Ferb and isabella relationship trust

What if Isabella was Unfaithful?, a phineas and ferb fanfic | FanFiction

Her relationship with Phineas has changed, but they still can't quite bring When the final bell rang, Isabella and I walked to my car where Ferb was . "Trust me when I say that hardly a day went by that I didn't wish was here. I remember the very first episode of Phineas and Ferb I've seen. "-inators", Isabella's huge crush on Phineas, and Phineas and Ferb's undeniably cool inventions! . destroying his "-inators".. or just like Buford and Baljeet's symbiotic relationship. . Trust ConqueringYourFears Cooperation&Coordination. These are a few little fluffy vignettes of Phineas and Isabella's relationship, If they were going to be dating, he needed to trust her judgement.

I dropped Ferb at home and went across the street with Isabella to help set up. The two of us had gotten pretty close since she moved back, and we practically lived in each other's houses by now. Most days I went straight from school to her house, and sometimes on the weekends she would stay over at my place so late that she wouldn't even bother to go home.

I kept tools at her house in case I had a sudden idea that couldn't wait for the walk to my yard, and she in turn had essentially taken over Candace's room now that my sister was away at college. Ferb didn't mind that we hung out all the time, he said, because he spent most of his time video chatting with his girlfriend, Vanessa, who was at college with Candace.

Isabella and I dropped our school bags in the coat closet where they would likely remain for at least a week or two before heading to Isabella's room. Much to my embarrassment, I caught my swim trunks.

She kicked off her sandals and went to her closet. I wondered absently what it said about our relationship that she was asking me for my opinion on her wardrobe. Now leave so I can change. I took my own suit with me and changed in the bathroom, stuffing my clothes in my bag before returning to her room.

She sat at her vanity, long legs crossed, braiding her hair back. She smiled at me in the mirror and stood to face me. She had wound a pink ribbon into the braid and added a small, blue wrap around her hips. She smiled and took my hand again, pulling me down the hall to the kitchen where we shuttled hors d'oeuvres from the kitchen to the patio.

ferb and isabella relationship trust

I then turned on the stereo that Ferb and I had rigged with our own personal radio station specifically for the occasion. Normally Ferb and I threw the end-of-school extravaganza for all of our friends, but Isabella had requested that we let her take over this year. I quickly regretted handing over the party planning, as she had immediately declared that the bash would be invention-free, to celebrate that we could do whatever we wanted with our summer, even be normal.

A small project for the music was the only thing I had been able to bargain for, which she very well knew would drive me to the edge of my sanity, but I let her have her way. I couldn't deny her anything she wanted. Ferb soon came over, letting himself through the gate, and went inside to help Mrs.

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Garcia-Shapiro with dinner prep. We had about half an hour before the party guests were due, so Isabella decided to slip into the pool for the time being. She ditched her blue wrap on the deck chairs and swam a few laps while I sat at the pool's edge with my legs hanging in the water, staring at the horizon.

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The sun wouldn't go down for another two hours or so, but the sky was already turning different colors. I don't really mind. You can't have little old me ruin all of your fun.

Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow and I'll be able to join you. What about what you were going to do today? What about your big idea! I can't ruin that for you! I, hum, didn't even have a, ah, big idea today! It was, you know, going to be my rest day, you know, because everyone needs their rest! Isabella giggled at his terrible lying. I can't let you be bored here all alone! Phineas jumped out of her bed and stood up happily. Or watch a movie!

Or play video games! We could make you a portable bed, that could lift you up into the stars! Or make a portal so you could go anywhere!

Or a giant floating baby head! Frankly, she wanted to tell him that all she wanted to do was something very simple like cuddle with him and maybe for him to give her a small peck on the cheek.

But that was obviously never going to happen. Maybe I could invent a machine that could-" "Maybe cooking without machines But I mean, if you don't want to I can-" she watched Phineas nervously smile and told her it wasn't necessary.

ferb and isabella relationship trust

You know, you're too scared. You honestly don't think that I suck at cooking do you? It was a mess. They had first tried to make chocolate cake. But Phineas couldn't seem to crack an egg correctly and it frustrated him so much that flour ended up everywhere. Then they had tried scrambled eggs, but the eggs caused the same problem again. They were so desperate that they tried to make some toast! But all that did was add curmbs to join the chocolate and flour and eggs splattered everywhere.

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Go take a warm bath, I hear its good for sick people. Go upstairs and clean yourself up and wait for me to come up and join you. I promise it won't take too much time! Phineas plumped down on the seat next to Isabella. And then two bullies came up to me and asked me for my money.

Since I didn't want any trouble, I just gave it to them-" "Phineas! So I gave that to them too. But they thought I was being rude, so they punched me a few times, which explains this," he said, pinto g to his black eye and his bruised arm. You have been bullied for the past months! You're going to have to stand up to them somehow. Don't even start to tell me that aren't the kind of guy who stands up for himself!

This page should be revised to bring it up to Phineas and Ferb Wiki standards found in the Manual of Style. December 28, It has been suggested that this page, or a section of it, be extended. Once the points are expanded, the user may remove this tag. December 21, Though to a lesser extent than Buford and BaljeetBuford and Isabella tend to be more of frenemies than anything else. It is usually displayed over competitiveness and sexist remarks. However, she showed deep sympathy when he was left emotionally broken during the loss of his goldfish and knew without a doubt he'd win in a confrontation against a giant squid " Voyage to the Bottom of Buford ".

Isabella believes without a doubt in her mind that Phineas, though she has faith in him, would be left seriously injured after a fight with Buford " Raging Bully ". Isabella defeats Virtual Buford Isabella has demonstrated dominance over Buford in video games, as she over-powered him in a one-on-one fight " Brain Drain " and single-handedly annihilated a giant virtual video game boss version of Buford " Gaming the System ".