Justin and jessica relationship trust

Celeb Couples We Had No Idea Were In Open Relationships

justin and jessica relationship trust

Justin Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel, have lately been sharing the While ordinary folk might not consider five years of marriage a remarkable . The trust issues between them explain why Biel reportedly demanded. Jessica Biel on What Makes Her Marriage to Justin Timberlake Work: 'We Believe in Honesty, "Times when I don't trust my own voice. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake's relationship. "He became someone that I really trusted, and we got to be very good friends, and it just.

The two have been together since and married two years after they met. Dean has generally shunned the limelight over the years, but his wife has had plenty to say about their successful relationship.

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The two have been surrounded by scandalous rumors over the years, including suggestions that Parton has had affairs with both men and women. However, while Parton has admitted that the two's marriage is an open one, she's insisted that any extramarital relationships haven't included any physical intimacy.

While she and Carl have allowed each other to spend time with and flirt with other men and women, the two only have eyes for each other in the bedroom. Clearly, this approach has been a successful one!

justin and jessica relationship trust

While he claimed to be against the idea of having full-on extramarital relationships, the rapper was honest about inviting other women into the bedroom when wife Amber Najm was also present.

The couple apparently had regular threesomes, including with a 'working girl' in Costa Rica. This arrangement worked well for them until T-Pain took things a bit too far. He had a liaison with another woman without Amber's knowledge, an event that resulted in an extra-marital pregnancy! The affair came to light when the love child's mother claimed that T-Pain had neglected to pay her any child support.

While the rapper and his wife managed to work through this issue, Najm is now apparently less keen on involving other women in their relationship.

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Hawn now apparently has just that with long-time partner Kurt Russell! According to Bill, his daughter Kate's view on monogamy is similarly relaxed, and it's not necessarily been good for her relationships.

justin and jessica relationship trust

Back when she was married to Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson, Hudson was very keen on the two having an open arrangement. Polyamory worked for them for a while - it worked well with Robinson's rock-and-roll lifestyle and allowed Hudson to play the field. However, things went swiftly downhill when the actress got a bit too close to one of her pieces on the side.

Hudson's close bond with actor Owen Wilson was too much for Robinson, and the couple divorced. The pair's relationship began when Ethan was still married to actress Uma Thurman - and Ryan was the nanny to their children! While this particular nanny scandal at least ended in happy marriage, plenty of eyebrows were raised at the time.

Hawke now seems to have admitted that he can't stay faithful in a marriage, so he and Ryan have decided that an open relationship is the best option for them. Ethan has been pretty vocal about this, calling monogamy "childish" and encouraging us all to abandon the concept completely. He doesn't think cheating should be that big a deal and doesn't think it's the world-rocking thing we make it out to be. Hawke has definitely decided fidelity is not for him!

justin and jessica relationship trust

Here's hoping Ryan is on the same page as her husband. Back inRobin Thicke and Paula Patton's year relationship came to a pretty bitter end when Patton filed for divorce.


While the official reason for the split was given as "irreconcilable differences", many people suspected that Patton actually called it quits after Thicke pretty publically cheated on her. The singer was spotted groping other girls in clubs and at other events and reportedly had a full-on affair with a massage therapist. However, this is where things get interesting. It was making her crazy, and it was making him hate himself.

He brought his mother instead. While his split from Biel wasn't official at this stage, her absence from the event—at which Timberlake co-presented an award with rumored lover Kunis—spoke volumes.

If Biel was bothered by that, she didn't let on. It also showed Timberlake exactly what he would be missing if he refused to put a ring on it, and all of a sudden, the curly-haired heartthrob had a change of heart. Did the prenup sour the engagement?

justin and jessica relationship trust

Getty Images Timberlake wasn't the only one to suddenly change his tune about marriage. His family also made a complete on the subject. JT's loose-lipped granny Bomar was at it again as drew to a close, taking it upon herself to announce that Timberbiel was not only alive and well, but that her grandsom had finally popped the question while the lovebirds vacationed in Wyoming.

justin and jessica relationship trust

It reportedly wasn't long before engagement celebrations turned into sour discussions over a prenuptial agreement, with a source telling Star magazine via SheKnows that trust issues and a proposed fidelity clause were the main sticking points between the pair. If he's faithful for several years, maybe she'll agree to have his baby.

She doesn't trust him percent yet. Jessica figures if she gets fat during the pregnancy, he'll cheat again. A few months later, they welcomed their son, Silas, to the world, ushering in what appeared to be a period of calm in their relationship.

In her first post-baby interview, Timberbiel glowed as they chatted to E! News about the magic of parenthood. Timberlake even used his speech during his induction into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame to proclaim his love for his wife, calling her "beautiful, loving and incredibly understanding. In something of a role reversal, rumors emerged in that Biel was stepping out with a "mystery hunk" and was ready to call it quits with JT.

20 Interesting Facts About Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel’s Marriage

There was also scuttlebutt that Timberlake and Biel were involved in a "nasty fight" over their joint fortune. During an interview in May, Biel complimented her husband's charm and sense of humor. However, she raised eyebrows when she admitted that she doesn't want her son, Silas, to go into his daddy's line of work when he grows up. Biel admitted she feels "a little intimidated" by her son's cool-kid behavior.

He's got, like, a daddy swagger. The paparazzi pictures show Biel seemingly storming off in front of her husband as he calls to her from a few feet away. To which we might shrug our shoulders and say, "Who hasn't enacted this same scene with a partner at some point in their lives?

The duo's reps have insisted everything is as it should be between this Mr.