Jayma mays and adam campbell relationship quiz

Jayma Mays Talks John Stamos: 'I Am Living My Childhood Fantasy'

jayma mays and adam campbell relationship quiz

Jayma Mays, who plays the lovable, quirky guidance counselor Take the quiz! “I definitely think that the relationship is real, they care for each other. Her husband of three years, actor Adam Campbell, has nothing to. Adam Campbell and Jayma Mays in The Nest Magazine, Winter / ♡ kerri11gray♡ Cute Relationships, Cute Relationship Pictures, Bae Goals. Jayma Mays is pregnant with her first child and we could not be happier for the ' Glee' alum and her actor hubby, Adam Campbell. Sex & Relationships · Holidays · Entertainment Features · Podcast · Quiz · Oscar Contenders . for 10 years, they still manage to keep the spark alive in their relationship.

Larger text size Very large text size The perpetrators of the Scary Movie series are at it again, cannibalising Hollywood's fondest cliches in the much-abused name of satire. This time, they're shredding recent blockbusters, which sounds like a worthy endeavour. If anything deserves to be stripped down to its constituent parts and hung out to dry, it's, say, The Da Vinci Code.

And to give writer-directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer due credit, they do set about this task with energetic intent. The film's opening scene put us inside the Louvre with the Albino Monk and the corpse of the curator who holds the key to the code.

jayma mays and adam campbell relationship quiz

It's a moderately animated corpse in this case. Portrayed by that old Kung Fu warrior David Carradine, he eventually resorts to some creaky tai chi in an attempt to get his message across.

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Bella Thorne This American actress and singer has more than 15 million followers on Instagram as she leads a very exciting life. She also played the mean girl in the high school comedy, The Duff.

Obviously, her efforts paid off. Connie Britton Connie was born in Boston in The role garnered her two Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe nomination. Elena Satine Elena is the first redhead on the list from the country of Georgia.

In recent years, Elena has appeared in shows such as Smallville and the revamped version of Melrose Place. Scarlett Pomers Scarlett Pompers was born in California and not only acts but has vocal talent as well.

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It all started at the age of three, when she appeared in a Michael Jackson video. Her first album, Insane, was released in Something In The Air: India Menuez India is an artist, activist, model, and actress from New York. She played the plaything of lesbian professor in the hit Amazon show Transparent and co-starred in an online Amazon series.

Analeigh Tipton This gorgeous redhead started off as a super talented synchronized skater, no less. By 16, she had already won a pair of national championships. She first appeared on the big screen with the action movie The Green Hornet.

With her pageant days behind her, she has since had a number of high-profile modeling stints. The Grammy Award Winner: Florence Welch The voice behind Florence and the Machine, Florence Welch has lead the band to attain a slew of Grammy nominations for their ethereal indie pop.

It came from an inside joke. Julia Roberts Julia Roberts, superstar of the big screen, has wowed us in her roles for decades, including standouts such as Pretty Woman inErin Brockovich in and Closer in She shows no sign of letting up, though! Born in Georgia inshe grew up dreaming of becoming a veterinarian. Sara rue Sara Rue had her first TV role on the hit show Roseanne playing a young version of the titular character and since then has appeared in plenty of TV shows and a few films as well.

Hayley Williams Hayley Williams is the lead singer of pop-rock band Paramore. Angie Everhart Angie Everhart has been a model since her teens and three decades later, this powerhouse is still in the biz.

In addition to modeling, she is one of the hosts of a popular podcast called Hot N Heavy. At the age of 41, she ranks as the youngest person to win six Oscars.

Though she has been nominated for Academy Awards a number of times over the years, she finally took home the coveted award in for The Reader. Kudos to you, pretty ginger.

That was the most stressful two minutes of TV I have ever seen. Give Jayma Mays all of the awards from now until eternity because that was pulse-quickening perfection. Becky is pelting the crowd with rose petals as she stomps down the aisle, and the music quickly halts when the door opens and Sue begins to walk to the alter. I know that this is supposed to be a somber moment, but goodness gracious that cheerio can still deliver the best one-liners.

I left her with all this stress and planning.

Glee star Jayma Mays welcomes her first child with Adam Campbell

She was losing it, and I kept telling her that it was her usual obsessiveness. Second Chances And New Romances At the reception, Bram is awkwardly dancing together, so Santana and Quinn quickly leave the dance floor and head to the bar with their fake IDs for a glass of wine and a quick venting sesh.

Ryder and Jake are sitting at the reception, and the Glee writers are slowly but surely flipping the switch. So, do me a favor and stop trying to make Jake look bad right now. I am so getting laid tonight. Thank you Glee writers for taking a super sweet character and trying to squash it into the ground. I get that you want to create a love triangle, but can you try to be a bit more subtle? Tina is once again acting ridiculously possessive over Blaine and practically hurdling daggers at Kurt with her eyes.

Oh my gosh Tina, go away! Kurt then calls Tina out. Kurt is just killing it this year! And the fact that he said that Tina vapo-raped his ex-boyfriend makes me love him even more. He convincers her to share one dance and they burn rubber out on the dance floor. Even though there is no bride, Sue announces that time has come to toss the bouquet, she and invites all the single ladies to gather round.

The crowd of eager females includes, Quinn, Santana, Sam, Rachel, Tina, and a bunch of random extras who are overly excited to be there. Listen up little ladies! If this ever happens, tell that loser tootles and move on! I have all these warm feelings swimming around in my stomach right now, and the way that Finn is subtly plucking off those petals makes my heart beat faster and faster.

jayma mays and adam campbell relationship quiz

You and I both know how this thing ends. Out-shining all other men on TV since I know that, and you know that. And so do the thousands of Twitter fans who devote each and every Friday to promoting their Finchel love.