Fayt and maria ending a relationship

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fayt and maria ending a relationship

Fate Linegod) is the main protagonist of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Relationships IV comes under attack by an alien force and the populace is forced to flee to an evacuation facility, separating Fayt and Sophia from Fayt's parents. For Star Ocean: Till the End of Time on the PlayStation 2, This still leaves the issue of Fayt and Sophia being next door neighbors, but she's away, and they have made up for lost time and formed a relationship of incest. Maria Traitor) is one of the main characters of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and reappears in Star Ocean: Anamnesis. Relationships The power of Alteration's purpose is to allow Maria, as well as Fayt and Sophia, and ultimately any of.

Gets a pink kitty hat while synthesizing weapons with materials. She spends most of the story having no idea what's going ondue to being separated from Fayt and the others. So by the time they finally find her and try to explain, things have become so complicated that it mostly goes over her head. Not the Intended Use: While you can make her stand in the sidelines to cast magic, her strong close ranged attack is actually pretty powerful - she makes her staff fly and make it flung forward, dealing multiple strong hits!

With proper timing and positioning, you can actually use this in places like the Battle Simulator.

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Her ridiculously high INT. So you'll have to keep enemies off her, or she'll die quickly. As long as she's safely on the other side of the screen, she's the game's best support for your melee characters. Her cooking skill is high.

fayt and maria ending a relationship

What the Hell, Hero? Seen when she calls Maria out for being insensitive, regarding Fayt grieving over his father's death, simply because she wanted to hurry to Moonbase and find Dr. Sweet, friendly, and possessing a full array of healing and support spells. She wears a black pair of thigh-high stockings with her default costume, along with a miniskirt, making her a Grade A example. Peppita Rossetti Souffle Rossetti Voiced by: Peppita travels around the universe with her family to entertain people and become a famous dancer, in the footsteps of her deceased mother.

When Fayt and Sophia meet her, she was about to debut on the stage until the resort planet was invaded by aliens. She briefly assists the duo in two forced fights until they're all separated.

Much later, she reunites and assists Fayt in liberating Moonbase and joins the party if the player chooses her. Otherwise, she will remain behind. Only if you take her with you. Even moreso than Sophia. If you choose to make her stay behind, Fayt and Maria will tell her it's too dangerous for a little girl like her to come with them.

The Rossetti Family are an interstellar travelling circus trope, and she's their newest addition.

Maria Traydor

It's a miss-able scene, that happens only if you turn her down. Exit the Moonbase's auditorium, then immediately go back inside and you'll find her pouting in the corner. She has counter attacks of both weak and strong variety in close range. As soon as the enemy is about to attack, hit X or O, and she will perform a counter attack either spinning once or dancing in place that has invincible frames. Her fighting style blends circus acrobatics with dancing, which is why shoes and bangles are her weapons.

Several of her combat skills are symbological dances that create glyphs around her. Depending on the dance used, she can either grant temporary Stat Buffs to all party members within their Area of Effector cripple groups of enemies with status ailments. It is told by her that her father abandoned her family, believing that he was a strong soldier fighting for the federation.

She never got to meet him. It is theorized that her father might have been Commander Wittcomb judging that he has the same skin color, wears the same earrings, and has books about circuses in his room. Now when you think that he was brutally killed in a dogfight She's named Souffle in the Japanese version. In this case, a dark skinned girl with white hair.

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Everything's Better with Spinning: Her close range attack animations have her twirl and strike the enemy with the bells attached to the ends of her shawl. Some of her combat skills also involve spinning, like "Kaboom!

She even spins and strikes a Coy, Girlish Flirt Poseonce a battle's over. Maintains a bright and perky outlook on life. She attacks with spike-tipped shoes and giant bangles. Starts out at level 1, but train her and you get a really strong character. Peppita lost her mother and was subsequently adopted by her maternal uncle when she was five.

If you tell her she can't come with you, she's gone for good. But you can still visit her afterward. Please Don't Leave Me: When you finally meet up with her again, at the Moonbase, she'll beg you to let her join your party. You can either accept, or tell her that it's too dangerous. If you choose the latter, she breaks down in tears and asks why you're leaving her behind, 'til the circus master tells her that's enough.

Peppita has hard striking physical attacks, some decent aoe healing and damage spells, and can buff her allies, and debuff foes, in other words she'll do the jobs of Maria, Fayt, and Sophia all at once. Provided you choose her as your 7th optional party member, instead of Roger. Peppita treats the end of each battle as if it were one of her circus performances, as seen in her victory quotes: Cliff abducts Fayt near the beginning of the game in order to protect him from potential enemies.

Being a Klausian, Cliff has far greater strength and stamina than a human has, and can tear apart enemies with his bare hands. He acts like an advisor for both Fayt and Maria whenever they are facing trouble, and plays a major supporting role throughout the game. Used as one of his victory quotes: Cliff is the game's dedicated hand-to-hand specialist for the entirety of Disc 1.

By the start of Disc 2, he's joined by Mirage. To both Fayt and Maria. Cliff hits the hardest of all your party members. Cliff can learn Aerial Assault on the way to the Kirlsa Facility, which is early in the game.

It looks plain compared to his flashier attacks, but it's the most easily abused move in his arsenal see Death from Above. He's a serial flirt and will always comment on the various women the party meets without fail. Cliff is this when he and Fayt first Cliff meet.

