Jack bauer and audrey raines relationship memes

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jack bauer and audrey raines relationship memes

An analyst at CTU Los Angeles (and later New York), she is Jack Bauer's most Morris tells Chloe that he ended their relationship because he felt that neither of .. is a fictional character played by actress Kim Raver on the television series, .. Son nom a été révélée par lui même, il précise avoir seulement 14 ans. posts that are joke/meme related or those with no evidence in them. My theory is that Jack Bauer never got out of China and that the rest .. He tells Jack that he "knows what happened to Audrey Raines" and . The Eric-Ben-Nicole storyline also has shades of the characters' relationships in 'No Exit'. Jul 17, out right after Audrey Raines bit the bullet thanks to Chinese mercenaries. So, when he drops in the ground when learning Audrey is dead and Jack Bauer deserves the trust of his government and its president. Jack also deserves to have real human relationships because these things matter to him.

I admit that one reason I resisted welcoming the Audrey Raines character onto the show was due to the fact that I was a big fan of Season 2's love interest-- Sarah Wynter as the brave civilian Kate Warner --who got short shrifted and phased out of the series with a quick cameo at the beginning of Season 3.

I was always hoping Kate would return to the show but, after having seen how the show had a tendency to ruin characters that I liked, I think it's just as well she didn't come back so that her Season 2 character and story arc weren't undermined by some sort of twist which would have contradicted everything that had already been established. Even though I was biased towards Kate, however, the Audrey Raines character didn't help matters by turning out to be one of the most shallow, unsympathetic, narcissistic, whiny, wimpy, and useless TV characters of all time, which is ironic considering that the writers and producers evidently intended for Audrey to be a very sympathetic individual.

Let's be upfront and make it clear that the characters on "24" were, by and large, mere plot devices to keep the story moving along. The writers had no interest in creating consistent personalities who would engage us week-after-week, except for Sutherland's Jack Bauer and Mary Lynn Rajskub's computer tech geek Chloe O'Brien. Aside from them, and a very small handful of other characters, most "24" characters existed merely to propel the storyline forward.

With that in-mind, Audrey Raines was a particularly useless character in that her storyline was mostly confined to scenes at CTU, where the writers awkwardly tried to give her duties and tasks to perform in order to try and make it appear that she was actually being useful to avert the latest crisis at-hand.

It was never really clear what Audrey's talents and skill sets were that warranted having her character work for the DoD, much less being involved in assisting at CTU, and the only times she was ever out in the field was when she was kidnapped and held hostage in Seasons 4, 5 and 6.

Because her character was so poorly defined in terms of what her job and abilities were, any of the functions that she performed while at CTU could have easily been filled by any of the other characters on the show. As such, on a show where most of the characters are deemed useless unless they help propel the story forward, it becomes clear that Audrey's sole and only purpose of existing within the "24" universe is as Jack Bauer's love interest.

Audrey only exists on the show to be Jack's girlfriend, which would have been fine if she were actually a likeable and sympathetic character. I never really liked the presence of Audrey in Jack's life because, by making her character so important in the fabric of the series, the producers undercut the significance of Jack's late wife Teri Leslie Hopewho was tragically killed at the end of Season 1 by turncoat agent Nina Myers Sarah Clarke.

By constantly harping on the notion that Audrey was purportedly "Jack's true love," the show tarnishes the memory of Teri, whose death symbolizes the terrible moment in Jack Bauer's life when things turned irretrievably out of control.

It would be the same, in regards to the James Bond movie series, as suggesting that any of the leading ladies who followed Diana Rigg's tragic Tracy, who marries George Lazenby's James Bond at the end of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"were more important to Bond than Tracy ever was. Eva Green's marvelous Vesper Lynd in 's "Casino Royale" doesn't undermine Tracy's legacy because her character appears in the rebooted Bond series timeline that presumes Tracy never existed.

Audrey Raines proved to be pretty useless even as a love interest. In Season 4, her introductory season, she was already off-putting from the moment she arrived because she was wavering between both Jack and her estranged husband Paul Raines James Frain who, as it turns out, is actually a good and decent man who genuinely loves Audrey.

As the season progresses, Audrey's loyalties continually bounce back and forth between Jack and Paul and it becomes clear that Audrey is a wishy-washy individual totally lacking in strength of character who can't make up her mind who she wants to be with. It didn't help matters that, before the scenario of Season 4 even began, Audrey and Jack had already been deep in their affair, which meant that viewers never really had a chance to slowly acclimate to this romance and they had to accept her wholeheartedly from the moment she was introduced.

