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7 denying that Janeway and Seven would ever have a romantic relationship. between her character, Seven of Nine, and Kate Mulgrew's Kathryn Janeway. . interactions she already has with someone she knows, trusts, and respects. I have always had a hardon for Janeway. And in Endgame I got annoyed as guiadeayuntamientos.info so with Chakotay and Seven of Nine's relationship. . they shouldn't trust/should leave behind (as recently as "Imperfection") etc well. Janeway's relationship with Seven continues to grow, as they enjoy a new closeness. . Janeway struggles to deal with her recent experiences as Seven-of -Nine .. With suspects lurking on every corner only their trust in each other will help.

I could go on and on Conclusion, if you don't believe or if you don't care then watcha doing here? Back in she proposed to make Seven of Nine lesbian, is overruled by unnamed superiors. By the way some curious details, Janeway's character has a lot of the Producer Taylorboth love romances and came from Indiana and have sport skills Taylor play tennis.

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I have a lot of homosexual friends. It's not an issue that bothers me or whatever. I'm not homosexual but I have no problem with people who are. So at least we can dream about Seven and Janeway, great friends, something that goes beyond a common friendship, based of care, protection and admiration. Maybe is just a simple affection, Capt Janeway is classically elegant, intelligent woman with a brave spirit and Seven an outstanding apprentice searching for the humanity, the perfect combination for an unforgettable story.

Seven shows sometimes impatience with every sigh. And to end any doubts about the subtext love relationship between Seven and Janeway, here the list of itens to assimilate: Apparently Seven would die in the arms of her husband.

Janeway was shocked with the news and ask: You can notice Seven panic at the moment and her protective posture in the side her Captain right after. Pay attention at the scene when she's inside the Cube with Janeway. Right after Seven tells her Seven had a relationship with a drone Axman or something like at "Unimatrix 0", but seems she wasn't interested on him, since she said "his ship was in a remote sector Anyone remember the "Child's Play" scene?

Or the "Latent Image" or "Voyager's Cospiracy" scene? Seven goes talk to Janeway in her quarters at two in the morning. Once Harry Kim had a problem in his night shift and went to ask Commander Chakotay's help. So why Seven didn't do the same? Oh same old excuse, Seven was more attached to Janeway because the Cap. My first truly dark story. Katrine and Mademoiselle de Neuf's relationship is hidden even from those they trust with their lives.

And the aftermath of when their StarTrek: Janeway, Seven of Nine - Complete Bad Wisdom by Captain Katie-cat reviews What if things had gone a bit differently between a certain auburn haired worker and her icy efficiency monitor while on Quarra. A post return to the Alpha Quadrant story. My own take on how it should have been. A lighter, humorous interlude which explores the two women's characters through interaction together and with others.

Not for the faint-hearted! Contains a relationship between two women. Don't read if this is not your thing. Reviews and comments are always appreciated. Janeway tries to reconcile her past with the present, knowing that she must find a way to do so before she loses the person whom she loves. Janeway finds a divided, mutinous crew on a ship with strained resources. Bizarre aliens harass them. Seven grows fractious with their closeted relationship.

Voyager's children are morphing. Can they ever hope to get home? Will they ever know before the time runs out? Rated T for some violence and language. Published this elsewhere a long time ago, but am putting it up here for safe keeping. M just in case. Don't like it, don't read it.


Voyager is attacked without warning by a Federation timeship, and as events unfold it seems there is more to it than meets the eye. Janeway risks her life for the woman she loves. Janeway struggles to deal with her recent experiences as Seven-of-Nine tries to understand her newly-discovered feelings, seeking help from her friends. K - English - Romance - Chapters: Can the crew save the Captain they know and love? It could be worse, though! A story of adventure, romance and humour, with evil aliens thrown in as a bonus!

Pretty mild, but wanted to be on the safe side! Janeway, Seven of Nine - Complete An unusual request by Steeleafan reviews Seven has an unusual request for her Captain which results n some answers for both of them. Janeway finds the relationship she didn't realise she needed.

Requested by Alaster Boneman. Janeway knows it's not a new gravimetric array Seven has been working on, but this time, she's not inclined to judge. Chakotay has a talent for symbolic gifts, and what better time for that than Christmas?

The crew may have their memories back, but the rest of the damage is harder to undo. Chakotay and Seven have a difficult first meeting K - English - Family - Chapters: Chakotay finds Seven using his boxing program to battle a few personal demons.

Admiral Janeway and the Doctor look at an old holoimage. Or is that her? Janeway, Seven of Nine, B. Torres - Complete For Warmth by scifiromance reviews It seemed that Chakotay's warning over relinquishment of Seven's Ventu blanket had turned out to be prophetic.

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