Houki and ichika relationship counseling

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houki and ichika relationship counseling

Cecilia was incredibly jealous about Lingyin while Houki and Ichika were smiling and impatient to see her answer about their friend's confession, Lingyin. Houki and Rin are Ichika's childhood friends, Cecilia and Charlotte have their of the girls worry that Ichika and Chifuyu might have this kind of relationship (as if who regularly gives Laura advice on Japanese culture and pursuing Ichika. Houki walked in front of Ichika's desk, and looked directly at him. They bought the concept of AIC from Tabane-nee a couple of years ago, and are only now putting it into Thank you for the advice, Orimura-sensei.

Chifuyu started to walk again, so Charlotte followed. You could count the number of people he trusts on one hand with fingers leftover. The only reason he can even keep himself calm here is that I'm his teacher. It's the only reason he even agreed to come. He's pretty high-strung, anyway But that's about as calm as he can get. He's not used to having this many people paying mind to what he does.

Charlotte realized that they were walking to Chifuyu's office. His grades were high enough that the teachers wouldn't bother him about his grades, and low enough that they weren't particularly impressive. He had enough people he hung out with to not be considered a loner, but not so many that he was considered a friendly guy who could get along with everyone.

Plus a couple of others. I think that he hates himself, sometimes.

Oh no, there's been an error

He wants to be able to trust people, to like them, so badly, but he just He's broken that way. He's the only one allowed.

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After a few minutes, during which time they made it to Chifuyu's office, she spoke again. Why do you seem to be Why are you so protective of him? To answer your first question, it's a matter of national security. The government trusts him to not talk about it with anyone who can't keep their mouths shut, and he trusts the government not to bother him about it. As for the other two, did you know that I am his legal guardian? I've asked Alcott-san about it, but she hasn't been able to find anything, either.

I thought that he was a ward of the government Around the corner, to the left, there's a vending machine. Go get me something.

Charlotte nodded and ran out of the room, not looking either direction, and went around the corner. You can't hear the rest of this. Don't think for a second that you can trick me. A few moments later, Charlotte returned.

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Damn, they got rid of it again Ichika doesn't trust anyone easily. That, more than anything else, can be considered a testament to your character. He values your opinions, which is almost as important. I have killed to protect him, and I'm not afraid to do it again. Neither wanted to break it first, for fear of showing the other one weakness. Ichika's idea for getting our classmates and fellow students to leave us alone is for us to pretend that we're dating.

There was silence for about thirty seconds. Chifuyu snorted, then chuckled, then burst out laughing. Do you want me to beat some sense into him for you? He's your brother, right? Shouldn't you side with him? It's my job to make sure he stays in line. It'll be interesting, to say the least. Go, I have paperwork to do. Tell Ichika that his request is going to be announced Friday, with some changes from the Student Council President. Nobody's bothered to put her in line Thank you for the advice, Orimura-sensei.

She didn't notice until after, but she was behind Cecilia and Laura. She glared at Laura.

houki and ichika relationship counseling

Don't get in my way. A few seconds later, Chifuyu came out, followed by Charlotte, and they headed to where the girls were hiding. All three backed farther away from Charlotte and Chifuyu, managing to not be noticed.

Season 2 Episode 10 has Laura still wearing the adorable cat-pajamas Charlotte bought her in Season 2 Episode 1. The second manga adaptation, however, is a reboot. With bigger breasts everywhere. In episode 7 of season 2, Laura attacks Ichika with her IS bladed weapon after he says he already has a partner in mind for the upcoming tournament. Chifuyu intercepts the attack, and throws her across the room. When Laura complains that her matter with Ichika is strictly between a husband and wife, Chifuyu counters by saying that she would never accept a sister-in-law that acts like that.

The statement hits Laura pretty hard, and she quietly sits down on the floor with a gloomy look, muttering to herself. Rin, Cecilia, Charlotte, and Laura are shown to be this in the illusions they have due to the World Purge.

Ichika's IS is a close-ranged fighter, so in a ranged fight he has to dodge or absorb shots thrown at him until he can get close enough.

Unless another IS user allows him to use their ranged weapons. Averted with Rin, who has a weapon that has some medium range capabilities.

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Active Inertial Canceler seems to nullify any attack thrown at her, but she has to stay focused on the attacker for it to work.

So if someone else shoots her from behind Cecilia's IS is designed solely for long ranged combat eg. Chifuyu also comments in one episode that she's also designed to take on multiple opponents, but in the anime at least, she only ever fights against one opponent at a time.

Laura easily defeats both Cecilia and Rin at the same time in her debut battle.

houki and ichika relationship counseling

Yamada-sensei does the same to those same two girls during a training fight, with a Second-GenerationMass-production IS suit. After the missile attack was repelled, countries from all over the world send a task force to capture or destroy White Knight; it destroys every single thing sent after it. At the end of the battle, fighter jets, 7 cruisers, 5 aircraft carriers and 8 satellites were destroyed - the kicker - no loss of human life.

