Jumba and pleakley relationship quiz

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jumba and pleakley relationship quiz

And it doesn't get much queerer than Pleakley and Jumba, whose relationship got even more obvious as the Disney film spawned sequels and. The relationship between Captain Hook and Smee is pretty similar to . the most obviously gay couple in Disney history: Jumba and Pleakley. Because of this, we thought it would be fun to throw a quiz together and see how many . Jumba Jookiba Wendell Pleakley Within the first few minutes of the film, Disney gave us a beautiful relationship and then took it away.

Featured in the image is some concept art used to create a Disney film about one of the people who calls this place their home. The house is surrounded by a beautiful garden filled with stone idols of various creatures as well as a family shrine where inhabitants can go to pray. Question 11 Who lives under a tree in the woods? Many depictions of this home come with a sign reading "Mr. Saunders", but, we can assure you, our current character does not go by that name.

This lovely home sits in the Hundred Acre Woods so you can see we are giving away a little of the home's occupant with that information already.

Do you know who it is? Question 12 Not all mansions are as picturesque as our first question. While it may not appear to be the most inviting of residences from the outside, the inside isn't much more to look at either and you would be wise to avoid ringing this bell on Halloween while looking for candy. The person living here is mean, nasty, and an all-around villain the likes of which few Disney films can afford to portray without scaring away the kids.

Question 13 Whoever lives in this house must be nuttier than a March Hare Dodo Mad Hatter What's important about this little cottage isn't so much what's going on inside the house, but what we see on the outside. Sitting just in front of the home is a long table featuring place-settings for quite a number of people. When trying to determine whose house this is, you should ask yourself who might be interested in hosting some sort of party in their front lawn instead of just inviting folks on inside to have a cup of coffee or something like it.

Question 14 Hey, Lady! Let down your hair! For their version of this popular fable, Disney went a little off-book and created a wonderful tale of magic, villains, and, of course, a dreamy fellow for the damsel in distress to fall in love with after whacking him in the head with some kitchen gear. This tower sits alone in the forest only to be discovered by someone You would need some kind of rope or something.

Question 15 What sort of character could live in a tree? Chip and Dale Eeyore Tigger Most of the characters we all remember from our childhood are based on animals so it should come as no surprise to any of us that a critter calls this treehouse their home.

If you look closely, it doesn't appear to be very accessible and it is clearly at the top of a very high tree so who could live here?

Well, it would have to be a tree-dwelling critter and Disney has no shortage of those. Which one do you think it could be?

jumba and pleakley relationship quiz

Question 16 "Ohana" means "family". While the story is all about family and the quote you just read, much of the plot revolves around the difficulty those characters undergo in trying to keep their family together. It doesn't help that a little critter from outer space crashes into their lives to cause all sorts of disruptions, but, like all of these family friendly films, it all works out in the end.

Question 17 This ship's name is the Jolly Roger, but who captains it? Captain Hook Captain Gantu Captain Eo There aren't too many people in the Disney character library who might enjoy living on a boat named the Jolly Roger, but we bet you can figure out who is captain of this ship.

The vessel normally resides in a specific place and is rarely moved, which should make it easier for you to determine just who steers it around the world s.

It has been featured in many films and television series and the character has been played by some of Hollywood's greatest actors. Can you guess who it is? Question 18 Who lives in a castle by the sea? They need access to a port after all, but there is one character in particular who calls this lovely location their home. When a castle sits so close to the ocean, one might ask just what is going on under the sea If that incredibly obvious hint didn't do it for you then here's another: Question 19 This village was designed after Machu Picchu.

Who calls it their home? Kronk Pacha Yzma When Disney animators were given the task of designing the most beautiful, yet humble location for one of their characters, they were told to model it after one of the most amazing sites in the world: If you hold up a picture of Machu Picchu against the image shown here, they line up almost exactly, though you probably wouldn't want to live in real-world inspiration for this Disney character's home.

If they could be described with only one word, it would be humble. Question 20 This house was in a series that ran from Pluto Goofy Daisy Duck On the surface, this looks like just any other house and it could belong to anybody, but we assure you, it's the home of one of Disney's most beloved characters!

The series that featured this home ran for only one year, but it had a considerably large number of episodes 65 and even spit out two feature films One of which was a direct-to-video sequel, which is something Disney loves doing. Given the poor quality of this image, we will give you a hint: The person who lives here is kind of silly. Question 21 Who could live atop a mountain?

Zeus Hades Megara Many characters call this location their home, but we will focus on only one for this quiz entry. What we see is a castle and series of beautiful buildings sitting atop a high mountain surrounded by clouds.

It's unlikely any mortal man or woman could just hike up this rather imposing mountain to get to the top so who could possibly call this their home. We will give you a hint: Question 22 This place is nice, but it could be relocated don't 'ya think?

