Fanfiction haku and chihiro meet

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fanfiction haku and chihiro meet

Nine years haven't meet each other again, but somehow Chihiro and Haku are still connected. From bitter black tea to the fireflies. Ended up returned to the spirit . Chihiro steadily grows as she and Haku become increasingly distant and misunderstood by each other. Will they find happiness in the end?. After finally meeting again after 7 years, Chihiro finds out that Haku is going to go to her school, with hilarious results. On Indefinite Hiatus

Her brush with the spirit world still influences her life today Moved to new home. See my profile for details. PT 2 by jxssimarie [A Sequel to Return To The Spirit World] Six long months after Chihiro's last visit to the 'spirit world', she is released from the psychiatric care unit she was placed in.

Now a first semester student in collegeall seems to be back to normal. That is until a stranger with a familiar charisma forces her way into her life. A newfound love turns to chaos after she is forced to Rated: Still waiting for a promise made by a certain river Spirit, Chihiro stays patient until her heart yearns for a missing piece, which made her one day go for a little peak into the red tunnel, unaware of the events happening through.

Sojourn by Val-Creative reviews Haku visits Chihiro one last time, and asks her if she would like to come with him.

A Home Amongst Rivers. It's been 11 years since Chihiro was spirited away and all she has left to remind her of that time are some strange foggy dreams. Now a soon to be college graduate, Chihiro somehow accidentally gets spirited away again. But Chihiro will come to find that some things aren't as they seem and that those memories were more than just dreams.

Despite the calls of Yomi, she lingers by the kami of the swift Amber River who will do anything to help her. K - English - Poetry - Chapters: When her and Haku meet again, the spark is ignited instantly, but what will they do when something happens that will bind them together forever and force Chihiro to decide between the human world and the spirit world, for eternity?

Hikari by Valainna reviews What if, what if Haku and Chihiro had a daughter? What would she be like? And what if Chihiro moved with that daughter to the Spirit world? Her father sees her. She ran to the place where her dad took the "shortcut" when she was 10, followed the path, and stops at the entrance of the tunnel.

Chihiro looked at the statue near it and then at the tunnel that leads to the spirit world. I'll never get to see Haku again. I have to see if I can find Haku again.

Okay, here I go back into the tunnel. She runs up the hills and continues to run until she sees the old-looking familiar building. She smiles as she slowed down and looked around. If I go there, there is a good chance I'll find Haku. She looked at her stomach. I wonder if there is any She slowly sits in one of the chairs and looks at all of the food. She licked her lips some but then remember what happened to her parents.

fanfiction haku and chihiro meet

But I am so hungry. Maybe a few things won't hurt She takes some chicken, fish, and noodles, and puts them on her plate. She gets out a nearby fork and starts to eat the noodles.

She gets a smile on her face. I can't blame them. This food is good!. A pair of jade green eyes meets her brown eyes. Chihiro smiles while a tear came down her cheek. Haku coughs some and looks at Chihiro, hugging her back. The overjoyed teen looked at Haku while smiling still. And you look so different then last time.

I am still the same Haku you met 7 years ago. His short dark green hair was longer, to the middle of his back. His looks have changed as well.

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Haku now looked his age. I deeply apologize for the rush but I must leave" Haku said, almost losing his posture. Lady Okinawa smiled wistfully and handed Haku what looked like a fan made of rigid pure white feathers.

I do hope you come visit me sometime, my dear, it's been a long while" she said, nodding slowly before leaving. A girl with two long red pigtails entered not long after, her yellow eyes seemed to glow as she showed a toothy grin and held a black ribbon to him.

If you cut it, one half is connected to the other" the redhead said. Haku took the silky ribbon in his hand and thanked the girl. Hope you come back, brother" Haku knew there were many dragons but he'd never thought of them as family.

It was a warm friendly environment, one full of luxury, no wonder many people seemed to speak of the Lady with envy. Now for the hard part of his journey, Chihiro would be by the gate by now. The place looked the same as always. Sure, more vegetation had grown around again but it was mainly the same. Not the same as when she first beheld it.

She remembered, the path had been clear and the building had still bore its red paint, free of moss, a brand new building as her father said.

When they had left the spirit world behind, the building had all been covered in moss and the paint was gone, the building was timeworn and almost in ruins, as it was now. Sometimes she hoped she'd find it as it had been the first time, but that never happened. Just to find the path again had been a challenge.

