Hayate and nagi relationship test

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hayate and nagi relationship test

In fact, I owe Hayate no Gotoku a million yen debt. As the first one to come, she was the one who was the test child. . It was a complex relationship, one of the comedy obsessed, mature-for-her-age girl and the naive. ok if u know a bit about the non-translated manga u know that after the arguing between hayate and athena he went crying aimlessly and. This is a list of episodes of the Japanese anime adaptation of Hayate the Combat Butler. The first opening theme is "Hayate no Gotoku! . Sakuya tests Hayate to bring up one of his funniest joke, though she finds it not .. Sakuya, Nagi, and Wataru decide to go on a marriage meeting tour into the woods to spy on Saki.

Hayate x Nagi

Himegami gets a hold of the legendary butler uniform, and then disappeared. Kirika and Shion somehow survived and still flirt each other. Realizing that it's still Christmas, Nagi made a stop at Loser Park, Hayate and Nagi wished themselves a Merry Christmas the place where they first met each other. Hayate is forced to take her on a bike since he doesn't have a permit to drive.

While on their road to the beach, Nagi uses her credit card to buy a carriage for them. Meanwhile, their road continues as Hayate takes Nagi to go all the way to the beach, full speed ahead. But then, they encountered an enemy in his automated car, and they were challenged to a highway race. Hayate used a secret technique to survive from the curve. Hayate and Nagi have arrived at the Kujukuri Beach on time to see the sunrise for a New Year's Day, but Nagi falls asleep just before the sunrise.

While Hayate went to buy two warm coffee cans, he forgot his wallet, until Maria reached to him. Hayate put his coat on Nagi and the sun has risen. The next day, the mansion's circuit breaker overloads and Hayate goes to the annex to turn it back on.

On the way there, he gets stuck in a blizzard which is really caused by Sakuya's snow blower. Hayate looked at the map that shows a hot springs that is inside a power plant. Sakuya dragged him into the hot springs, and holds him. Fortunately, he managed to turn the power back on, but passes out due to the extreme cold. Yukiji appears, shocking the three with an unusually cheerful attitude, giving Hinagiku a New Year's allowance because of a promise Yukiji made with her 10 years ago although it was only yenand shocking them even more after they found a letter of resignation which dropped from Yukiji's bag.

After Hayate and Nagi rushed to the Hakuou Three Amiga, he tells them that Yukiji is quitting her job as their teacher, and find that hard to believe, but Yukiji replied to them as a "yes". When homeroom ends, the class begs Yukiji to stay as a teacher causing Shiori to burst out in tears, who is happy that the class cares for her and decides to not resign.

The resignation letter actually belonged to Shiori who found being Yukiji's superior harder than she thought. Yukiji was happy because she found many signs of good fortune. Hinagiku gives Yukiji a piggy back ride to her room after beating her up. Elsewhere, Maria rents movies from Wataru's video store.

Then saw Ayumu putting a New Year's card for Hayate in a mailbox but then bumps into some thugs. Maria and the SPs defend Ayumu and she gives her some marshmallows that Saki gave her earlier. Back in the Sanzenin mansion, Hayate, Nagi, and Maria talked about their usual day. In the Sanzenin Mansion, Klaus just brought an expensive portrait, but Hayate points out it to be a fake, which Klaus disagrees, until a judge appears and claims the portrait is indeed a fake, leaving Klaus shocked.

Hayate explains to Nagi and Maria, that his father was once an art dealer, who would use Hayate to switch a picture for a fake to package for a customer when he was little, because of that he could tell the difference.

Nagi, perplexed by Hayate's apparent lack of weaknesses, plots ways to find chinks in his armor. Maria, Sakuya, and Isumi get swept up in the flow and discuss their weaknesses as well. Hayate and Wataru begin studying German in preparation for a Hakuou mathematics exam.

Nagi decides to teach Wataru. During a flashback, Wataru felt sad that he can't enter the Hakuou Academy, since there were only three seats available for students who skip grades.

But when Sakuya arrived in front of Wataru, she gave him her enrollment documents.

hayate and nagi relationship test

Back in Hayate's room, they go to check on Nagi and Wataru. Wataru explains that he only loves Isumi, in which Isumi suddenly heard him.

Wataru then covered his confession by telling Isumi that it was a joke, which provoke Sakuya to hit him with a paper fan for being hopeless. Nagi becomes jealous that Hayate and Maria were alone together, so she chases him while he runs away. Prompting Maria to remark that Hayate's weakness is "not understanding a female's heart".

A convenient invitation from Sakuya to a cruise on a familiar-looking ship Titanic gives her the perfect opportunity to set this plan into motion. As Hayate wanders around amazed, she shuns him over and over, culminating in the command to "explore the ship yourself". The ship is then threatened by a trio of terrorists, who are handily defeated by the Sanzen'in and Aizawa butlers; however, one of them sets off a bomb, blowing a hole in a cargo hold Hayate had just wandered into.

