For vendetta and evey relationship questions

V for Vendetta () questions and answers

for vendetta and evey relationship questions

So, in dealing with V, Evey is dealing with the issues surrounding the the biggest problem with the film is that the relationship with Evey and V. V for Vendetta directed by James McTeigue presents a negative view of Evey questions her actions when she saved V in the BTN tower “god. This emotional revelation of the film's lead creates a relationship between him and Evey that is equal parts classical, in respect to the traditional.

for vendetta and evey relationship questions

Evey desperately wants to pull the leaver but Inspector Finch has caught her. A true hero is not only one that saves the day but stands their ground even when they are caught in the act.

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Evey is now standing up to Inspector Finch and not backing down. Her stance is upright and eyes are on full alert showing that she means what she says. By this Evey has now shown the other side of heroism, not giving up and standing for what is right.

Evey has showed heroism also through courage by pulling the leaver to let the train go as she would then be responsible for the parliament being blown to pieces.

V and Evey Essay revised

Evey is truly the real hero as she shows both acts of heroism, never backing down and showing true compassion for what she believes in. Through the tough times of being a superhero there seems to be a love connection between both Evey and V. They prove to us that not only you need friendship for love but a similar passion.

This is important not only for the use of the story but to teach us a valuable lesson by never judging a book by its cover. The quote also shows that Evey and V have love iS from the inside not the outside.

An important scene to this idea is the kissing scene in the train station. Then a close up shot is on them when they are kissing. The camera shot is to help show perspective from both angles of Evey and V. The warm lighting gives the audience a warm feeling as though it was meant to be. Evey and V are both partners in crime for the first half of the movie as they work together nicely as a government combat duo.

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V could have said something earlier about his love for her but she realized that friendships are important too. V announcing his love for Evey only came about when V was dying.

for vendetta and evey relationship questions

I thought it was rather selfish of him saying this on his death bed however by V saying this it truly made the scene unforgettable. This is an important aspect of the film as two very different people come together as one to help the people of England.

The love story pondered in your mind throughout the film.

V and Evey Essay revised

Evey was truly a spectacular character that played an important role throughout the film. It is clear that Evey is a troubled soul, in desperate need of a mentor to steer her in the right direction. On the contrary, the film V for Vendetta introduces Evey as a woman, with a seemingly stable job, and a victim of random persecution of governmental authorities.

This perversion of who Evey is and her seemingly stable life in the film as opposed to her life in the graphic novel right away establishes less of an actual need for V to step in and be a mentor. Both the film and graphic novel displays the desire of Evey to initially help V accomplish his ultimate goal.

Although the scene where V allows Evey to help is identical, what goes down in the book and film are substantially different. The film exposes how, in the scene of the seduction of the priest by Evey, Evey betrays V by telling the priest that she was a puppet playing a role in the setup of his eventual death.

The graphic novel ends with Evey, being the sidekick and mentee of V, succeeding and essentially becoming V.

for vendetta and evey relationship questions

This was made possible through the relationship established of mentor to mentee. As a result of the films modification of the relationship with V, it threw off the beauty of V being succeeded by Evey eVan ultimate death to V. The lack of a successor exposes V as the mortal he is, therefore making him out to not be as invincible as portrayed in the comic. The comic portrayed V as being apathetic, showing no emotional pain, even on his deathbed.