His father was a mudder abbott and costello meet

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'The Lemon Bit”, “Mustard”, “The Horse's Mudder”, etc. Abbott and Costello stayed with Kate Smith for three seasons until the middle of By then .. Abbott And Costello Meet The Killer, Boris Karloff (Universal ) . out on a date, Bud and Lou are coerced into helping their father put a TV antenna. sketch have been on permanent display there since , and the routine runs was discussed in a NBC program Abbott and Costello Meet Jerry Seinfeld. Kramer hears the famous Abbott and Costello line "His father was a mudder. From Abbott and Costello meet the Killer, Boris Karloff, asked of a hypnotized . The mudder/fodder (mistaken for mother/father by Costello) routine in It Aint Hay.

Ken Niles was the show's longtime announcer, doubling as an exasperated foil to Costello, who routinely insulted his on-air wife played by Elvia Allman. Sound effects were handled primarily by Floyd Caton. The program finished its run in Cast in supporting roles, they stole the show with several classic routines, including the "Who's on First?

Universal signed them to a two-picture contract. However Buck Privates was so successful that the studio decided to delay its release so the team could hastily make and release a second service comedy, In The Navyco-starring crooner Dick Powell and the Andrews Sisters. This film initially out-grossed Buck Privates.

his father was a mudder abbott and costello meet

Loew's Criterion in Manhattan was open until 5 a. The film was eventually released as Hold That Ghost This was their last film with Arthur Lubin.

All of these films were big hits, and Abbott and Costello were voted the third biggest box office attraction in the country in During filming, on December 8,a day after the attack on Pearl HarborAbbott and Costello had their hand and foot prints set in concrete at what was then " Grauman's Chinese Theatre ". Costello was stricken with rheumatic fever upon his return from a winter tour of army bases in March and was bedridden for approximately six months.

On November 4,the same day that Costello returned to radio after a one-year layoff due to his illness, his infant son Lou Jr.

his father was a mudder abbott and costello meet

He seemed to anger easily Lou also ends up inside a wax museum where he gets terrified by dummies of Count Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster ; is almost given heart failure by a walking wax head after accidentally tossing it on top of a cat ; and to cap it all off, he gets clobbered by an angry bobby after assuming he's a wax dummy too. In the same movie, Lou drinks a bottle of "Mouse-ul" Moselle to try to turn into a mouse again, but instead gets drunk off his ass and hallucinates that Bud is the one turning into a mouse.

And when he drunkenly staggers off a staircase into a cage, we get this: It works until the Queen reminds her subjects of what their men were really like — a gang of Greek Gods with similar morals. The women then look disdainfully at Costello and the rest. Lou puffs his chest up, only to collapse at a dirty look from one angry Venusian. Earlier in the movie, Abbott and Costello accidentally land in New Orleans during Mardi Gras and think that the costumed locals are Martians.

Because they're just that stupid. Also in the movie, early on after unintentionally stealing a rocket ship the fly into the Lincoln Tunnel with it. An obvious drunk sees them and charges into the bar he just vacated to resume drinking. Later, the same drunk, now clean-cut and obviously sober, is walking past the bar with an air of obvious disdain when he sees the rocket ship come flying back out of the Lincoln Tunnel.

He charges back into the bar and starts swigging a whole bottle down. If you see things like that when you're sober, you may as well be drunk! The first time the bartender listens to his story and yanks the bottle out of his hand declaring, "You've had enough! Also while terrorizing Earth in the rocket ship, they go flying at the Statue of Liberty.

his father was a mudder abbott and costello meet

Lou shrieks at her to, "Duck, lady, duck! In Buck Privates, Lou winds up clinging to a branch after he falls over a cliff.

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When Bud casually asks him what he's doing in the tree, Lou shouts back, "I sat on it when it was an acorn! At one point Kidd threatens Lou with putting him in irons. Lou asks him 'how they work'. Kidd obligingly puts the shackles on, and Lou starts giving him grief, even inviting Bud to take part.

Bud and Lou leave the cabin for a moment. Unfortunately for Lou, Kidd escapes the shackles, but pretends to still be in them. So when Lou returns to the cabin Lou holding up his fist: Naturally, a real burglar and cop show up and Hilarity Ensues.

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He eventually meets up with Bud Abbott's character, a New York therapist who doesn't believe in ghosts and who is descended from to say nothing of an exact twin for a butler who tried to steal Lou's girlfriend when he was alive. Lou gleefully terrorizes the poor fellow until the very intimidating housekeeper walks in.

The startled ghost flees after exclaiming: What well did she come out of? When the cast is arriving at the restored mansion, one of them greets the very intimidating housekeeper thusly: Bud and Lou talk to a bank manager about a loan to fund their friend's midget racer, and bring the blueprints and a working model to show their preparedness. Lou starts up the model for the manager, but he starts it backwards and it backfires, making it look like he's robbing the bank with a machine gun through the office's frosted glass window.

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Wilbert warns Winfield that he'll "get the chair", which Winfield dismisses because every local judge was family. Then Wilbert's friend hits Devil Dan Winfield with the chair. Lou and Bud try to romance one of Lou's distant cousins with the aid of a Love Potion brewed by the local witchplayed by Margaret Hamilton. When the cheapskate Bud tries cheating her, she makes a poppet of Lou and starts jabbing it with needles.

Bud initially ignores Lou's howls of pain: