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Meher Ali Shah formally referred to as His Holiness, Huzoor Qibla e Aalam Tajdar-e-Golra Ala In the early part of the month of Safar A.H (April ), he had an and the reverberation of which was felt by every one who happened to touch the Meher Ali Shah; Rashid Ahmad Gangohi · Muhammad Qasim Nanotvi. The family of Imran Khan the current Prime Minister of Pakistan and former captain of the They have two sons from the marriage, Sulaiman Isa Khan (born ) and Kasim Khan (born ). at Zaman Park in Lahore from their honeymoon at one of the Goldsmiths' farms in 18 November ) and Qasim Khan (b. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (ذوالفقار علی بھٹو ) (5 January – 4 April ) was a Pakistani Zulfikar Ali Bhutto belonged to a Sindhi family,he was born to Sir Shah Nawaz of Junagadh, and enjoyed an influential relationship with the officials of the British Raj. In , his marriage was arranged with Shireen Amir Begum.

Bhutto significantly transformed Pakistan's hitherto pro-West foreign policy.

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While maintaining a prominent role for Pakistan within the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization and the Central Treaty OrganizationBhutto began asserting a foreign policy course for Pakistan that was independent of U. Meanwhile, Bhutto visited both East and West Germany and established a strong link between two countries. Bhutto proceeded economical, technological, industrial and military agreements with Germany.

Bhutto strengthened Pakistan's strategic alliance with Germany. Bhutto addressed a farewell speech at the University of Munichwhere he cited the importance of Pakistan and German relations.

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Inas territorial differences increased between India and China, Beijing was planning to stage an invasion in northern territories of India. Bhutto advocated for the plan, but Ayub opposed the plan: Bhutto was shocked by such statements and felt Ayub Khan was unlettered in international affairs.

Bhutto was conscious that despite Pakistan's membership of anti-communist western alliances, China had refrained from criticising Pakistan. Inthe U. Therefore, Ayub did not participate in the Chinese plans.

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Ayub and Shastri agreed to exchange prisoners of war and withdraw respective forces to pre-war boundaries. This agreement was deeply unpopular in Pakistan, causing major political unrest against Ayub's regime. Bhutto's criticism of the final agreement caused a major rift between him and Ayub. Initially denying the rumours, Bhutto resigned in June and expressed strong opposition to Ayub's regime.

Bhutto reportedly said, "Pakistan will fight, fight for a thousand years. India builds the atom bomb Pakistan will eat grass or leaveseven go hungry, but we Pakistan will get one of our own atom bomb We Pakistan have no other Choice! Bhutto obtained a manifesto and made a future policy on how the programme would be developed and which individual scientists would start the program.

Tapping a wave of anger against Ayub, Bhutto travelled across Pakistan to deliver political speeches. In October Bhutto made explicit the beliefs of his new party, "Islam is our faith, democracy is our policy, socialism is our economy.

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All power to the people. Under Hassan's guidance and Bhutto's leadership, the PPP became a part of the pro-democracy movement involving diverse political parties from all across Pakistan. The PPP activists staged large protests and strikes in different parts of the country, increasing pressure on Ayub to resign. Hassan and Bhutto's arrest on 12 Novembersparked greater political unrest. Bhutto attracted the leftist and ultra-leftist forces, who gathered under his leadership, becoming the full sum of force.

The Socialist-Communist mass, under Bhutto's leadership, intensified its support in Muhajir and poor farming communities in West Pakistan, working through educating people to cast their vote for their better future.

Bhutto refused to accept an Awami League government and famously promised to "break the legs" of any elected PPP member who dared to attend the inaugural session of the National Assembly.

According to historical references and a report published by leading newspaper, "Mujib no longer [28] believed in Pakistan and was determined to make Bangladesh". On 26 March Mujib was arrested by the Pakistan Army, which had been ordered by Yahya to suppress political activities. Bhutto and others condemned Yahya for failing to protect Pakistan's unity.

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And, for the first time in the country's history, the leftists and democratic socialists had a chance to administer the country with the popular vote and widely approved exclusive mandate, given to them by the West's population in the s elections.

A group called the Al Mansuri Brigade kidnapped him. He once again successfully ran in the general elections and took the oath of the office of Minister for Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

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He was the Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan until when the new general election in was held in the country. Specifically, he was accused of hiring up to people from among his constituents and placing them on the government's payroll. Thus his conviction by General Musharraf-backed courts and subsequent prison sentence were seen as marks of loyalty within the PPP. His imprisonment was widely condemned by various individuals across the country, including Mushahid Hussain Syeda senior leader of the PML-Q.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Peoples Party completed consultations and negotiations with the other parties to form a coalition alliance and the alliance endorsed the nomination. The formal announcement of the name of prime minister was expected to be made that night. On 22 March at 9: Many analysts said that they would not be surprised if Zardari succeeded Gillani after a few months. It was reported on 24 Marchthat Zardari said he was not interested in the job of prime minister and that Gillani would serve until in the position.

Speculation that Zardari might be gunning for the premiership grew stronger when he picked the less popular Gillani over Ameen Faheema much powerful member of the central executive committee. Fahmida Mirzathe newly elected Speaker of the Assembly, insisted there was no plan to replace Gillani. She added, however, that if Gillani did not do a good job, all options were open. Some of the points he announced were: PM House budget cut by 40 percent. Special counters at airports for parliamentarians to be removed.

No money to be spent on the renovation of government buildings and residences.