Enrile and gigi reyes relationship test

'The Boss' and Gigi Reyes

enrile and gigi reyes relationship test

Suspended senator Juan Ponce Enrile and his ex-chief of staff Gigi Reyes . and rumored paramour who was recently indicted for plunder in connection . North Korea threatens to carry out high-level nuclear tests aimed at the United States. Is the relationship between Johnny Enrile and Gigi Reyes really professional only ? What must .. Will they survive this test of destiny on them?. But considering that Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and his ex-chief of staff, alleged bagwoman, and rumored inamorata Jessica “Gigi” Reyes are.

It was and it was there where she met Enrile.

enrile and gigi reyes relationship test

She worshipped Enrile the same way she worshipped her father who died of a heart attack. She takes care of everything for me. I have no time for details. When he takes you under his wings, he will love and protect you at all cost…with self-abandon and self-sacrifice. He is also active in the Victory Christian Fellowship where he leads bible discussion groups.

She was popular in the Senate and did not push her weight around. Her only weakness perhaps was expensive jewelry and designer bags.

Gigi Reyes, 11 others dismissed for role in pork barrel scam | Inquirer News

She was open to issues being brought up to her principal to push or advocate for, and was willing to help law school batchmates and even people she did not know very well. Her own law school batch donated a room in the UP Law School building named after Enrile who was chosen guest speaker in their November law alumni homecoming. It was Reyes' silver jubilarian batch that hosted the event.

enrile and gigi reyes relationship test

Where most women would have walked out having found out about mistress number one, Cristina stayed with her husband throughout 56 years sprinkled with 38 infidelities—at least, 38 that she knows of and jotted down in a notebook, anyway. But for some reason—amid her husband's alleged dalliances with close friends, daughters of close friends, and people who were complete strangers to her—she snapped when it came to Gigi Reyes.

Enrile, his wife Cristina, and his affair with Gigi Reyes

And with Gigi, it lasted long. It was not nice. She and her husband have already kissed and made up. In Januarya controversial report by the Chicago Tribune alleged that Cristina left Enrile because she could no longer tolerate his infidelity and asserted that the other woman was Reyes, who is 30 years Enrile's junior.


But he denied that Reyes was at the root of their problem, and he continues to deny it. President na sumagot, tempted ako na magsalita din ng ganyan. I cannot express it in words.

There is a mutual respect," she said. She said she has forgiven him wholeheartedly. Tinga lost but contested the results before the Commission on Elections. JPE tried to persuade her to change her mind to no avail.

JPE on Gigi Reyes: I want her back The pork barrel scam later exploded after the elections. Reyes was among the respondents named in the complaint filed by the justice department before the Office of the Ombudsman on September Tuason unsure Enrile knew of kickbacks Cristina defends JPE While she admitted she has not been involved in her husband's political career — she doesn't even read the newspapers anymore except for the headlines — Cristina defended her husband both from charges he is involved in the pork barrel scam and from allegations he is running a smuggling mafia in Cagayan.

On allegations that he is the mastermind of the pork scam, she said: I don't think that Johhny is that stupid. From the very beginning, he said — I was present in the meeting — he said, 'I don't want to know that anybody tries to smuggle anything, even toothpick. The P improved as the years went by. Why will you get into a government job that gives you such a low pay?

Ex-Enrile chief aide Gigi Reyes to spend weekend at Sandigan jail

He junked Marcos to join the People Power Revolution that installed Corazon Aquino as president, but he was later charged with rebellion when he was accused of masterminding the coups against her administration. He would leave Aquino's Cabinet and later win a seat in the Senate.

'The Boss' and Gigi Reyes

Now 90 years old, JPE has had a long political career. In the eyes of Cristina, JPE is incorruptible. Sometimes he would accept gifts from people whom he has helped. Expensive gifts, yes, but that is about all.

enrile and gigi reyes relationship test

Money, no," she told Monsod.