There, he meets Isumi, who had become lost, in danger from a pair of large sharks. As the ship-goers are evacuating, Nagi remarks that Hayate hasn't shown up yet, and goes to search for him.

She finds him holding off a shark; as she dives into the water to help, she is attacked by the other shark. Hayate defeats the sharks to save Nagi, but falls unconscious from the combination of the cold water and wounds he received from the earlier explosion.

Nagi Sanzenin

He is saved by Klaus, but Klaus' attitude causes Nagi to worry, as it has the effect she was trying to achieve herself. Nagi completed an improved version of her manga, but still, no one can understand it except for Isumi. Hayate showed the girls his manga "Flower Magical Girl, Britney", but they somehow felt unimpressed.

Nagi takes Hayate, Maria, Isumi, and Sakuya out for ramen, but they find themselves in a hidden animation studio where they are shocked to hear that Nagi's manga is going to be animated. Then, Izumi, Miki, and Risa arrived at the studio as well. The directors declare Nagi's demands to be impossible, but they end up animating it anyways because of a rumor that their stock will go up if they do it.

After the premiere one week later, everyone is at a loss for words. Wataru said to them that Maria is not the kind of a person who would take even one break. A big thanks to all the readers for appreciating this story. And a special thanks to Kiraranger for helping me get the canon details right. If there are still some mistakes, feel free to bring those to my notice.

The first chapter has been rewritten. You could read it to understand the changes in this chapter. D Hayate about Nagi: I admit that life is never easy, but I have the one who saved me from that. I turn my back at the not-so-bright scene and stretch my arms. I walk to the bathroom for a morning shower and my mind plays over the same morning thoughts, 'There is nothing new to do around the mansion today. It's vacation time, so Miss Nagi will be sleeping for longer than usual.

That means there won't be any disaster to deal with till early afternoon. I have to go through that Business School's application form again.

There will probably be some guests over today. Also, I have to take the Mistress to Miss Isumi's place for a sleep-over. Now that I think about it, she has been having a lot of those sleep-overs lately. She used to be such a couch potato back then. Well, back then, she was a little girl.

Now she is a well developed, charming young lady'. I halt abruptly when I realize I said 'well developed'. And I am in the shower. I curse myself, "What's wrong with you, you jackass?! Thinking about Miss Nagi in the shower!

You are pathetic, Hayate! But… it's not that I thought of her… that way. I wouldn't do that. Because… well, because… she is my Mistress. And that would be wrong. Later, I am doing my push-ups when out of the blue, I start reminiscing about the changes in our lives over the years… We had moved into an average apartment after Miss Nagi lost her fortune.

Those days were tough for all three of us. What was more tough, was to see Miss Nagi failing effortlessly as she tried to learn the ways of the commoners. Neither I nor Maria is sadistic, so it was not a fun thing to see the Mistress breaking down every evening due to her latest failure.

In fact, we both wanted to find a way to get her back into the life of luxury she was born for. Sure, we hoped that she would at least learn to appreciate the things she always took for granted. But, an opportunity to redeem the prestige and the fortune presented itself soon. Grandpa Sanzenin said that he would return Miss Nagi to her exalted state if she found another one of the King's jewels. After a dangerous series of misfortunes and heroics, we were finally able to gain that piece of treasure.

We were back to the old life, with the Mistress' hardships coming to an end. In the beginning, many of us assumed that the Mistress had gone crazy as she was acting way too differently than before. It took us all quite some time to get used to it, but we welcomed all those positive changes in her personality.

She didn't mope around anymore. She tried to do her work by herself. She became an early riser. She started attending school regularly. She even began to understand other people's sufferings. To my surprise, Ayumu and she became very good friends. It was, in fact, Ayumu who helped her a lot. And, Hinagiku as well. Both of them taught the Mistress the things she would need to know to survive at least an hour on her own. Ayumu and Hinagiku… I don't think I would have ever guessed it.

But, Hinagiku and Ayumu —both of them liked me!

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Nagi was enjoying the beach, so Hayate asked for permission to leave to buy them coffees. Hayate found a vending machine, but unfortunately, he forgot his wallet, and luckily, Maria appeared. A helicopter on the sky explained how she got there. She gave him his wallet and said happy new year to him. Hayate cheered up and went back to Nagi, but unfortunately, Nagi was sleeping.

That made her missed the sunrise. Hayate brought the sleeping Nagi back to the mansion by a train. Visiting her Grandfather On the beginning of the year, Maria suggested that Nagi deliver her new year's greetings by visiting her grandfather's main mansion.

  • Hayate Ayasaki

Nagi expressed her disgust on her face as her reply. Hayate didn't know who her grandpa is and asked Nagi about it. Nagi explained it in her way, which made her grandpa, Mikado, looked so intimidating and powerful like a tycoon of tycoons, which made Hayate afraid. When Nagi and her company Maria, Hayate and Sakuya arrived there, Hayate was captured as "a suspicious person with poor-looking face" by the guards.