It seems fate had really wanted them to get off course that day. Many times had she crossed the tunnel to find the place full of cobwebs and dust, the walls and ceiling looking like they were about to fall apart. The windows were broken and dull, unlike the lovely colors she remembered.

The benches were gone. All in all, it was a sad sight. More so was the fact that when she backtracked to the little town of restaurants all she found were more ruins and where the bathhouse should have been there was a wide lake. Chihiro had given up on wishful thinking, she knew in her heart she wasn't meant to go back but it still hurt she would never see them again. Sighing, she took the backpack and moved towards the tunnel. Chihiro She stopped and remained still.

That voice, she knew that voice. It was deeper but it was still that same voice. She turned around but didn't see anything. Had it been her imagination? Was her mind playing tricks to her now? But then she saw him. They both laughed as they came into contact. He sure had missed her.

fanfiction haku and chihiro meet

He buried his face into her hair, relishing the feeling. She smelled just the same, she looked practically the same yet she had grown. I truly hadn't noticed" she said, smiling lightly. The silliest things come out of your mouth" that made her smile.

This isn't just a dream is it? He shook his head. Oh how she had anticipated seeing him again but she never thought it'd feel so good. Haku was a spirit but he seemed more mature, somewhat grown, his hair now around the middle of his back. But I'm sure you would like to know how everyone's faring" he said, holding her hand and pushing her towards a patch of grass, sitting himself as he pulled her down with him. She smiled and listened intently, making a comment here and there, laughing, smiling.

She shared the tale of her own experiences of the last six years and was happy to see Haku was listening to her as if she was saying the most interesting things there could be.

fanfiction haku and chihiro meet

His attention was solely focused on her as he smiled on. Haku's expression fell and he frowned. I still have another four years of servitude until Yubaba will discuss with me the ending of my contract. I probably won't see you for another few years but I assure you I promise to see you again.

Just don't think I've forgotten, no matter how long it'll take me" he said, holding both her hands and staring into her eyes.

fanfiction haku and chihiro meet

I never stopped believing I'd see you again, I just really wished it didn't take much longer" she smiled "oh and when you get back to them tell Kamaji I know he has some soot balls following me and Zeniba that her shikigami are also noticeable. Well, I notice but no one else does" Haku smiled. Until we meet again" Haku said, standing up. Chihiro knew he was going to leave and in a thoughtless move she grabbed him midway and made him stumble on top of her. Haku was taken aback with the move but caught himself in time not to crush the girl under him.

He looked into her eyes as he saw a blush creeping onto her face. Chihiro knew she was blushing. Gods, her heart was beating so loudly she almost swore Haku would be able to hear it ramming against her ribcage. Why did she do that? But Haku's face didn't change, his expression blank as he gathered himself and stood again, helping the girl up. Haku smiled and looked into her eyes one last time before turning and transforming. Chihiro stayed looking as the dragon moved swiftly and graceful into the blue sky until he was out of sight.

Now, Chihiro wasn't ignorant, she knew boys blushed if she did what she just did, if they had any interest in her, that is, but Haku didn't even react, just stood up as if nothing happened. If it weren't for that smile as he acknowledged her apologies she could have believed it actually hadn't.

Yet first she had to figure why she did it at all and why she was expecting anything out of it. But she already knew the answer, had known for some time now.

She was in love. She knew it didn't matter anyway, she and Haku were worlds apart, she cherished their friendship above all else. She decided she'd move on and be able to keep what was between them without ruining it.

How could a river spirit like Haku ever feel the same way anyway? He couldn't, she thought, and quickly dismissed it with a forlorn smile.

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True he didn't show it, but that didn't mean he hadn't felt so but centuries of learning how to deal with himself and the world made him able to cover the slightest slip of his emotions easily. No matter how big the turmoil, he knew he could mask his feelings. He just hoped he hadn't hurt the girl's feelings with his lack of reaction but he couldn't have reacted. Haku sighed inwardly, no matter how wise he was, how old he was, love was very new to him.

Yes, he now admitted, it was love after all, not brotherly love, though that might just have been the case then, but not now. He knew he'd been fond of the girl and knew he'd wait for her but only now did he understand the depth of his feelings. Maybe it had been love all along and he just didn't want to admit it for both his and Chihiro's sake.