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gumball the remote ending relationship

These are the relationships Masami has with characters in the series. Though not always interacting, Masami and Gumball work together to help Alan in "The. The ending: Gumball and Darwin chase down Clare's bus on Tina Rex to knock it over and force a happy Nicole: We're here to get a marriage license! Darwin accidentally throwing a Wii remote into Anais, who ends up swallowing it. These are the relationships Penny has with characters in the show. Near the end of the episode, Tobias and Gumball "duel" for Penny's affection, and Tobias.

The race to get to the mall to get Masami a painting and the ways Gumball and Darwin sabotage the other students: Gumball shorts out Bobert with a drinking fountain and the latter hits a wall and explodes, Darwin pins Tobias' headband on a door handle and it doesn't break until he reaches the mall, kicks Idaho into Principal Brown's lunch leading to their Reactive Continuous Scream when Brown picks up Idaho with his fork, then simply blows Teri away, Gumball jumps on Ocho video game-style and uses him as a projectile to knock out Tina, Carmen and Jamie, and Darwin uses a light shaft from a car mirror to melt Sarah's head.

When Masami insists to Leslie that she'd be fine with him giving her a flower, he rips off his own neck and presents himself to her while letting out a long scream, followed by a series of shorter screams, then another long scream. After Leslie, Teri, and Carmen leave, it's then revealed that they were standing on Gumball and Darwin while they were camouflaged into the floor, and Gumball admits that Darwin was right that they should've camouflaged into the walls instead.

The reason the other Wattersons weren't around to get Gumball, Darwin and Masami out of the basement is because they were at the hospital after Anais got sick and mostly covered in warts from kissing frogs. When Darwin finds a flare gun in the basement Masami questions if it's safe to fire it, but Gumball insists he and Darwin have been in a lot of unexpected predicaments before and have always escaped unhurt.

Darwin and Masami stare at him incredulously, so he says they sometimes escape unhurt. They still don't buy it, so he admits they've escaped unhurt once, and hurt themselves on the way home. Masami revealing that she has retractable legs.

Gumball and Darwin get ready to sing "Happy Birthday" to Masami, only for the cops Frank and three French fries in riot gear to burst in and arrest them for allegedly kidnapping Masami and holding her for ransom. The Parking Gumball, dressed as a Wall Street tycoon, accidentally stabbing the milk carton parking attendant with Nicole's car keys, then taking them out and causing the milk carton to nearly bleed out milk in the next scene he appears in, he's seen alive with a bandage over his wound.

When Nicole asks the kids to turn their frowns upside-down, they turn their entire heads upside-down and their frowns remain the same. Richard using the spray-paint can man to create a parking space.

When he claims innocence to the milk guy security guard, the spray-can man rats him out. Then Richard accidentally makes a line go to the wall, which a continuous line of cars follow off the buildingeven several scenes later.

Nicole scribbling on Marvin's car after he takes the spot they're after Betty the chalkboard lady tricking The Wattersons into giving her a lift to the bus stop by pretending to be a dotty old woman looking for her car.

Betty describing the bus as smelling of "damp laundry and despair. The episode ultimately ends with the Wattersons parking next to their house after finally getting their parking space. The one thing on Richard's chore list is to get mayonnaise because Nicole has never seen him accomplish anything beyond that.

Richard thinking that LOL means "lots of love" and Hector's mom using it in a text to a guy whose mother isn't doing well. Richard's journey to the supermarket is sidetracked by repeatedly going through the Joyful Burger drive-thru, which the Mako-esque narrator describes as "getting caught in the deadly vortex of the drive-thru window, where your worst enemy is yourself. Surely you don't intent to fight it?! The Upgrade Gumball and Darwin wait 17 hours for Bobert to update to the newest version of his operating system, and in that time their eyes become bloodshot and they collect cobwebs.

Gumball compares Bobert's newly-downloaded incredibly loud music to cheese being grated through a guitar by a bunch of rich, smug old people wearing leather pants. Bobert's Siri-esque voice recognition software getting everything Gumball and Darwin say wrong, so Bobert ends up sending Granny Jojo a list of nursing homes and pictures of camel butts, then he kicks Leslie and gives him an impromptu wedding to Alan, both of whom don't mind. Bobert repeatedly freezing up, at one point doing so in midair and staying there as Gumball and Darwin collide into him, then later while conducting during a recorder recital, causing the class to play at such a high tone that they all deflate from playing so hard.