The White Knight is a first generation IS. Heavily implied to be Tabane's work, trying to convince the world that the Infinite Stratos far outguns any weapon or weapon platform then available. It works unbelievably well. Outright stated to be Tabane and Chifuyu in the original novels.

The fight between Tatenashi and Autumn in episode 4 of season 2. Any setbacks the former faces was largely just her playing around with the latter, but she has the upper hand, forcing Autumn to attempt a retreat. Tatenashi is then on the receiving end of one in episode 9 of season 2, when she realizes that her usual attacks don't seem to be affecting the unmanned IS suits attacking the school. Is understandable in Ichika's case but there's not really any excuse for the rest of the main characters.

Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Applied to both, the IS uniform and the IS units itself. The Byakku Shiki's signature attack is extremely powerful, but it comes at the cost of draining the suit's own shield energy. There's also the Valkyrie Trace System where the I.

The latter only adds fuel to the fire by saying Rin's outfit is a bit tight around the chest. The novels reveal she's actually somewhat jealous of Laura, because Laura has even smaller breasts than her but she isn't bothered by it in the slightest. She nearly gave one to a sleeping Ichika, till he started to wake up.

Aside from stated nationality, she befits the stereotype of being raised in a family that runs a Chinese restaurant. Has no problem being playful and energetic towards Ichika, but has problems in the romantic affection bit. She and Ichika were friends since grade school, some time after Houki left. They have fond memories of eating together in her family's restaurant, though it seems that Ichika doesn't remember things quite the same way Rin does She made a promise with Ichika in which she'd treat him to food everyday if she got better at cooking the implication being that they'd get married.

Ichika, ever Oblivious to Lovetook her words literally.

houki and ichika relationship counseling

In episode 1 of season 2, Rin mentions having been given sniper training just like Laura, when at a shooting gallery stand. Houki and Cecilia hate her instantly for being a childhood friend of Ichika, but she also hates it when the other girls get close to him, particularly Houki and Charlotte.

While she does have cannons with medium-range capabilities, her IS suit is melee-oriented. Especially visible when her smile turns from cute to cruel and murderous. Her Shenlong's Souten Gagetsu, a pair of swords that can be combined to form a lance-like weapon.

When slipping into Yandere mode. Upbeat and energetic in disposition; disturbingly enough, even when she is angry enough to want to kill Ichika she is upbeat and happy. Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! She has her hair tied into twin tails. Two yellow ribbons which hold up her twintails. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She can be rather blunt and a yandere towards Ichika, but she's one of the good guys. With Ichika, who's completely clueless about the implications of the aforementioned Childhood Marriage Promise.

Gains a couple more Impact Cannons for their counterattack against the Silver Gospel. The first manga series showed that she was living with her uncle prior to enrolling in the IS academy, but even he didn't seem to be home very often because of his duties as a People's Liberation Army officer.

houki and ichika relationship counseling

A few days right after Ichika, but was introduced to Class Her parents divorced due to differences, and the restaurant Ichika usually visits had closed down, forcing her to return to China, where she was scouted as an IS pilot. Wears one in Season 2 as part of the school festival. Her twintails reach down to her waist. Sort of; the Impact Cannons are positioned slightly above her shoulders Her IS is obviously named after another Gundam of the same name.

The shortest character in Ichika's harem. The first season spelled out her name as "Fan Rinin" on a computer screen. The second season's opening clearly spells it as "Huang Lingyin.

houki and ichika relationship counseling

She loves Ichika, there's no doubt about that. Yet she seems to have no qualms about hitting Ichika with her IS weapons even when he's unarmed.

Busting through a wall and attempting to kill Ichika after Charlotte admits to her true gender with most of the school knowing that she and Ichika took a bath together the previous day counts as this. Then there's this conversation between her and Cecilia while peeping at Ichika and Charlotte going shopping together.

Are they holding hands? Ah, then it wasn't an illusion or a daydream. Charles is actually a girl named Charlotte who was sent to spy on Ichika by her father. Ichika begins calling her Char after the gender revealwhich she quite accepted wholeheartedly.

Played straight during her stint as Charles. Averted after the gender reveal. During the duel with Laura they perfectly cooperated, taking advantage of the latter's IS's weakness and capabilities of their own ISs.

Beware the Nice Ones: When she was forced to don a male persona, Charlotte can pass for a kindly handsome if effeminate boy who can set girls swooning with love.

During her first introduction to the class as Charles. Again when temporarily acting as a waitress in a butler outfit. Her training to use the polite-masculine pronoun "boku" to refer to herself in Japanese stuck, even after she no longer has to maintain a male facade, all because Ichika told her it was cute. She is so unbelievably popular among the fans that she is the first character to receive her very own spinoff web-released manga series, IS: To the viewpoint of the other girls, she could also be The Rival type.

For all her kindness, she definitely is one, and willing to join the other girls' jealous antics. Quickly shut down Houki, since Laura is enough of an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy to think she can take on both all by herself? Bring out the hidden weapons, like a shield-piercing spike and an extra assault rifle? Give said extra rifle to Ichika, a melee-only combatant, so he can shoot Laura in the back when she's focused on Charles?