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Mizushima Hiro & Ayaka getting married at the height of their It was revealed on the 2nd of April that popular actor Mizushima Hiro They have already met each other's parents and made formal arrangements on each side. Mizushima Hiro (水嶋ヒロ) 83 I wish this man was in dramas I actually wanted to watch. Mizushima Hiro together with Horikita Maki and Odagiri Joe at the Press for Beck Black Butler and Drop He has been married to Ayaka since February .. Siwon claims that he's also an ELF after Super Junior Japanese fan meeting. Hiro Mizushima, Ayaka married since February Friday, April 3rd, Popular actor In addition, it was revealed that Ayaka will be putting her music career on hold. The two apparently first met three years ago, but it wasn't until a magazine.

Currently, there are no plans yet for a ceremony and a wedding.

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Mizushima spent his childhood, up to middle school in Zurich, Switzerland. With all the necessary characteristics to be popular with women, he has been called the 'super ikemen among ikemens'. Ayaka, who debuted in with her song 'I believe' made history by being the first female singer-songwriter to enter the Oricon Charts in the top 3 on her debut. In the same year, she was presented with the Best New Artist Award.

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She has participated in NHK's Kouhaku 3 years consecutively. Inher hit song 'Mikazuki' topped the 'Karaoke Request Ranking'. It was covered by Inoue Yousui 60 as well, a song that crosses over generations. September 27, - tokyoguy Rock band X Japan finally kicked off their first ever North American concert tour, performing for about 2, fans at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles on Saturday.

After the support act Vampires Everywhere! The tour will take in seven cities and finish in New York on October The band are due to tour Europe in the New Year. Meanwhile it was announced that X Japan have signed a contract with the William Morris entertainment agency, the biggest in the world. September 27, - tokyoguy The Sagamihara home of singer-songwriter UA 38 was completely destroyed in a fire on Saturday. The fire in the sq.

UA, real name Hasegawa Kaori, her husband 28 and their 3-year-old son were sleeping downstairs and they evacuated the house along with their elder son 13 and two school friends who were sleeping upstairs.

After the long hot summer, the weather in Japan has turned a lot cooler and the family used their wood-burning stove for the first time in months. According to local police the stove is thought to have been the cause of the fire.

It has an octagonal room that was used for small concerts. UA and her family have been renting it since she re-married in They work a neighboring field, where they also keep two goats. UA was married to actor Murakami Jun 37 from to Although some expressed concern over the lack of an analog joystick, in addition to announcing more details about the system and its accessories, Sony also released a list of 99 developer companies that had pledged support for the new handheld.

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8 month relationship! Mizushima Hiro & Ayaka getting married at the height of their popularity

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