Bobert's updated GPS software gives Gumball and Darwin ridiculous directions to the Bobert store, which ultimately ends with them going underground. They burst out from under a grave in the cemetary and in the process horrify Gary because they look like zombies, then Gumball asks him for directions.

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The Bobert store is a sharp jab at the interior design of Apple stores, where everything is completely white including the employees "This store is whiter than an arctic fox in a wedding dress", says Gumballwhom Gumball has to feel around to find. He's then revolted not when he accidentally grabs the clerk's butt and puts his fingers in his nose, but when he ends up grabbing his ponytail.

When Bobert stops Gumball from hitting the ground he expresses relief that he wasn't wearing pants, then his underwear comes off. While skydiving down to save Bobert, Gumball takes the time to turn into a semi-realistic cat and curl up on a laptop with a live-action cat wallpaper, then admits he just loves doing that.

The Comic Sarah cosplaying as herself, and when she takes off the costume's head she takes off her own head in the process. Darwin claims that the only people into superheroes are fedora-wearing neckbeards.

Gumball shines a flashlight with a Valentine-shaped shade, but a fence obscures the bottom and makes it look like a pair of buttcheeks. Butt sees the Buttsignal and suddenly rips off his shirt to show his superhero costume. Sarah's drawings of Laserheart perfectly parody the infamous " boobs and butt pose ", generally looking like something from The Hawkeye Initiative.

After getting mugged, Darwin asks Gumball if they should go to the police. Gumball says, "And what? The Romantic Rocky driving while reading a poem as Penny holds on for dear life. In the chemistry lab Penny is told to mix two chemicals, which form into a hostile brown blob.

As she's reading Gumball's message on the blackboard, it then tells her that they both know he can't be trusted around chemicals. When Penny goes out into the desert, it turns out that Gumball meant to write "dessert", as in the mall where they shared their first dessert, and he left her an apology written entirely out of old bones.

Cue Penny trying to laugh at the situation before she turns into her gorgon form and her laughing turns manic. Penny goes to the mall and is now incredibly dehydrated from the desert heat, and Larry gives her a sundae on the house. Unfortunately, as stated in Gumball's message, he forgot about her allergy to blueberries and neglected to tell Larry to not put blueberry ice cream in, so he decided to balance it out by putting an allergy pill in the cherry. Penny takes the cherry, which stops the swelling but causes her head to look like a near-deflated balloon.

She can't tell that her head looks that way because she was looking at her reflection in a spoon. Penny attempts to see if she's capable of Voluntary Shapeshifting instead of just shapeshifting based on her emotional state, with a Sailor Moon -style Transformation Sequence. Gumball drops down off a cliff to come to Penny's aid, and sticks a perfect landing Penny finding Gumball's insults about her mom and sister funny.

William makes several attempts to flip his test paper over until he picks it up with his eye, then Teri doesn't notice that he already flipped it and flips it back over, causing William to rage and psychokinetically make everything combust.

Alan attempts to take the Ice Bucket Challenge, but the bucket just has a block of ice in it so when Bobert dumps the bucket, the ice falls out and crushes Alan.

And because of him being crushed before he finishes saying the three people he is passing the challenge onto, Gumball plays the part where Alan gets crushed several times in a vain attempt at figuring out who the third person was supposed to be.

Censorship of The Amazing World of Gumball

Richard reviewing Calculator like a video game as a Let's Play video. My only criticism is that there's no female characters but there's no male characters either so it's okay I guess.

Then he divides by zero, blowing up the computer in his face but he was able to give it his rating to conclude the video as if nothing happens until the end. So yeah, pretty good game. You can skip now!! Note that by the time he finishes that sentence, the 30 second cooldown just expired. Tobias tries to prank his dad, Harold, by putting a skateboard at the bottom of the stairs.

Harold mistakes it for a home invasion and calls the police while Jackie pelts him with objects. When Tobias explains what's happening, Harold after he and his wife have a laugh over it grounds him, then when Tobias signs off, the Donut Cop arrives and tackles him.

The Stupid Statement Dance Mix of that scene later on deserves a mention. Gumball repeatedly getting tricked into clicking on links to a video with a picture of a chihuahua playing a saxophone with appropriate music. By the time Gumball and Darwin are done looking at videos they're now teenagers, and when they try to leave the room they just get sucked back to the computer like they were earlier.

The Apprentice Patrick trying to tie his tie and commenting how pointless it is because he doesn't have a neck. The police immediately appearing after Patrick tries to leave Gumball in his car unattended, which is considered a criminal offense. Gumball removing strands of his DNA, causing him to mutate in various ways until the elevator on the next floor opens, revealing he became a giant, multicolored blob.

