Hiei and mukuro relationship quiz

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hiei and mukuro relationship quiz

This really puts a strain on my relationship with the fire-demon I'm currently trying to seduce. Hiei: Mukuro you are truly beautiful when the light hits you just so.. Kurama: Hey Yomi! . I've got to study for that quiz! Yuusuke. Explore Hiei, Yuyu Hakusho, and more! [Yu Yu Hakusho] Hiei, Kurama/ Shuichi Minamino, and Yusuke Urameshi. Find this Pin and Mukuro and Hiei. Hiei. Tags: Yu Yu Hakusho, Hiei, Lap Pillow, Mukuro (YYH), felt like Mukuro and Hiei have a mother son relationship especially since Hiei never knew his mother .. Hiei and Yukina #kiss Yu Yu Hakusho Hiei, Yuyu Hakusho, Anime Quizzes.

I'm thinking of opening a dress shop. That's the best this year!

Are you a Kurama freak?

Do you have any twos? That looks like it hurts.

hiei and mukuro relationship quiz

Four and four is eight. Eight and eight is sixteen. Sixteen and sixteen is thirty-two. What's thirty-two and thirty-two? Yomi, Mukuro and Raizen standing at a bus stop Yomi: What's wrong with me? Red hair and green eyes?

hiei and mukuro relationship quiz

I don't look Japanese. Hell, I don't even look like my mother! Oh, not too good. Oh, that's too bad. Oh, I'm a fox demon and I'm okay I think I'm going to faint Can I have a glass of milk?

The Relationship Between Hiei And Mukuro: What I

Ooh, Ooh, a horsey! Kurama, where's my cookbook? Oh Genkai, Yuusuke just doesn't see how much I love him Where'd you put my homework? I've got to study for that quiz! Keiko, don't you know it's wrong to skip class? I lost my contacts. I'm leaving you for Botan. She fulfils my emotional needs, and besides, with that broom of hers I am a manly man. I fight demons all the time. I'll be reading extracts from my latest collection of sonnets: The Virgin Youko's Ass; the untold tails.

But I can't be allergic to herbicides! You guys never told me my jagan glowed green. You young people may not understand, but sometimes I just feel so Oh, I don't know.

Ranma can't be that different from us, in terms of experience. I'm sure there are others who, if not in the same situation, could at least sympathize. And how many people do you think can truly sympathize, not to mention actually have experience in changing hair color, height, voice, not to mention sex?! Well, okay, so you may have a slight point there Still, I'm sure that if there were anyone else, they'd be pretty normal, too! Come out, come out, wherever you are Why didn't you warn us that that 'Bringing out of Inner Self' potion would have this kind of effect if there was some kind of accident!?!

We would never have let that cursed youkai live long enough to splash Yukina-chan! I said I was sorry, dammit! How was I supposed to know!

It's not my fault my damn spy network went to shit when I was supposed to be dead! What I want to know is how that youkai knew to target a supposedly placidly peaceful ice maiden in the first place!

She shouldn't be susceptible at all! But did the world ever take that into consideration? So horny, I'm horny, horny, horny tonight My contacts fell out, and so did my wig. I'll have to look for it too.

Be quiet, and let your chi flow. I'm obviously prettier and smarter and more powerful than my good-for-nothing brother, so why does he get all the air time? I'm going to marry Karasu! I'm sick of this oar. From now on, I'm flying first class! Girls, let's have a break. Say 'aye' if you want to go to Hawaii for a vacation!

I'll handle these youkai. You are so heroic. How in the world can guys have sex? Mine I tell you! Um, girls, maybe we can work this out I better take off this cloak.

It's sooo hot in here. Maybe you should take off all your clothes. That's the seventh time I bumped into a wall today! Minna, I've just sent a ten-page fan letter to the Teletubbies telling them how much I love them! Don't you just adore those little critters? Nobody really knows this but I'm a spy for an underground communist organization bent on world domination. This innocent-girl image is just my cover-up.

When will this damn sore eyes heal? I'm tired of wearing sunglasses. Why am I always saying "Hn" all the time? It's not even in the dictionary!

