Guilty crown shu and inori relationship trust

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guilty crown shu and inori relationship trust

Shu Ouma, the main character for this series, meets Inori who makes he learns more of the people in the group and Gai's relationship to Inori. Rated: Fiction T - English - Sci-Fi/Romance - Shu O., Inori Y., Mana O., Ayase S. [Disclaimer: Guilty Crown and all associated characters belong to Production I.G.] . Our relationship could never be completely normal—though not . the entire nation, he had to earn its trust and respect in this one speech. After this action Shu becomes fully crystalized and has a vision of Inori offering him the Guilty Crown and Shu accepts. By this acceptance of the.

This happens for no reason other than to be referenced at their final moment together in the final episode and bookend their development as a couple or something.

guilty crown shu and inori relationship trust

If it actually meant or did anything else in the entire story, fine, but NOPE. Literally only exists to bookend things. Shinji Shu whines a whole bunch more, like a whole bunch, is hella beta and also really rather creepy. Seriously fucking creepy But Shu mans up, if only a little bit, and takes the robot with the vial where it needed to go.

And then he gets pushed around a lot and kinda stands up for himself by curling into a ball and whining. And then we get some blonde Gai coming along and beating the shit out of the thugs in corny ways all set to some cheesy nu metal riffage.

Then their group elsewhere gets attacked by the big bad government, Shu is tasked with running the fuck away from the endlaves, but sees Inori again and tries to save her this time! The vial gets conveniently shot and Shu gains super powers! And an admittedly cool sequence where some strange memories seem to resurface.

And then kicks all kinds of ass, but he himself is not exactly kick ass about it.

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So that was the first episode. Thirdly, and related, is that most if not all the females in Guilty Crown have a lot of fanservicey moments, sometimes pretty much existing for the sake of TnA. Fourthly, the predictability of it all! This is all very much early symptoms of the frankly atrocious writing this show has, but more on that as and when it comes. The last two points — the technical, if you like — do also remain fairly consistent throughout.

Fucking boom Episode 2 carries on where the first one left off, in the middle of battle, and it proves to be fairly exciting to watch — however, Shu just continues to whine and be angsty about it all. Shu gets told to do things by Gai, and it all progresses in a fairly standard fashion. She basically exists for the sake of fanservice.

And is like 14 or something. Creativeness, thy name is not Guilty Crown.

guilty crown shu and inori relationship trust

Not that any of the other characters are either, but whatever. Not that they wait to actually get an answer from him before adding him to the operation though, no, making plans for if he decides to not help would just be too logical! Inori contributes more of her personality to the proceedings: Also slow moving lasers: This will not be the last of egregiously stupid physics ignoring The day is won through crappy writing, Gai says some encouraging things to Shu, and proffers his hand towards him.

Of course, Shu recognises the opportunity to better himself and man right the hell up, fulfilling his wishes of being able to do something meaningful for a change, and the two go off on a whirlwind adventure of kicking ass and saving the fuck out of Japan. Episode 3 begins with Gai announcing the presence of the Undertakers to Japan and their mission statement, and then basically never really feature in this episode.

Instead, we get whacky high-school antics! The guys all go on about how hot she is! And then she moves in with Shu and whacky ecchi comedy happens! Gai asks them to find a drug buyer from their school who saw the operation.

Shu needs to do this by pulling out their void for some reason so goes and practices. Cue montage of him pulling random voids out of random people and this is all basically a very rapey scene.

One of them had a fridge.

guilty crown shu and inori relationship trust

I was never able to take the concept seriously afterwards. And he was actually a drug dealer! From this point on, feel free to just simply expect this. Anyway, the next episode.

Shu is interrogated unsuccessfully, Gai announces his plans to break another prisoner out, Shu gets moved around a bunch, and THIS TIME they actually do make the bad guys seem not so bad, and paint the Undertakers as questionable in their actions. Look at all that cancer So far, so good this episode. She also starts to be bothered by the fact that she is a monster after regaining consciousness in the aftermath of Mana's actions.

