Happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship

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happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship

When violence goes too far, Flippy makes an inevitable decision to save their unstable relationships. Flippy x Flaky x Fliqpy. Rated: Fiction M. This article focuses on the rivalry between Flippy and Mime. Overview Flippy and Mime, while both friendly towards other characters, are shown to dislike each. Relationships. Cuddles. Flippy and Cuddles are shown to be good friends. In This Is Your Knife, Flippy and Cuddles camp out along with Flaky and Giggles.

His evil look was replaced with an innocent yet confused expression. Flippy glanced at his girlfriend in astonishment, merely believing what he saw.

Flaky's clothes were all torn and she was only wearing undergarments. She was trembling badly and her face was completely smeared by her hot tears. Swiftly, he unpinned Flaky and draped his coat around her body. I'm so glad you're b-back I'm so sorry, Flakes. And I've hurt you Our friends will be back too. In no way would he permit himself to hurt the one he loved again.

Or at least, he deemed so. I'm so sorry, Flaky! If he didn't flip back this time, the girl would clearly be in trouble.

And it was not any sort of trouble like being murdered. Possibly being raped and insulted by her own lover. Flaky nodded and rested in Flippy's arms.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship

The room returned to its previous silence and peace. Yet, in vague consciousness, Flaky seemed to hear Fliqpy's voice sneer. Until next time, sweetheart. At this point, the girl shuddered and finally fainted. Ever since Flippy flipped out last time, he had been locking himself home for more than two weeks. At first, Flaky thought he just didn't want to hurt anybody again by keeping his distance from the outside world. Lately, paranoia took the best of her. The girl was beginning to doubt if he was growing tired of their rotten relationships.

Whenever they were together, she could tell how much effort he had made to suppress his evil alter-ego. Even if he stayed so cautious, he failed to counteract Fliqpy's presence entirely.

Approximately two weeks after the incident, Flaky woke up early one morning, thinking it might be good to check on her boyfriend. She hadn't seen him for days and it felt like forever. He had been avoiding her constantly just to keep her safe. Yet, no one could understand how much the girl missed her lover. She didn't want their relationships to go downhill simply because of the hysterical split personality Flippy possessed.

The redhead spent some time rummaging through her closet. She wanted so much for her boyfriend to see her in her brand-new flowered dress. She didn't need any compliments or kisses but a simple smile from the army boy. On her way to his house, Flaky bumped into Cuddles and Giggles.

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Cuddles was blonde teen known for his egocentricity and mischief. His partner, Giggles, the adorable pinked-haired girl, was equally outspoken and extroverted. She was also regarded as the most gorgeous girl in the town.


The couple waved merrily at Flaky. The pinkette was having an ice-cream. The two looked rather pleased to see their timid buddy. The girl had an extremely problem of anxiety. Even speaking to her close friends, she couldn't help fidgeting with her own hands. The blonde looked a bit different than usual. Flaky, sensitive as she always was, studied him and immediately realized he was wearing a pair of new bunny slippers. As soon as Giggles saw the redhead staring at Cuddles' slippers, she chuckled proudly.

What do you think? The blissful scene of them walking hand in hand somehow made Flaky's heart melt. The four of them were obviously having a double date. As she plodded down the road, she wondered why she was always the odd one in the crowd. The fact that Giggles and Petunia could always get along with their mates so easily somehow made the redhead rather envious.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship

Her relationship with Flippy was often intense and difficult. Needless to say, she could never stay in harmony with her boyfriend's evil counterpart.

Happy Tree Friends

Nonetheless, the solider was never like this before he went to wars. He was normal and they were best friends from childhood. He was five years older than Flaky but they grew up together. When the two were small, he was like her big brother. The good thing about living in this cursed Town is that people don't age after they turn eighteen.

When Flippy was eighteen, he joined the army and fought in wars for a few years. Flaky still remembered the day when he left the town. She practically cried for hours.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship

The boy sighed and knelt down before her so that they were facing each other. You're like an angel to me, my guardian angel. Think about how beautiful you will grow up to be and how much fun we are going to have when I return.

She nodded and wiped away her tears. The thought of him coming back settled her a little. Not wishing to disappoint him, she stopped looking miserable. The girl merely smiled and it was enough to appease him. He kissed her check lightly and bid her farewell. From then on, Flaky waited patiently for her crush's return. Time rolled on and years went by. Whenever there was a news about the army, she would rush to check if Flippy's battles were over.

Even if someone reminded her me that he might be lost in the war forever, she refused to believe in such possibility. She knew he would come back to her in the end.

He wouldn't bear to leave her alone in this world. If he really did vanish without a trace, she would be truly angry then. She knew God would grant her wish on hearing her constant prayers. She wished for nothing more than just him coming back safe and unharmed. And she didn't care if he had changed or became someone else. All she wished for him to return to her side. It was a great relief to her that he did come back.

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Flaky was in complete ecstasy. Most parts of his body were wrapped in bandages. The sight was heartbreaking but she swallowed her sobs. Five years had passed since he entered the battlefield.

The redhead he once knew had grown to be a refined beauty. Oh, Flakes, you're such a pretty, fine lady now! He must have gone through a lot to have caused him such a devastating illness.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship

She could not picture what had happened to him during wars. It hurt her so just to think of it. In the beginning, she was startled and frightened, not knowing how to deal with his radical changes. Soon, she got used to his insanity. It was unbearable though to see him drowning in self-accusation every time after he flipped out. He was always fighting with Fliqpy in his mind. Every day, it was a miracle for him to wake up knowing he was still in a normal state, not being conquered by his evil split personality.

Flaky had seen Fliqpy several times only. T by Katy Perry lyrics, chorus, "You're not like the others, futuristic lover. A dark song that is quite fit for Flippy and Flaky, especially concerning the physical aspect of their relationship. Because Flippy is so Dangerous that he can even hurt or kill Flaky. Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson "Will you love me? Even with my dark side?

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Flippy has a dark side and flips out when anything reminds him of war. But Flaky is strong and stays there for him. Monster by Lady Gaga "He ate my heart I love that girl He ate my heart Wanna talk to her, she's hot as hell " A song about scary but alluring guys Fliqpy and a helpless girl Flaky. Other characters from the show can be found there, drawn in the same way.

There were many instances when people actually admitted they loved the pairing without watching the show itself, most probably due to the numerous side-stories and fancomics that took over the entire fanwork. There are many fanarts and fanfiction dedicated to the pair on many websites, including international ones.

The popularity has increased greatly in the last few years and it still continues to grow. Criticism Some fans that do not like the pairing dismiss the hints that send to a potential romantic connection between the two. There is also criticism due to its perceived over-popularity, some of the critics sustaining that many fanworks involving it are cliche or fall into similar plotlines. Despite all these, it still remains the most popular pairing in the fandom, taking over most fanwork that it's done for this show.