Prince William just proposed to me! What am I going to do? Hiei's not gonna like this. Girls in Meiou High: What were we thinking? How can we have a crush on Shuichi? He looks even more girly than us! Koenma my son, I'm so proud of you. I have been sober for the last 48 hours. I'll never drink alcohol again. Kuwabara-kun, you are the most humble person I have ever known. From Tenshi no Kurai Mukuro: I'm not the sweet, innocent Yukina you've came to known and love.

I'm from New Jersey Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune Forget being a god!

I'm going to be a dancer! I burned my finger! Kuwa-chan makes pretty light! He took it rather well! From Overlord Mukuro Yomi: How do you like my shades? Hiei dear, dinner will be ready in just a moment! I'm melting, I'm melting Damn it Yomi, you're just too sexy. Don't I know it?

Kurama, white really isn't your color. How the hell can you tell you blind old fart!? Kurama, I have something to tell you I'm one of the sailor scouts. I am Sailor Makai! I'm really just as sweet as can be bats eyelashes Hiei: I represent the lollipop guild, the lollipop guild, the lollipop guild Kurama: The theory of parallel universes has a direct correlation to Plato's theory of Hey, wait up you guys. You're going too fast. I think I'll walk. Oh, my, gawd, I have got to do something with this hair.

Maybe if I perm it I knew all along you were Yukina's brother. Go ahead and keep her. Hiei walks around Kurama with a thoughtful expression on his face: You know Kurama, pink really suits you.

In fact, I think we should all wear pink. Do you think they have that fuku in Kuwa-darlings size? Hiei why do you always wear that cloak. What do you have on under it? I'm totally naked under here. Actually, I'm wearing stilts under here. I wanna be loved by you, by you and nobody else but you, I wanna be loved by alo-o-ne. I'm a little tea-pot short and stout But I'm afraid of fire! You know Yusuke, I think my ankles are prettier than yours.

Hmhm, and so are my legs, and my hands. And my butt is to die for. Kurama, get a hair cut! Can't we all just get along? I have extensively researched this next assignment- Botan: But I'm afraid of heights!

I stole the mirror because I had a very important question to ask it.

YYH - Hiei vs Mukuro Part 4/4 [Blu-Ray] 720p HD

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Heck, even the Toguro brothers are better looking than you. You gave me fleas! I think I'll wear my leather ensemble with the pentagram nipple ring and this whip here should complete the ensemble. Kaasan, I'm ready to go to the temple! My real ambition in life is not to be god of death but to play the staring role in Willow. Here little birdy, birdy, come to momma. I got this great recipe for songbird pie that's to die for. You guys, I-I have a confession to make.

I, that is, I'm a virgin blushes prettily while stunned silence greets his confession Hiei: Because of that, by being together they no longer feel like they are a lone, like they are the only one like them in the world. Like there is another one of them that exists and that can relate to them because they are, in essence, the same. This is the kind of relationship that goes way beyond romance or even friendship. This is a completely different kind of relationship than that between family, even twins.

Though the relationship between identical twins is likely the closest comparison that can be made. While they may not look alike physically, in every other way, they see themselves in each other. And because of that, they are able to accept themselves as they are and push forward and find a purpose together.

Hiei and Mukuro are able to relate on that level. Which is why they were able to help each other. So the kind of relationship they have goes beyond anything conventional. It goes far beyond love or friendship or even familial care.

You need to learn to accept yourself in order to live with yourself. But not quite, since they are actually different people. But because they are so similar and united in their pasts and have helped each other overcome them, they can lean on each other and learn to accept and live with themselves together. They are like the same side of the same coin. Not Yin and Yang, but rather both of them Yin. Struggling against each other is like struggling against themselves.

When Mukuro told Hiei not to make it his purpose in life to defeat her because that would be sad, she meant that making it his purpose in life to defeat and destroy his past and himself would be sad. When Hiei said he would never fight her again, he meant that he had made peace with himself and would no longer fight against himself again. They were both content at the end of the battle because through making peace with each other in that fight, they were making peace with themselves.

What they said to each other was what they were saying to themselves. They were each being the inner voices for each other. They were only saying to each other what the other was thinking about themselves in their heart of hearts but were never able to admit to themselves.

By doing so, they forced themselves to face their deepest fears and insecurities through each other.