwin's boyfriend Chandler Powell better listen up or else he'll be in The Stars partner Derek Hough, 30, has issued some words of advice to debut together at the latest DWTS show, with Chandler cheering her on in. Derek Hough has a lot to say about Bindi Irwin's boyfriend. Find out whether the Season 21 "Dancing With the Stars" pro Bindi, who confirmed her relationship with Chandler in September he said, adding that he's given Chandler strict advice on how to care for Bindi throughout her strenuous “DWTS”.

Photos A post shared by Robert Irwin robertirwinphotography on Jan 24, at 2: As Bindi continues her romance with boyfriend Chandler Powell, so does the public interest in the young couple.

dwts bindi and derek relationship counseling

Whether enjoying a date at Universal Studios Hollywood or vacationing at Byron Bayfollowers love updates on relationships. Just be careful about revealing too much, too soon. Everyone deserves a bit of privacy, no matter what a stranger says.

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Dancing Has Big Benefits: While some reality shows aren't meant for everyone, Dancing With the Stars was nothing short of a positive experience for Bindi. In addition to walking home with a mirror ball trophy alongside partner Derek Hough, the contestant made lasting friendships and was able to spotlight her true passions in front of millions of viewers.

Rehearsals never end, but hard work does pay off. With more than 1. Bindi Irwin and the boys have made it all the way to Part 1 of the Dancing with the Stars Season 21 finale - and so have we. Each pair will compete with two routines tonight, including a judges' pick and a freestyle. And on to the dances! Bruno 's pick for Witney and Carlos is a repeat of their Week 2 foxtrot.

The judges have been telling Carlos to go big with his lines all season, and he's clearly making an effort to do that here. At times, though, he looks a bit disconnected from the dance.

He later admits to Erin Andrews that his nerves were "up to here" after a dress rehearsal that didn't go so well. It's actually Witney who messes up a slide towards the end of the dance - and skins her knee in the process. Also, her costume is stunning. What the judges say: Julianne calls it the sexiest foxtrot she's ever seen and says Carlos' lines are "a huge improvement.

Carrie Ann tells Carlos it was his most "dynamic and exciting" performance to date. This should be interesting! It's odd that Carlos' top priority seems to be dancing with his wife and not going for the gold. I'm not sure this is the best choice to set him up for a Mirrorball victory.

Bindi Irwin Says 'My Life Has Been Changed Forever' After 'DWTS' Win

The dance is entertaining, for sure, but the two halves before and after the guest dancers feel a bit disjointed, and Carlos and Witney fall out of sync at points in the first part of the dance. Julianne says she liked it, but is more enthused about the cameos than the dance itself.

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Bruno also appreciated the dance and praises Carlos for his generosity in sharing the stage. Carrie Ann says it's the "freshest, flyest freestyle" she's ever seen. Carrie Ann assigns the rumba to Lindsay and Alek, who freely admits that he's going to have a tough time getting into a sexy mindset with Lindsay, as opposed to his switch-up partner Emma Slater. But he manages to do a convincing job and really throws himself into the number.

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His movements are still a little clunky, but this is definitely one of their stronger dances overall. Bruno praises Alek's "commitment," but says his hip action was too "stop-and-start. Julianne says in a nice way that she's surprised Alek has made it this far. Alek and Lindsay's freestyle includes the insane addition of an 8-foot wall that they're going to scale and use as part of their choreography to represent of Alek's Army obstacle course.

Even I'm a little nervous when they approach the wall, so I can only imagine how they're feeling - but they pull it off with ease. This dance is incredible and does a wonderful job of playing to Alek's strengths power and, well, strengthwhile still making him look like a great dancer.

dwts bindi and derek relationship counseling

Every aspect, from the soaring music to the inspiring content and the amazing props, is perfect. Bruno marvels at Lindsay's choreography, which he says turned Alek into a real-life action hero.

dwts bindi and derek relationship counseling

Carrie Ann says this is a freestyle that will be remembered for years to come.