Would've been too much of a pain I couldn't just leave you there, anyway, and I kinda wanted to see what was going on first hand. So, You find anything out? As a matter of fact, I did. Aerial Assault is one of his most devastating attack skills, inflicting 5x physical dmg.

One of his Item Creation's highest level talents, which he displays throughout Disc 1. Bares quite a bit of resemblance to Han Solo. In-series, he's basically a male version of Ilia Silvestri in many respects. He's a lot smarter than his appearance suggests. Cliff operates in a purely offensive manner, using punches and kicks to deal out mass physical damage ie: In contrast, he has rather low defense and MP. While his defense is somewhat salvageable early on, MP attacking enemies will usually decimate him unless the player routinely manages him or is willing to give up an equipment slot on something that regenerates MP.

Being that he's a Klausian, Cliff is a bare-knuckle brawler and equips gauntlets to enhance his striking power.

fayt and maria ending a relationship

The gravity of Cliff's homeworld is just over twice that of Earth's, plus it has a much harsher atmosphere. Though Cliff generally plays up the Klausians as a race of superhumans, he is actually extremely strong even by their much higher standards. He and Fayt bond quickly, and remain strong friends throughout the game.

Heir to the Dojo: Or would beIF he was willing to accept it. The implication being that Mirage's father wants Cliff as his son-in-law, so he can hand down the dojo as her dowry. But not nearly as much as Adray. Between him and Albel, in the manga version. Cliff has high attack, but is rather slow. Once he meets the 4D beings that created the universe, he's willing to accept that there are gods. He still won't worship them though because, in his own words, they're jerks.

Cliff knows far more about the situation than he lets on. Older Than They Look: Cliff hardly looks any older than Fayt and yet is in his mid-thirties.

A flashback shows him to have looked exactly the same as he does now when he was in his twenties. For Maria, though he acts more like an older sibling. With Mirage, during their default ending, and with Tynave in the manga version. When Mirage prepares to depart, Cliff asks her to tell her father that he sends his apologies for not returning with her, to take over the dojo.

She replies that suspected as much and says she understands. Tynave's case has bits of Belligerent Sexual Tension. She starts off berating him anytime he says, or tries, anything perverted, but she gradually becomes fonder of him.

Going so far as to stay behind with him to fight Albel and tend to his wounds afterward. His fourth costume makes him look like Squall Leonhart. He used to actually be this, but stepped down and gave the position to Maria. Storywise, he plays the part closer than she does, however. With Nel and potentially Albel.

You Shall Not Pass! In the manga, when Albel attempts to stop them from escaping with the copper ore, Cliff seizes the opportunity to settle the score with him and volunteers to stay behind. The shipment makes it through and Albel is defeated. Nel Zelpher Voiced by: She is charged with gathering intelligence to report to the queen. Even though she's outwardly cold and serious, her kind heart prevents her from being as cold as her profession requires her to be.

Maria stood up and asked to fire a mere torpedo on the Invisible. Cliff, having nothing to lose, said to Mirage to obey. Using her Alteration power, the charged-up torpedoes from the Diplo tore through the Invisible 's shields and destroyed the ship. She collapsed after this. After this incident, she became the new leader of Quarktaking the post that was held by Cliff until now, but that he released willingly.

Search of the Truth After having found some answers to her question in using her new position, she decided to hunt down Dr. Leingod and find out the answer as to why he experimented on her and Fayt.

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She feels a connection to Fayt as he was, as far as Maria knew, the only one who had undergone the same treatment; Sophia was also was experimented on, though Maria did not know this.

Fourth-Dimensional War Maria standing victorious. Maria lands on Elicoor II personally after Fayt unleashes his power of Destruction on the Vendeeni battleship, and aids the ruler of Aquios in understanding the galactic politics she'd just been thrust into. She also explains the significance of out-of-place artifacts OPA and that the Vendeeni were likely searching for the Orb of Apris.

She later tells Fayt of her past, how her mother died and how she came to be leader of Quark. Upon learning the truth of Dr. Leingod's plan at Moonbaseand that it was not to dominate the galaxy or use her as a Federation weapon, Maria used her power of Alteration to enable herself and the party to survive in 4-D spaceas Dr.

She keeps a leading role alongside Fayt until the end of the game where they defeat the Creator of the universe, Luther. Even though he deleted the universe, the universe kept existing. It is speculated that her powers are the reasons of why the universe kept existing, her powers having altered the universe from an artificial one to a real one at the moment of the deletion. After the War Maria abandons her place of Quark's leader and dissolves Quark, thinking it is now unneeded though it's hinted Cliff reestablished it some time afterwards.

Following how Fayt acted during the game, she can have a discussion in the ending where she explains she'd now like to have a normal life. It is hinted that she is a possible love interest for Fayt. She speaks of getting married and living somewhere peaceful afterwards, Fayt mentions that finding that person would be the hard part. In response, she tells him that she has a few prospects, one of which is Fayt, while another is usually thought to be Liebersince in the ending without Fayt he possibly declares his love for Maria.

It is unknown who the identity of any other prospects are. Maria casts the Angel Feather symbology. In battle, she fights from a distance, her weapon being a gun, but also attacks at short range by kicking, having trained with Mirage and learned some of her martial arts techniques, such as "Triple Kick" and "Crescent Locus".

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