Take the next one? No, I was gonna say I'm gonna wear my eyes the other way around and bleach my brain. Patrick telling Gumball that he's worried about the Watterson DNA because Richard was sent to the hospital the previous week after trying to find out what lightning tasted like. The head of Chanax telling Patrick that Gumball makes him laugh and that " The Hug The implication that Gumball has stood on the lunch table and slapped his ass so much that there's a sign on the wall specifically forbidding it.

The delightfully awkward "legend phone" exchange between Gumball and Hot Dog Guy. Gumball thinking Hot Dog Guy is so lonely that he counts brooms in the janitor's closet. Gumball burying his head into his seat on the bus like an ostrich and talking out of his butt like Jim Carrey 's Ace Ventura character.

Everything about Gumball's awkward sleepover with Hot Dog Guy, from Darwin and Anais bailing on him in favor of a sleepover with Banana Joe to Gumball trying to put Hot Dog Guy's hand back at his side and ending up straddling him to Gumball coming into school the next day sleep-deprived and traumatized.

The Amazing World of Gumball - The Re-Run (Full Episode)

The sequence of Gumball and Hot Dog Guy playing cruel tricks on each other so one of them will break off the "friendship," most notably Gumball turning the shower water in the locker room so cold that Hot Dog Guy comes out shrunken and speaking in a high voiceGumball inviting Hot Dog Guy to a hot dog lunch and Hot Dog Guy forcing himself to eat it while his internal monologue is screaming and spitting in disgust, and Hot Dog Guy giving Gumball two venomous snakes as a present.

Gumball getting his revenge on Darwin predicting everything he does by getting Hot Dog Guy to hug him. The Wicked The episode opens with Mrs. Robinson offering nuts to some squirrels, and Gumball and Darwin appear acting like squirrels hoping for some nuts.

When she points out that she's feeding the squirrels, Darwin comments he didn't know she liked squirrels, or outside, or daylight, and as Gumball adds, anything that doesn't involve other people suffering. The nuts turn out to be coated in coffee, which causes the squirrels to attack Gumball and Darwin.

When they throw the nuts away, the squirrels start attacking everyone else. Darwin later adds that they were also soaked in prune juicewhich he considered overkill.

Penny Fitzgerald/Relationships

The squirrels store Gary for winter, eat Fenton the corn guy turning him into a live-action leftover ear, and burst through Hank's chest. Robinson blames the squirrel attack on the boys and they're sentenced to community service, Gumball is trying to describe how evil Mrs.

First, he calls her "heart so dark it's a black hole" evil, then Wall Street evilthen " ads before your video loads " evil. When Darwin insists that no one is truly evil, Gumball tells him to jump because Mrs.

Robinson was about to run them over from behind. The montage of Mrs. Robinson causing suffering throughout Elmore is accompanied by an upbeat Villain Song version of " My Favorite Things " with fittingly sadistic lyrics.

The Amazing World Of Gumball Season 4 / Funny - TV Tropes

Robinson to the hospital by claiming that there was a power outage, which would've killed the patients currently on life support. Darwin tries to get through to Mrs.

gumball the remote ending relationship

Robinson again but finds she's got into the nursery while he was talking. She swaps the nametags for the babies of two couples to make it look like they had an affair, and the fathers get into a fight.

When Darwin tries to explain to Mrs. Robinson why what she's doing is wrong, it cuts to her P. When he decides to actually speak to her the way she speaks, it comes out as nonsense.

Three times did the cheese move sideways to Switzerland by radio. But, she never licked that parking permit. Robinson takes advantage of Darwin being distracted again to squirt the hand sanitizer dispenser near the entrance all over the floor, then when the Band-Aid doctor comes in he slips. When Darwin laments that she doesn't understand, Gumball states that it's not that Darwin doesn't speak her language, but that she doesn't have a soul. Gumball and Darwin try to get into the Robinsons' house by offering Mr.

Despite this, Gumball is known to occasionally retaliate again, specifically when it involves Darwin achieving more than he does. Such is the case in " The Triangle ," in which Darwin discovers his secret talent for the swanee whistle and gets a part in the school band. This prompts Gumball to impede his brother's progress as much as possible. Anais Gumball hugging Anais Gumball loves his little sister very much and sometimes appears to be very proud of her.