Dug Russell Charles Muntz This beautiful and quaint little home once housed a lovely couple who grew old together. Within the first few minutes of the film, Disney gave us a beautiful relationship and then took it away leaving much of the audience in tears wondering what they had done to deserve such pain.

The main character felt the pain of loss as well and decided to move to another location We won't say how, but when this lot of land didn't do it for them any longer, they up and moved away. Question 23 Who in the h--l could live here?

Hercules Phil Hades This has to be the most uninviting locale to ever grace the silver screen thanks to our friends over at Walt Disney Studios. It doesn't look like any sort of place a person would want to live. It even looks like some kind of doomed afterlife location or some dystopian future where everyone lives in giant skulls underground.

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Wherever this place is, we can assure you, a Disney character gets their mail here. Question 24 What sort of character could call this place their home? The shack sits within a swamp of some sort, but the person who calls this place their home doesn't stay here very long. Their job keeps them on the go more often than not so their home tends to be wherever they happen to be working, which could be anywhere. Question 25 Whoever lives here is probably pretty full of themself Kuzco Tito Chicha If you had the power to construct a palace, would you make sure it resembled you in some way?

It looks like that was the plan the designers had forced upon themselves when the person who commissioned this building set them to their task. This particular palace is home to someone in a Disney film we had a hard time sympathizing with By the end of the movie, we understood why they were they way they were and they became someone we loved to watch on screen.

Question 26 Another castle, but this one looks more realistic than the others Lord Macintosh Wee Dingwall Steven Whoever lives here is probably a bit closer to reality than your typical Disney character. Whether this castle sits somewhere in the Highlands of Scotland or in some other place, we won't tell you.

Their overarching character development though the franchise is about their friendship, and building of an ohana together. In Season 1, Episode 14 we are introduced to Pleakley's family. Lilo is woken up by Pleakley's phone going off in the middle of the night.

Jumba explains that it is Pleakley's mother calling to try and pressure her son to find a wife. Like a lady to marry? There will be no wife. But it is exchanges like this which are very interesting. Pleakley's emphasis on not wanting to marry a lady, and specifying the gender neutral "relationship" does give nods to a queer reading of this episode.

This episode makes it clear that Pleakley's family wants him to always present male, and marry a woman.

EVERYTHING [ jumba & pleakley amv ]

He doesn't want to. Pleakley lies to his mother about already being engaged, and so his whole family shows up. He and Nani have a short lived fake engagement for his families sake, but when Nani finds out that their marriage will be legal, and that their vows would be eternal and galactically binding she bows out. Jumba takes her place, dressed as a woman. The marriage ceremony is interrupted just before they are pronounced man and wife.

Instead of being glad that he was saved from a legally binding marriage, Jumba yells, "You are interrupting climax of earth ceremony.

jumba and pleakley relationship quiz

All of the cousins have been found, and in reward the Galactic Council gives Jumba back the key to his evil lab, and Pleakley is granted a position at a galactic community collage as a professor in Earth research. Lilo realizes that it would be selfish to ask her friends to continue to live with her family, and so she encourages them to pursue their dreams.

So, Jumba, Pleakley, and Stitch all leave earth. Back at his evil lab, Jumba creates an exploding saliva solution, and excitedly calls out to Pleakley to show him, only to remember that Pleakley isn't there. A sad a montage of all the characters being lonely follows. Later it cuts to Pleakley in his new office.


He has two things on this desk, a framed photo of Jumba, and an earth rock that Lilo gifted him. Pleakley calls Jumba, bursting out with how much he misses him, and how he wants to see him.

Jumba is pleased that Pleakley called, but doesn't want to continue the conversation because the evil Hamsterviel is in his lab. We then get this exchange: Never wanting seeing you again. What I mean when I said: I miss you so much, can I visit? I don't miss you at all, and I never ever wanna see you ever again, either. Jumba is equally upset that Hamsterviel forced him to hurt Pleakley. After apparently crying it out, the next thing Pleakley does is to fly to Jumba's lab.

Unfortunately he shows up mid epic battle between Stitch and the baddies which results in all the good guys being captured. Pleakley explains to Jumba that he just wanted to make up. To which Jumba affectionately replies, "Next time send flowers. As I mentioned in part 1there is no way to guarantee what the intent was by the creators behind all the elements of the franchise.

Still, it seems unlikely that the consistent characterization of Jumba and Pleakley's relationship could have been written so carefully with no one involved realizing the possibility of a gay reading particularly since so many jokes seem to rely on this second reading of the characters.

Part way through the series it was tied back as a sequel to the American show, with the character of Lilo showing up. The show has been dubbed in English, but only the first five episodes aired in the United States. Whether or not this series is considered canon is something for fans to argue about.

So, I'll start that argument: BUT if the series is viewed as a continuing story years down the road from when the American series ended, the implication is that Jumba and Pleakley view their ohana as each other and Stitch. This shows the priority of their friendship to each other, but at the cost of their complicated emotions about their makeshift family in Hawaii.