Henry vii and elizabeth of york relationship marketing

The Marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York - The Tudor Enthusiast

henry vii and elizabeth of york relationship marketing

Henry VII & Elizabeth of York: A Faithful Love standards of the time Henry VII and Elizabeth of York had an affectionate and loving marriage. Her father, however, was no Henry VIII and also had the benefit of Still smarting over the unpopular marriage of Cecily's parents, Edward IV's cousin . two of them were now off the market, and the youngest of the bunch. If you've read about the lives of Henry, Margaret and Mary Tudor, it seems logical to want to explore their childhoods and the relationships they.

He named Edward V as his predecessor and the two were married on 18 January Elizabeth immediately proved to be a successful Tudor wife, because nine months later, the married couple's first child was born - Arthur Tudor, the Prince of Wales.

henry vii and elizabeth of york relationship marketing

On 25 NovemberElizabeth was crowned queen consort. Elizabeth "was one of the beauties of her age," with classic English Rose looks - blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin - the quintessential English beauty of the time period. She was also apparently quite attractive in her character. Henry was reportedly tall, slim, dark haired, and handsome in the prime of his life. At the time of their marriage, they were probably thought to be the perfect couple.

Henry VII & Elizabeth of York [the Tudors style]

They were young, beautiful, and seemingly pure of heart. They were the founders of a new soon-to-be powerful English dynasty, and they were immediately a success. During the course of their marriage, Elizabeth would give birth to eight children - four of whom would live. Arthur, Margaret, Henry, and Mary would be those lucky four and would all make impressive marriages - though Arthur would not live long enough to take over the impressive dynasty that his parents had created.

There are virtually no details that I can easily find about the wedding ceremony between these two important figures, but from what I've read, the ceremony was happy and grand - as would be expected of a brand new monarch and his bride. There are many more details about these two after their wedding - with their children and their seemingly perfect marriage.

Elizabeth of York - Person - National Portrait Gallery

Of course, in this time period, no marriage was perfect, but this one seems to be a pretty good model for future Tudor marriages. He intercepted Edward V while the latter was travelling from Ludlowwhere he had been living as Prince of Wales, to London to be crowned king. Edward V was placed in the royal residence of the Tower of Londonostensibly for his protection. Elizabeth Woodville fled with her younger son Richard and her daughters, taking sanctuary in Westminster Abbey.

Gloucester asked Archbishop Bourchier to take Richard with him, so the boy could reside in the Tower and keep his brother Edward company.

Elizabeth of York

Elizabeth Woodville, under duress, eventually agreed. Two months later, on 22 JuneEdward IV's marriage was declared invalid. This measure legally bastardised the children of Edward IV, made them ineligible for the succession, and declared Gloucester the rightful king, with the right of succession reverting to children of George, 1st Duke of Clarenceanother late brother of Gloucester, who had been attainted in Rumours began to spread that they had been murdered, and these appear to have been increasingly widely credited, even though some undoubtedly emanated from overseas.

Although Henry Tudor was descended from King Edward III[7] his claim to the throne was weak, owing to an act of parliament passed during the reign of Richard II in the s, that barred accession to the throne to any heirs of the legitimised offspring of Henry's great-great grandparents, John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford. Whether such an unprecedented act had force of law is, however, disputed.

henry vii and elizabeth of york relationship marketing

Whatever the merits of Henry's claim, his mother and Elizabeth Woodville agreed he should move to claim the throne and, once he had taken it, marry Elizabeth of York to unite the two rival houses.

In Decemberin the cathedral of RennesHenry Tudor swore an oath promising to marry her and began planning an invasion. InElizabeth of York and her sisters left Westminster Abbey and returned to court when Elizabeth Woodville was apparently reconciled with Richard III, which may — or may not — suggest that Elizabeth Woodville believed Richard III to be innocent of any possible role in the murder of her two sons although this is unlikely owing to her involvement in Henry Tudor's failed invasion of October Richard III, despite having the larger army, was betrayed by one of his most powerful retainers, William Stanleyand died in battle.

She holds the white rose of the House of York.

Why did Henry Tudor Marry Elizabeth of York?

As the eldest daughter of Edward IV with no surviving brothers, Elizabeth of York had a strong claim to the throne in her own right, but she did not assume the throne as queen regnant. Such a precedent would not truly come to England for another 67 years, when her granddaughter, Mary Iacceded to the throne. Though initially slow to keep his promise [10] Henry VII acknowledged the necessity of marrying Elizabeth of York to ensure the stability of his rule and weaken the claims of other surviving members of the House of Yorkbut he ruled in his own right and claimed the throne by right of conquest and not by his marriage to the heir of the House of York.

He had no intention of sharing power. Their first son, Arthurwas born on 20 September Elizabeth of York was crowned queen on 25 November Following her coronation, she gave birth to seven more children, but only four survived infancy: Arthur, MargaretHenry and Mary.

Despite being a political arrangement at first, the marriage proved successful and both partners appear to have grown to love each other.