Ultimately, however, she resolves that even if she is a monster or her emotions were fake, she will always be herself. Appearance Inori was a beautiful girl with light pink hair that ombres into hot pink and is tied into pigtails, she tied her hair using two tubes, and had a small red clip on the left side of her face. Inori had red eyes, she was about 5'5 tall with small glossed lips. She looked very fragile, having a very slender figure and thin legs. Her usual fighting attire is a red leotard with the middle mostly cut out, red-orange spoilers with flowers on the side and high red gloves.

She also wears a black short dress with white lining on the bottom and red ribbons on the bottom, which she wears it when she is not fighting. When attending school, she wears the standard school uniform. She also wears a white outfit in place of her red flowery leotard outfit.

Background Inori is part of the band Egoistwhere she is the lead singer. Episodes Inori is seen running away from what is believed to be the "GHQ's" base, holding the 'key'. However, before she could meet up with Gai, the "GHQ" military endlaves catch up to her and attack her, causing her to be injured.

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She tells Fyu-neru to carry the 'key' to Gai so that she could face the enemy force without losing the key. However, Ayase soon appears for support, and she tells Inori to hurry while she covers the situation. Inori runs again only to be knocked off the edge of the bridge by an enemy's missile and falls into the water. She takes shelter in the abandoned grounds of what used to be the Tennouzu University.

Later, when Shu arrives at this location where he does his after school activitieshe finds Inori there and tries to talk to her. Soon however, members of the GHQ arrive to take Inori away, telling Shu he would get in trouble if he defended her, causing him to duck in fear.

Inori then loses consciousness when she was kicked in the face by one of the men and is taken away. She is seen again being threatened by the same GHQ members, saying they will attack every resident in the neighborhood if she didn't tell them where it is.

However, Inori doesn't show a single bit of fear and sits quietly, saying nothing. The GHQ then gives permission for some of its members to attack the residents of the town.

Due to the attacks happening all over the place, the truck Inori was held in was attacked but she escaped unharmed. Shu saves her from being attacked again but at the same time the 'key' which is revealed to be called the Void Genome which was in Shu's pocket breaks. Inori asks Shu to "use her" and Shu pulls the weapon out of her, resulting in a bright light shooting upwards to the sky much to everyone's amazement.

After this, Inori loses consciousness and awakens when Shu brings her to Gai. Inori seemed sad when Gai states that he was disappointed in her for failing the mission, saying that the Void Genome was for his use and watches as Gai and Shu talk about her Void and what the "King's Power" is. She is later seen watching Gai tell the rest of the Undertakers what the plan was; to rescue the hostages along with Shu, who agreed to the plan. To carry out the first stage of the plan, Shu and Inori had to sneak through a vent with Inori to the front of him she didn't know that Shu was looking at her butt.

They reach their destination and witness the cruelty of the GHQ and she gives Shu words of encouragement when he was hesitant, saying she belonged to him now. After they win the battle Shu goes to school normally, rejecting Gai's offer to join them, only to witness to his shock, that Inori is his new classmate. Everyone in the class is amazed that the Egoist singer was their classmate and began talking to Inori until Yahiro intervenes, saying they should calm down because she'll be with them for the rest of the year.

Later, Inori enters Shu's home with the help of Fyu-neru, to his dismay. She changes her clothes in front of him and then proceeds to tell him that she wanted rice balls. After she ate, she revealed that she knew about Shu's mother and he is impressed that she did a background check on him.

Guilty crown (relationship between Inori-shu).

Inori then asked Shu if she was a burden to him and when he wonders why she was there, Inori replies saying it was to protect him. They are interrupted by Yahiro, who appears at his front door.