It was as if the producers were sternly telling us, "This is the woman Jack loves.

jack bauer and audrey raines relationship memes

Get used to it. In both cases, Jack didn't know either Kate or Walker at the start of the day and the audience had an opportunity to see the trust, caring and rapport that eventually developed between Jack and each of these women throughout those seasons. But what really turned me off to Audrey Raines was how whiny, weepy and wimpy Kim Raver played her throughout much of her tenure on the series. Cassar was generous with his time and we chatted for awhile. The conversation turned to the Audrey character and I mentioned how a lot of fans in DC hated her because of how weepy and shamelessly emotional she was in Season 4, and that that set the tone for our dislike of the character.

jack bauer and audrey raines relationship memes

Cassar attempted to defend Kim Raver's performance by explaining how the writers make up the story week-to-week, rather than having a established game plan for the direction of the stories. He explained that the writers had inadvertently written one scenario-after-another which required Audrey to react in an emotional manner so that, by the time they realized that they had written one crying fit too many for her, it was too late and that the character had already been established as weak and self-indulgent in the minds of many fans of the show.

I never bought that explanation because, as an actress, Kim Raver could've chosen to play those scenes in a calmer, more collected manner if she was inspired and talented enough to think outside the box. My opinion on this is influenced by the anecdote Lauren Bacall shared in her memoirs where she related how director Howard Hawks instructed her to train her voice to speak in a low, deep manner so that, if he ever gave her a scene that was very emotional, she could still play it with a deep voice.

Hawks' logic was that a whiny voice often reflects how a character has lost control of a situation. If Bacall could play an emotional scene with a deeper voice, then it would show how her character was still calm and collected, despite the turmoil she is experiencing, and that that would demonstrate the strength of the character.

The purpose of this example is to illustrate how actors can approach how they perform a scene from a wide variety of perspectives. It was obvious while watching Season 4 that Kim Raver never read Bacall's memoir.

If she did, she apparently learned nothing about the direction Hawks gave to Bacall in terms of how to modulate her speaking voice. Raver could have chosen not to play Audrey in such a sniveling, weepy manner and she simply did not do that. As such, Kim Raver must ultimately take the blame for the negative first impression she made as Audrey by choosing to play her from a such conventional perspective and for not finding ways to give the character more gravitas and authority by having her react to the crisis around her in a more mature manner.

There are people who felt her character had been "improved" when she returned in Season 5, but I felt that those were shallow and cosmetic changes. Even if she wasn't crying as much as she was the previous season, she still rarely demonstrated any genuine sense of character or depth.

Morris works on reconstructing the image, while Milo finds information that states Morris's brother has been exposed to the radiation from the Valencia bomb and is in a hospital. Chloe informs him, but while Morris wants to go to his brother's side at once, Chloe insists he retrieve the data. After Morris downloads an illegal program that will speed up the reconstruction of the data, he leaves, and Chloe kisses him goodbye.

Chloe then monitors the retrieval to find that the engineer was, in fact, Morris. Bill has her call Morris via cell phone with Jack on the line, and Chloe jumps nervously after hearing gunfire erupt as McCarthy corners and kidnaps Morris from his car and put into his with the help of McCarthy's girlfriend, Rita.

Chloe works to help locate Morris, who was tortured by Fayed into programming a device which would allow the detonation of the suitcase nukes. Chloe gives Jack the needed information in how to disable the suitcase nuke Fayed left behind after CTU assaulted his safe house. Afterwards, Jack and Chloe have a reunion at CTU where she thanks him for saving Morris's life, and she tells him she's glad Fayed didn't kill him. Jack thanks her for everything.

She later visits Morris in the infirmary, but her attempts at compassion are dismissed by Morris's claims that he's responsible for Fayed ability to arm the remaining suitcase nukes.

He tells her to go away.

Audrey Raines

She later goes back to say they have a lead, and asks him to return to duty. He dismisses it as a ruse to get him to go back to work, and admits he's a coward. Chloe retorts he's pissing her off, and Morris says she can add it to his list of failings. Chloe slaps him, and he tells her if she wants to save somebody, save somebody who is worth saving.

She tries to slap him again, but he blocks it. She tells Morris to stop feeling sorry for himself and get back to work. Later, she finds Morris is not at his work station. She investigates his palmtop, and calls his sponsor, who says she hasn't been in touch with Morris for years. Chloe confronts Morris in the men's room. However, when Chloe leaves, he drains what is left of a bottle of whiskey down the sink. When Milo suspects that Morris has been drinking again, he asks Chloe to check Morris for any signs of alcohol.

She reluctantly agrees, and walks over to him and kissed him, when he asked "What was that for? However, Morris discovers her act and forces her to tell Bill. When Bill orders everyone to help Jack Bauer under presidential order, he excludes her saying that "I don't trust you" but he changes his mind in the next episode when he tells her he needs his best people working on this.

Chloe is apparently upset and angry at Morris for forcing her to tell Bill the truth and the pair argue until Chloe's anger gets the better of her and she throws the fact that he armed nuclear weapons for terrorists, back in his face.

