Jan and dean meet batman lp 1966

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jan and dean meet batman lp 1966

Check out Jan & Dean Meet Batman by Jan & Dean on Amazon Music. January 1, The Origin Of Captain Jan & Dean The Boy Blunder .. I was lucky enough to find a nice clean copy of the original LP years ago, so I have my fix now. Results 1 - 48 of Jan And Dean Golden Hits Volume 2 Shrink Wrap Vinyl LP Liberty . JAN AND DEAN MEET BATMAN LIBERTY RECORDS VINYL. Format: Stereo LP. Collection Jan And Dean - Jan & Dean Meet Batman - Liberty - USA () Albums of - Vinyl Albums - List by Mr. Blaze.

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The mere mention of their name today evokes images of suntanned California teens dancing and surfing on the beaches of Malibu. The ultimate good-time music act of the early '60s -- who only earned one gold record for "Surf City" -- the duo get credit for inspiring lots of smiles and providing the soundtrack to countless parties, but few listeners, critics, or pop culture historians appreciate just how important they were musically during the first half of the s, or how long it took them to achieve the level of craftsmanship that characterized their music as much as their high harmonies and catchy choruses.

They began singing together with some other friends, which eventually led to the formation of a performing group, the Barons, who specialized in doo wop music of the period -- among the songs they covered were "Get a Job," "Hushabye," and "Short Shorts.

Berry was already becoming experienced in the studio -- he'd learned how to create an echo-delay effect between the two machines this feature would later become standard on Ampex machines, but it was a big deal in and was learning how to hear all of the subtle details that creep into multiple performances of a piece and perceive how they might fit together to best advantage. The Barons did the show and, as an amateur group without particular plans, went their separate ways.

Berry kept getting any of them who were willing to show up together at his parents' home, however, and recording take after take of various songs, as many as 50, according to Torrence. He would experiment with them by splicing parts of each take together, coming up with completed versions that were larger than the sum of the individual parts.

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The whole point in those days of just about any voluntary male teen activity was what else? The problem of what to record proved vexing until one of the other former members of the Barons, Arnie Ginsburg, showed up on a day when Berry and Torrence were struggling with the question, proposing a song about a stripper with the stage name Jenny Lee "the Bazoom Girl"who was appearing at a strip joint in Los Angeles.

Ginsburg and Berry came up with the song, and Berry and Torrence worked on it, although it fell to Berry and Ginsburg to put the final vocals down, Torrence having been called up for his obligatory six months' service in the army reserve. Lubin believed that something could be made out of the song, and Berry happily sold him the master.

Meanwhile, Torrence, who was part of the team that Berry intended to debut before the public, was about to go into the army. Lubin overdubbed a band led by Don Ralke on top of the basic track of two vocals, a piano, and percussion, and issued the song on Arwin in the late winter of Arwin tried two follow-ups that performed far less well, and by the late fall ofwith show business looking a lot less promising, Ginsburg left the duo.

jan and dean meet batman lp 1966

Luckily, Torrence's army service ended just then and Berry asked him if he could try singing together again. The duo also decided to get some help from a pair of new producers -- Lubin having run out his string with them at Arwin -- Herb Alpert, a jazz trumpet player with major ambitions, and his songwriting partner, Lou Adler, who got them onto the Dore Records label.

jan and dean meet batman lp 1966

There were still problems to be overcome, however. They felt that Dore Records was a dead end in terms of getting them wider national exposure, and wanted to sign with a major label. They desperately wanted to be on Liberty, and Adler and Alpert were prepared to go with them as producers, but even this switch wasn't easy to accomplish. Astonishingly in retrospect, Liberty balked at releasing "Heart and Soul," a new recording of the duo that they were positive would hit, but which Liberty rejected.

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In fact, they'd run into a trough in their success, owing to the weak material that they were receiving from their publisher, Aldon Music amazingly, home of Carole King and Gerry Goffin, Barry Mann, and Cynthia Weil, et al.

Instead, they began writing their own material and producing themselves. They began their climb back to success with Berry's first official production, "Linda," which got to number 28 in earlytheir best chart placement in two years. The Beach Boys were currently enjoying their first Top Ten national hit, and the group backed the duo at their shows -- all of them took an immediate liking to each other, especially Brian Wilson and Berry. Both were as much architects of sound as they were musicians, with definite ideas about the shape of the sound they wanted.

The single also heralded a major change in their sound as they jumped headfirst into surf music. Those three words — and others like them — instantly conjure up the visages of Adam West and Burt Ward, sliding down the Bat-pole, encountering guest stars ranging from Ethel Merman to Eli Wallach, and fighting a campy Joker, squawking Penguin and sultry Catwoman.

jan and dean meet batman lp 1966

Enter Jan Berry and Dean Torrence. The surf-pop duo had their first taste of success inwhen Batman was fighting monsters and solving crimes with the aid of fantastic gadgets designed by legendary artists like Sheldon Moldoff and Dick Sprang.

jan and dean meet batman lp 1966

Like Wilson, Jan Berry was constantly pushing the envelope in the studio as a producer, and also like his friend Brian, had an interest in bringing comedy to music. In earlynothing was hotter than Batman. And the Batman show was nothing if not irreverent. So why not produce an all-out comedy-meets-music extravaganza about, well, Batman? Jan and Dean Meet Batman was born!

Who is The Boy Blunder? And just how wild is the Joker, anyway? Stay tuned after the jump — same Bat-time, same Bat-channel! The album is a musical collage, incorporating dialogue, spoken-word comedy bits, musical gags, and original songs into something resembling a, well, batty radio show.

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Things get weirder from there!