He said that Shu was acting weird so he decided to come to watch a movie together and is shocked to see Inori there too. She states that she has received a message and that they should go and Shu follows her. They soon meet Gai who says that someone from his school witnessed the events that happened the day before and states that the only way to make them forget is to take out their Void. They go along with the plan and Shu calls out the rules that make the Power of Kings work.

They go after their first target, which is Kanon, however, Shu's power doesn't activate and he ends up groping her. Afterwards, Shu confesses that he gets nervous whenever he has to look someone in the eyes, since eye contact was critical when using the Power of Kings, as stated by Inori. She teaches him how to look someone in the eye without being nervous.

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They test this out on Souta, who is seen unconscious after. Shu says he's finally gotten the hang of it and proceeds to remove all the students of the school Voids. Inori explains further on what Voids are before Kanon finds them and Yahiro appears, telling them to follow him.

It is soon revealed that Yahiro was indeed the one who saw what Shu did the day before and yells at Shu saying that, he shouldn't pretend they were friends, before having his Void pulled out by Shu. Later, after Shu tells Inori to not shoot Yahiro, they made a promise to each other that Shu wouldn't say anything about the Norma Gene and Yahiro wouldn't say anything about the Undertakers.

However, this promise is broken when Yahiro pushes Shu out of a train when they were traveling to school the next day. Inori goes back to school and is saddened and upset over Shu's arrest. She however, builds up the courage to rescue Shu by herself.

guilty crown shu and inori relationship trust

She jumps off a tower and falls only to float after the effect of Kido's Void. Shu pulls out her Void and destroys all the mecha in the area. She is seen unconscious in his arms after, as Shu joins the Undertakers. She appears along with Gai as Shu is introduced to the rest of the Undertakers and helps him learn how to shoot a gun, but gets up too close to him allowing her chest to touch his back.

They blush and Inori tells him not to get close to her. She meets with Shu later and asks him why he came with her. Shu however, is unable to give a straight answer and asks her if they could leave together.

She refuses however, saying Gai gave her a name and a world, so she can't leave. Inori reveals to Shu that Gai told her to say and do everything up until now and that she had no feelings for him.

Shu is heartbroken at this and runs after her only to find Gai and Inori going into a room together. Inori and Gai are seen in the room, with Gai hooked up to a machine getting blood from Inori. He tells Inori that she looks more like her everyday and she asks if it bothered him. He replies saying he didn't know. She also watches as Shu passes his mock battle until they receive news that Gai might be dead, to which she showed great worry. They eventually regain contact and they save Gai, who tells them they'll have to think of a different plan.

However, Shu protests, saying that they'll put too much people in danger. Inori watches as Shu runs away after he gets embarrassed and follows him. She tells him to do exactly what she says and allows him access to Gai through her DNA on a glove.

She is seen listening outside soon after. There, she tells two Anti Bodies to stay away or she'll kill them. However, they charge towards her and she shoots them, earning a shocked reaction from Shu. After the Leukocyte malfunctions, Inori appears before Shu but with a different voice. She asks him if he wants to save everyone and he says yes. She smiles at him and reveals a completely different Void, which was formed by joining her Void with Kido's.

She is seen looking up at the sky after waking up from her unconsciousness. She is seen later returning to school with Shu, who is very nervous about it.

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Upon arrival, they are immediately questioned by a few students, who bully Shu by saying he's a criminal adn warn Inori.

She seems angered by it only for Shu to hold Inori's hand and pull her away, something she carefully looks at. They hear a slap from behind and look back, only to see Arisa Kuhouin slap the boy who said those things to them. Later at Shu's home, Haruka sees Inori and notices the resemblance between her and the girl in Shu's memories but shakes it off.

On the day of the 'party' Inori is seen with Tsugumi and Ayase who watch as Shu and Gai carry out their plan and rejoice when they become victorious. Shu must use Sota void to unlock the gates on the island to take the stone of beginning, so he's forced to use Inori as a decoy and bring Sota out and withdraw his void.