Hedda and lovborg relationship quiz

hedda and lovborg relationship quiz

triangular relationship between Hedda, George and himself. • George joins them Thea Elvsted arrives in a state of distress because Eilert Loevborg is missing and she establish a family, a hope that she coyly quizzes her nephew about. Start studying Hedda Gabler Quiz. Tesman's old academic rival (Ejlert Lövborg ) is back in town -Ejlert had been an When Tesman leaves, Mrs. Elvsted tells Hedda that Who else does Ejlert want to have a close relationship with? Hedda . eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Hedda Gabler. Analysis · Lesson Plans · Multiple Choice Quizzes Upon their return from their honeymoon, the couple encounters Eilert Løvborg, her former love interest, and . to offer her marriage and a villa that once belonged to the widow of a cabinet minister.

Stultified at the emotional level of an adolescent and repelled by his unconventionality, she could no longer tolerate the intensity of an actual relationship and shrank from responding to his demands.

George Tesman, on the other hand, is an acceptable husband especially because he makes no demands on Hedda's emotional incapacity. Posing no threat to her internal security, he is able to provide her with material security and to indulge her tastes for luxury and an active social life.

Besides being sincerely fond of his bride, George satisfies Hedda's conventional standards he is "correctness itself" and leaves her imagination free to indulge her demand for independence and courage. Having thus married to inure herself from any internal threats, Hedda coldly plans to base her life on the enjoyment of external advantages.

The drama begins at this point and develops characters and events which swiftly undermine Hedda's system of values. Her pregnancy is the first disturbance to her calculated system of inner protection. Hedda then learns that George's appointment may be deferred, a situation which deprives her of luxury and active social entertainment.

According to her conception, Eilert's free spirit must have somehow been conquered, or she must have deceived herself as to his true nature.

Hedda Gabler

This too backfires, for his liberation from Thea's steadying influence becomes a sordid debauchery that ends with Eilert's ignoble death. Thus, all Hedda's expectations dissolve into a vulgar residue that she cannot accept. Brack administers the final blow to her dream of independence when he threatens her with blackmail.

After all her efforts at manipulating others so that she can remain free of fettering responsibilities and slavish domestic attachments, Hedda learns that she is forever at Brack's "beck and call" if she wishes to avoid being involved in a sordid scandal.

hedda and lovborg relationship quiz

With this final disillusion, Hedda no longer has a life worth facing. In a tragic attempt to "do it beautifully," she puts a bullet through her temple.

hedda and lovborg relationship quiz

She fires a pistol at him. She slaps his face. During her conversation with Judge Brack, Hedda offers numerous reasons for her marriage to the tedious and conventional Tesman. Which of these is NOT a reason she offers for accepting his proposal?


He was unquestionably respectable. She had "danced herself tired". She was in love with him. He offered to provide for her. After exchanging pleasantries with Tesman and Judge Brack, he and Hedda contrive to have a private talk about their past relationship. It is revealed that Hedda ended the relationship; what, according to her, was her reason for doing so?

It threatened to develop into something more serious. He fell in love with Thea.

hedda and lovborg relationship quiz

She had become bored with him. Her father refused to let her see him. Lovborg recalls that at the end of their relationship, Hedda had threatened to shoot him. What reason does she give for her failure to do so?

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She loved him too much to do it. She had only been joking. She was afraid of firearms. She was afraid of scandal. Lovborg at first resolutely refuses to drink any alcohol during his visit to the Tesmans' villa.

However a certain statement of Hedda's angers him, and he retaliates by downing two glasses of punch. What is it that Hedda reveals? That Thea was planning to return to her husband. That Tesman had spoken disparagingly of his book. That Judge Brack is mocking him. That Thea had been terrified of losing him to another woman. At the end of Act II, much to Mrs. Elvsted's dismay, Lovborg changes his mind and decides to accept Judge Brack's invitation to a dinner party at his home.

Hedda "comforts" Thea by assuring her that Lovborg will return at ten o'clock. In what fanciful manner, suggestive of a certain god from pagan antiquity, does Hedda imagine Lovborg returning? With wings at his feet.

With a trident in his hand. With thunder in his eyes.

hedda and lovborg relationship quiz

With vine leaves in his hair. Act III takes place early the following morning when, to Mrs.

hedda and lovborg relationship quiz

Elvsted's dismay, Lovborg has not yet returned from the party at Judge Brack's. Tesman eventually returns and informs Hedda of a number of things which occurred at the dinner party concerning Lovborg. Which of these does he NOT tell her about Lovborg? That he had behaved with a complete lack of self-control. That he had dropped his manuscript on the way home That Lovborg had despaired over losing his manuscript. Tesman reads a letter sent to him from Aunt Juliana summoning him to the bedside of her sister, Aunt Rina, who is near death.

Hedda refuses to accompany him on his final visit to his aunt; what reason does she give for doing so? She had never liked Aunt Rina. She refuses to look upon sickness and death. She is afraid of catching an infection. She is too ill to accompany him.