Father and son relationship in nighttime

father and son relationship in nighttime

Christopher's father expects him, of all people, to understand. We'll also point out again how conflicted he is about just how he ended up telling his son this awful. Christopher's father often goes to extremes when demonstrating his emotions, He also feels emotionally devastated by the way his relationship with his wife. Ed Boone (Father) in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time book, we love the way he asks his son what he feels like eating for dinner (), and What assumptions was he making about Christopher's relationship with his.

father and son relationship in nighttime

I am often asked what sons need from their fathers. My answer really boils down to a few simple but critical things that every good dad must do, built on a framework of providing, nurturing and guiding.

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But here's the problem: Too often, fathers think they're doing a better job in these areas than they really are. I've found that these four questions, though, can help a father ensure he's giving his son the fundamental things he needs. And if a child's father is not in the picture, his mother can use these questions as a guide to help her find male role models who can give her son these kinds of affirmation. In other words, if you ever want to know what someone cares about, look at their bank statement or ask them how they spent their time.

The primary way that dads can help their boys understand that they matter is by making them a priority over the myriad demands that life throws at us. It is critical that dads make it clear to their sons that they are a priority, that our most important investment is in them and that all the other "stuff" gets only the leftovers.

It certainly includes hugging and kissing our boys -- yes, even boys need hugs and kisses -- on a daily basis and telling them that we love them.

But it also includes taking care of their daily needs, like cooking for them, giving them baths, playing with them, reading to them and helping their mothers. And, as a good dad, it is critical for a father to guide his son into right actions and help him live a life centered on serving others.

Father-Son Relationships: The Things Every Boy Needs From His Dad

Ed struggles to express his emotions which often causes him to lash out and sometimes seem uncaring but actuality, he loves Christopher very much. Because Ed understands Christopher's inability to interpret human emotion and reasoning, he chooses to hide his wife's departure by telling Christopher that she died of a heart attack.

Even thou his dad does not express his emotions towards C all the time there is one part in the book where his takes C to the zoo.

father and son relationship in nighttime

The day after they had a fight about the book. He talks to C and tries to make him understand how he loves him and he only gets angry with him because he worries about him and he doesn't want him to get into any trouble or get hurt, C says that he does understand that he loves him because he says that when someone loves you the look after you which his father does.

This is a very tender moment because its one of the few times his father expresses his feelings for C. I think that this means that even if his father losses his temper with him some times. He does it because he loves him so much.

When Christopher learns that his father killed Wellington, he no longer trusts him and decides to run away. The relationship between Christopher and his father grows more and more complicated, because father lies to Christopher.

father and son relationship in nighttime

But the relation between Christopher and mother is getting better at the end. Christopher's father has to earn his son's trust back, which he does by the end of the novel. Boone tells Christopher that he would never hurt him.

He also gives Christopher a puppy to apologize for killing Wellington. Judy Boone Christopher's mother and Ed's wife, has difficulty understanding Christopher's syndrome and easily becomes irritated with his behavior and unpredictable outbursts.

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Such as when C mother takes C out shopping one day at Christmas time to look for a present for Grandma. Christopher got overwhelmed by the crowed and crouched down on the floor and put his hands over his ears. Christopher mother became angry and tried to pick him up and move him but C shouted and knocked over some mixers.

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Later she explains how embarrassed she was, and how sorry she was, and that she noticed that his father could handle him better than her. His mother explains her self deeply in the letters she had sent him, the ones his father had hid from him. In the letters she explains how difficult she found handling him with his behavior and she says that she thinks it might have been better if C was different. She also says that she was extremely sorry for leaving him and how she meant to say goodbye but his father warn her not to.

father and son relationship in nighttime

I think this show how regretful his mother is for leaving him. But she thought it was best and she never meant to hurt him.

father and son relationship in nighttime

But also his mother loves him deep down and in one of her letters she talks about the one time she bought him a train set for Christmas and how he played with it all day and how they told him about the timetable for the trains and then he main his own and would make all the trains run on time. She said that she liked to remembering that because it was one of the few happy times they had together.