Izaya and shizuo relationship tips

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izaya and shizuo relationship tips

Shizuo can't make it home for Izaya's birthday. Telling everyone that actually their relationship is secret and they can't tell anyone else. Maybe that's because Tom-san knows what tip Shizuo off and never does that, but. I've seen a LOT of bad Mary Sues in the Durarara fandom. OC and probably give some tips on how to improve him! . them (they are in a relationship with Shizuo and Izaya respectively, though; however, their relationships. including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn.

All of these were not uncommon, including much more sinister ones sometimes. Sometimes, Izaya would have fun with these secrets, delving deeper into them, causing the people he messed with to do drastic things.

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He looked above, at the glistening, not-quite-full moon, mixed perfectly in the starry night above. Had he really been daydreaming for that long? The beast, of course, had a secret too. Shizuo Heiwajima is secretly gay. To him, all humans were just… human. Nothing more, nothing less, and Izaya loved all of them equally. And two, though the raven probably identified as asexual, he was probably a bit gay himself, being honest. He made his way to the couch, plopping down on it before continuing.

He looked towards Shinra, glancing to the words overhead by habit. Shinra Kishitani is living, and in love with, a headless Dullahan. You know, you could have just called me. What about, Izaya had no idea. Izaya actually had no idea what to do about the feeling, since Shinra was definitely no help. The raven did, in fact, have a plan for what to do now.

izaya and shizuo relationship tips

Scarpaw "It's only until Shinra gives up trying to play matchmaker on us — how long could that be? When Izaya decides it'd be fun to play a joke on their mutual friend Shinra, he doesn't realize that the joke will be as long term as their relationship.


And, well, this is the result. I hope you enjoy!

izaya and shizuo relationship tips

I do not own Durarara! Surprise "Really Shizu-chan, it's only until Shinra gives up trying to play matchmaker on us — how long could that be?

izaya and shizuo relationship tips

Heiwajima Shizuo and Orihara Izaya start dating before their freshman year of high school, unknown to everyone around them. Sheesh, why is this so important to you? Before Shizuo could ask Izaya anything, however, he continued, "Ne, Shizu-chan, did you ever mention… us to Shinra?

izaya and shizuo relationship tips

Izaya had a fairly good assumption to the answer, but he wanted to hear it from Shizuo just to be certain. Is this what that's all about? Honestly, you could've mentioned it to him — you just said you went to middle school with the guy. Seriously, what's with the twenty questions going on? Shizuo had a feeling he wouldn't like whatever Izaya was about to suggest.

The 'prank' Izaya had wanted to play on Shinra was just for the boyfriends to pretend not to have met before, and act the exact opposite. Hate at first sight — it was a really fun scheme to play, and it had been exhilarating, if Izaya was to be honest. It was exciting, though Shizuo had disagreed.

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After all, he's the one who's going along with me to play a prank on his childhood friend, isn't he? Going for a parfait is the least I can do. So, they didn't actually spring the truth on Shinra the next day. Part of it was because Shizuo had wound up staying home — Kasuka got sick, and Shizuo stayed home to take care of him, and Izaya didn't really want to reveal the prank to Shinra without Shizuo there.

Shinra wouldn't believe him if Shizuo wasn't there to back up his words, and even if Shinra didn't believe him, telling the truth wouldn't be as much fun if Izaya wasn't able to rub it in Shinra's face with Shizuo there.

The other part was because of Shinra, actually. Taking care of a sick younger sibling would do that to you, Izaya knew from experience, though normally when he had a sick younger sibling to take care of, it wasn't just one, it was two. He slipped his shoes off and headed straight for the kitchen. Kasuka was sleeping upstairs, and he didn't want to wake him up by accident. Wouldn't it be more interesting if we didn't tell him? Of course we should tell him!

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This is pointed out by Shizuo himself in Volume 9 of the Light novels where he explains that while killing him would be rather satisfying, he would be perfectly content if Izaya simply stayed out of his life completely. This is further evidenced by the fact that in almost all of their fights, it's Izaya who throws the first punch. Even when Shizuo is the one to attack first, it's usually because he believes that Izaya had provoked him in some way.

Izaya hates Shizuo about as much as Shizuo hates him, although he is a lot better at controlling it out in the open. It's made clear that he doesn't even consider Shizuo human by his standards, considering him closer to that of an animal than anything else. As such, he gets extremely annoyed when Shizuo actually shows some sign of intelligence or maturity. It also seems that, between the two of them, Izaya appears to be the most fixated on their rivalry. This is shown in that Izaya frequently goes out of his way to antagonize Shizuo in some way whether it be a simple prank or framing him for murder.

Towards the end of volume 12, Izaya reveals a bit more about why he seems so fixated on Shizuo. The first reason is that since he sees Shizuo as nothing more than a monster, Izaya feels extreme jealousy at Shizuo's ability to unwittingly attract others to him.