Nagi told the guards that Hayate was Himegami's replacement. In the living room, Nagi told Hayate to leave for some fresh air because she was going to change clothes to see her grandpa. A moment later, Mikado met her and asked if she wanted the Sanzenin family inheritance or not. She refused it, but she welcomed his premature death, which made Mikado sad. Mikado decided to inherit the Sanzenin family inheritance to the person who can make Nagi apologize in tears.

Mikado got Nagi's nerve. She chose death than doing such embarrassing things.

hayate and nagi relationship test

Nagi didn't want to stay any longer, so she went to call Hayate. When she met him, Hayate was fighting against a person, Gilbert. Gilbert asked her tear-filled apology.

Nagi refused even he begged her.

Hayate no Gotoku! Final Chapter | Hayate Report

Having no choice, Gilbert attacked Hayate with a sword because Mikado told him if Nagi would start to cry if he hurts Hayate. She warned Gilbert not to harm Hayate, yet Gilbert was still attacking Hayate, but Hayate evaded all of them.

Hayate fought back by kicking him right in his face. One hit and Gilbert was knocked out. At that time, Hayate was determined that his current life was to protect Nagi. He asked Nagi for her approval. Nagi misunderstood that request as a proposal, which made her blushed and steamed. Nagi gladly accepted it and thanked him. Going to the Theme Park Nagi's only surviving family is her grandfather, Mikado Sanzeninwho made a theme park with most of the rides are for cm or higher as a present for her birthday which she greatly dislikes.

The author wrote that her parents died due to an incident on her biography in Volume 1, but she said that her mother died from a disease and her father died when she was too young to remember him. She regards her maid, Maria, as a mother or older sister figure, and warns Hayate not to touch Maria in any indecent way or dying will be the least of his worries. Her mother, Yukariko Sanzeninis shown in Volume 12 of the manga. Yukariko resembles Hayate which is why Nagi is so fond of him according to Isumi's mother, Hatsuho.

Nagi's grandfather, Mikado Sanzenin, decided to engage Wataru as Nagi's fiance without consulting Nagi. Both Nagi and Wataru don't want to marry each other, but the engagement can't be dissolved, unless both of them have another pair. Sadly, Isumi doesn't have any interest in Wataru, but in Hayate, because Hayate looks like her favorite television superhero in her mind. And she thinks Wataru likes Nagi and hasn't realized the truth.

In Volume 3, Nagi mistook Hayate's word about "like" and "play". She became angry and sold Hayate, for , yen, to Isumi. In short, the early misunderstanding things was cleared, Isumi gave up Hayate, and Hayate went back to work for Nagi. That was her first time meeting Ayumu. Hayate was there as well. She asked Hayate who Ayumu is. At the same time, Ayumu asked Hayate who Nagi is. He answered Nagi's question, "She is my former classmate from my previous highschool.

Nagi summoned a dragon as her spirit and Ayumu summoned a hamster as her spirit. Just as you can see, Ayumu's spirit, a hamster, didn't last long. The dragon ate it in a blink. Ayumu lost, but didn't give up. She said that she'll bring a stronger hamster. He didn't know what's happening because that was a girl fight. Nagi was worried about losing him and asked him if he is going to leave. Hayate answered her that he won't leave because he doesn't have anywhere to go. Starting from there, Nagi used "hamster" to call Ayumu.

One day, she was upset and decided to go outside to calm her heart. She met Ayumu in the way and called her hamster. Ayumu definitely didn't accept it. She asked about Nagi. After hearing the basic information about her, she became jealous. Nagi left her, but Ayumu stopped her because she thought if she let her go, that means she is a complete loser. Ayumu challenged her to a karaoke contest. Knowing that it was Nagi's first time to go to a karaoke house, Ayumu thought that she is going to win easily.

Ayumu first sang got a bad score, but she still optimist. In the other hand, Nagi got the perfect score. There's no way for such an extremely rich girl like Nagi will lose to a commoner in a talent competition.

She was trained by professionals singers and musicians. At the end, Nagi won, but Ayumu was still not going to give up. Their meeting ended up with smile from both side. After she heard another girl voice when she called Hayate, she went to that place. The day before Valentine's Day, Nagi tries to make chocolate for Hayate and skips school.

After failing herself to make chocolate, she tells Hayate to make chocolate for her. On Hinagiku's birthday, Nagi gave a present to Hinagiku, and was kidnapped by Kotetsu. Nagi shocked that Hinagiku became the top spot Nagi wakes up after her dream where she became number three spot in the Hayate the Combat Butler character rankings and Hinagiku became the top spot.

Shimoda Arc Nagi decided to take Hayate and Maria on a trip to visit a mysterious meteorite that seems to enhance growth, along with other special powers. Ayumu lets Nagi ride on the back of her bike to take her to the next train stop. Nagi and Ayumu meet some hit men who say to take out Nagi but do not know which one is her due to both of them having pigtails.

Ayumu pedals away from her bike, and Hayate is on the same road looking for Nagi introduces Hayate to her mother, Yukariko them. Nagi decided to help the alien, Maya, to find its misplaced spaceship.