Chloe insists that she didn't mean it but Morris puts in for a transfer out of Com and to no longer work aside Chloe.

Audrey Raines - Wikipedia

She is visibly upset and scolds herself for pushing the issue too far. Later, she attempts to apologize, but Morris tells her that their relationship is over. As Morris goes back to work, Chloe bursts into tears. Minutes later, Nadia notices that Chloe is not at her station and Morris claims not to know where she is. Later, Chloe confronts Morris over his decision to break up. Morris tells Chloe that he ended their relationship because he felt that neither of them would be able to move past the fact that he had armed the nuclear weapons.

Soon afterwards, CTU came under attack and the entire staff, including Chloe, was taken hostage. Eventually Nadia, Jack, and Morris attacked the men holding them hostage and Chloe commended Nadia on her bravery.

While at work, Chloe faints and is taken to the CTU medical department. It was revealed near the end of the final episode that she is pregnant. Morris, presumably the father, appears pleased at the news, and the two resume their relationship once again in typical Morris fashion, he dismisses their breakup with a "Sod that! Season 7 Chloe does not appear in Redemptionthe two-hour TV prequel, which aired on Sunday, November 23, ,[6] she and Bill Buchanan first appear in the third episode of the season.

Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub revealed her role in the upcoming seventh season: So far he's taking care of the baby, but he'll be around. Kiefer Sutherland commented "Chloe is crankier than ever; the dammit count is pretty high. Chloe co-ordinates numerous operations for the team, until later they become compromised through their efforts to secure the CIP device used by Juma's henchman, Dubaku to launch attacks on America.

Later on, after Dubaku is captured and the threat seemingly ended, Jack is informed by Tony of another impending attack. Jack asks Chloe to erase Burnett's name from the files to buy him time to get to Burnett and interrogate him.

Janis Gold, one of the FBI's analysts, becomes suspicious of Chloe's and finds out what she has done. Janis reports her to Agent Larry Moss, who has Chloe arrested and detained. Chloe is later released when her husband Morris cuts an immunity deal for her, and the two go home to get some sleep.

This plot development was partially to work around Rajskub's pregnancy. In earlier episodes, "I sit behind my computer and every time I stand up, they yell cut, and bring in a body double. Jack tells her that Tony has betrayed them, but as of 4 AM has not informed her of his own condition. Jack eventually informed her of his condition, but asked her to remain focused and help them find Tony and the pathogen. Thanks to Chloe's help, Jack is able to find and capture Tony.

However, the tables are turned and Jack is kidnapped by Tony. When Kim recovers a laptop from one of Tony's lackeys, Chloe is able to track Jack's location and save him.

Chloe O'Brian

Season 8 In Season 8, Chloe is re-employed by the revived CTU, but is at times struggling with the new hardware, software and interfaces; dialogue between her and Head of CTU Brian Hastings Mykelti Williamson indicates that Morris has lost his job and Chloe is keeping the family afloat. Chloe quickly goes head-to-head with her co-workers when evidence is uncovered that implicates journalist Meredith Reed Jennifer Westfeldt in an assassination plot against President Omar Hassan Anil Kapoor.

Chloe is suspicious of the ease with which CTU obtained this evidence, feeling that Reed might be being framed by actual conspirators. Hastings refuses to follow up on her suspicions, even threatening her job if she takes time to investigate, so she recruits Jack to do it instead. As it turns out, Chloe's instincts are proved correct, leading CTU to the actual assassin, and Hastings formally apologizes and commends her actions in the official logs.

Later, after Dana's behavior in relation to former associate Kevin Wade Clayne Crawford affects her job performance, Chloe is then reinstated to Head Analyst, with Dana now reporting to her. In the rd episode of the show Season 8, 6: This puts Chloe in an abnormal position in regard to Jack: This new dynamic is put to the test within two hours of her promotion, when Jack steals a helicopter to pursue justice in direct defiance of orders from President Allison Taylor Cherry Jones.

Chloe sticks with the responsibilities of her position, ordering pursuit instead of supporting Jack; this is the first time in several years the two have pursued clashing goals. At the end of the 8th season 3: Jack orders Chloe to shoot him in order to free herself from suspicion and to expose the cover up of Hassan's murder. Chloe refuses to go through with it until Jack points the gun at his own head, forcing her to either shoot him or having him kill himself.

She shoots him in the shoulder. After Jack is saved from death by President Alison Taylor's order, he calls Chloe and makes her promise to protect Jack's family, and along with President Taylor, plans to buy him as much time as she can for him to flee the country before the Americans and Russians come after him for his actions. Jack thanks her for all she has done for him since she joined CTU and forgives her for her actions during the day.

Chloe has the distinction of speaking the final line in the series by saying "shut it down" to Arlo Glass in regards to the CTU drone. She returned in the miniseries Live Another Day, which started airing in May