Despite his occasional snarkiness towards her, Gumball does truly care for her. Anais can often act as a counter-balance to Gumball's tomfoolery.

gumball the remote ending relationship

In episodes such as " The Plan " and " The Lie ," Anais is quick to point out all the flaws in Gumball's brash actions. In "The Plan," Darwin also plays that role with her, making for a double wham. Gumball is also very protective of his little sister. In " The Pest ," Gumball is quick to get into a duel with Billy after he catches him insulting her. Gumball also tries to poison Jodie in " The Parasite " when he believes that Jodie is abusing Anais' social awkwardness.

Nicole Nicole training her son in " The Fridge " Gumball loves his mother very much and looks up to her. Despite this, Gumball often fears his mother's temper, as seen in episodes such as " The Fridge ," in which he comments how her scary temper and desire to win has teared the family apart. That aside, Gumball does legitimately hold his mother up in high regard. In " The Mothers ," both he and Darwin are eager to prove to their friends that their mother is the best.

In " The Fury ," he is blown away by his mother's abilities. Nicole also genuinely desires to be closer to her son. In " The Meddler ," she takes time out of her work to give her sons the attention they desire, and in " The Shell ," she goes out of her way to comfort Gumball when he fears he may have lost Penny forever.

Baby Gumball and Richard. Gumball often plays video games with his father, and in general, he can be seen goofing on with his children as opposed to showing any parental authority.

As shown in " The Password ," however, Richard can exercise some authority, specifically when Gumball and his brother pushed him to his limit. Because of this, Gumball fails to take his father seriously. This can be seen in " The Hero ," in which he insults his father, believing him to be a joke. This is rectified by the end of the episode, as Gumball rebonds with his father.

It is shown that earlier in Gumball's life, such as ' The Hero ," " The Origins " and " The Choices ," Richard was very much an active parent in Gumball's life; he always had his eye on him and did everything in his power to be the best father possible.

Granny Jojo Granny Jojo is very overprotective of her grandchildren Granny Jojo is a very overprotective grandmother towards Gumball and his siblings. In " The Authority ," she takes over Nicole's job as caretaker of the houseand in her new position, she scares Gumball and his siblings straight.

Despite this extreme method to parenting, Granny Jojo only has the best intentions for Gumball. In " The Man ," Gumball agrees to help Granny Jojo reunite with Louie despite such actions being against his father's wishes.

He is also very supportive of the marriage between Louie and her. Louie Louie hopes to become closer with his grandchildren. Even though Louie is a fairly recent addition to the Watterson family, he still loves Gumball and his siblings as if they were his biological grandchildren.

In " The Man ," Gumball was very supportive of Louie's relationship with Granny Jojo, wanting both parties to be happy despite his father's obvious disdain. Girlfriend Penny Gumball and Penny kissing Gumball and Penny had always had a mutual crush on one another.

gumball the remote ending relationship

Before the big confession, both Gumball and Penny were shy and awkward with each other. Both seemed to be especially introverted when speaking with each other.

Gumball admired this new form but Penny took it the other way and thought that Gumball was traumatized by it. Through the episode, Gumball was clearly trying to protect Penny and at the end of the episode, Gumball kissed Penny, therefore expressing their true feelingsfor each other. In the next episode " The Burden ," Gumball and Penny go on their first date and it turns out to be a success with Penny telling Gumball he's probably marriage material.

After that episode, " The Bros " is where Darwin was trying to interfere with their relationship. Penny took a break with their relationship just to help Gumball's relationship with Darwin. Penny and Gumball were back together as shown on " The Mirror " where Penny and Gumball are making flirting gestures across the classroom.

This, however, ended when a misinterpreted message was passed down from Gumball to Penny. But in " The Spoiler ," they are seen together again when they are talking to each other on the phone. In Season 4, in " The Romantic ," Gumball sends Penny on a romantic quest in fear that he was losing her, which ends up failing and going erratic.

After the quest, Penny forgives Gumball and tells him to tone down his romantic gestures and to not go so intense on their relationship, showing that Gumball and Penny have a crazy relationship but are still together. In " The Misunderstandings ," Penny went on a date with Gumball. Near the episode's end, Penny was choking but Gumball misinterpreted it and caused her to be mad at him, but he kissed her on the cheek.

Penny is very level-headed about their relationship as opposed to her boyfriend: In Season 5, the episode " The Petals " shows a brief moment of Gumball and Penny having a bit of a conversation, telling each other how much they love each other.

Penny responds that she would and kisses him, and implies that Gumball is "the shining sun of her life". Another instance of their relationship status in Season 5 was the episode " The Ex " where Penny was pretty much ignored by Gumball when he was focused on Robhis arch nemesis. Penny and Gumball were not very communicative in this episode; for example, Gumball was blocking out Penny once he saw Rob.