Hyomin and sunny relationship questions

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hyomin and sunny relationship questions

Saturday, September 07, grandpas over flowers, snsd, sunny comments was no need for them to be tired at all and yet they still acted with arrogance over a few questions tsk tsk tsk. . What I want is Hara, Hyomin and Sunny seeing together. She just boringly explained the whole platonic relationship lol. Host: Sunny you have a lot of problems. Okay your the last Manager: A lot of Shows booked you just earlier to ask about your reveal of relationship. Yuri: Aish. Hyomin grabbed Sunny's jacket silently while Hyuna and Yuri were hugging each . to their other members about personal topics, because they can't find Hyoyeon with her over dinner while Taeyeon was talking to Yoona about marriage.

hyomin and sunny relationship questions

Скорее вылезай. Он неохотно выполз из-под компьютера. - Побойся Бога, Мидж.

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